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The film condenses the actual story of the band. In reality, The Runaways continued to perform successfully for another three years after Cherie Currie's departure. Moreover, Currie achieved moderate success as an actress and solo musician well into the 1980s before problems with substance abuse stalled her career.
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Joan Jett was irritated with the fact that Kristen Stewart was constantly in leather pants. She stated in the DVD commentary that jeans would have been more accurate because she never wore leather pants.
In the DVD commentary, Joan Jett states it was the Canadian rock band Rush that bullied The Runaways from having a sound check.
Joan Jett's one regret about this film is that the title card at the ending of the film that reveals the fate of herself, Kim Fowley and Cherie Currie does not also feature that of Sandy West. On the DVD commentary, Jett unofficially dedicates the film to West, who died just before the film went into production.
Prior to filming, Kristen Stewart worked closely with Joan Jett to perfect her mannerisms, stage presence, vocal tone, attitude and musical skill. Jett later praised Stewart for her dedication and overall performance stating the portrayal made her proud.
The real Cherie Currie claims she collapsed onto her kitchen floor and burst into tears when she learned Dakota Fanning had signed to play her in the film. Fanning is Currie's favorite actress.
A New York Times review of the film quotes Joan Jett as saying that when she listened to the first tape of Kristen Stewart singing one of her songs, she thought it was a mistake and that it was actually her.
Dakota Fanning admitted that she was scared and intimidated by Kim Fowley the first time she met him.
Dakota Fanning borrowed a belt from Cherie Currie to wear in the film. Joan Jett recognized the belt in the DVD commentary and stated Cherie wore it constantly while touring with The Runaways.
Although Kristen Stewart played guitar in the film and knew how to play the songs, she did not record the guitar tracks for the soundtrack. Joan Jett stepped in and recorded the guitar tracks herself.
Though she declined to participate in the film, Lita Ford did agree to meet with Scout Taylor-Compton prior to filming. After a very emotional meeting, Ford gave her approval of the actress claiming that even if the film was bad, Taylor-Compton would do her character justice.
Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart said in the DVD commentary that the recording studio fight between them and Scout Taylor-Compton was one of the most exhausting and tense scenes to film. Fanning noted that the normal exhaustion of the actors fed into the intensity of the scene resulting in everyone just shouting at each other.
The scene where Kim Fowley brings the boys into the rehearsal trailer to heckle the girls and throw objects at them was 100% accurate. Joan Jett stated that Kim Fowley had to do the "heckler's drills" with the group for a significant amount of time because she was too shy on stage.
A character mentions Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley's divorce as a sign of the decline of rock and roll. Cherie's sister Marie is played in this movie by Riley Keough, who is the granddaughter of that short union.
The producers only acquired the life story rights of Cherie Currie, Joan Jett, Sandy West and Kim Fowley. Band members Lita Ford and Jackie Fox declined to grant the producers their life story rights.
Kristen Stewart had to wear sneakers during the recording studio fight because she kept slipping and falling in the platform boots she wears in the full body shots. The scene had to be specially edited because the sneakers were visible when Joan hopped on the furniture to shout at Kim Fowley.
Cherie Currie and Joan Jett are both left-handed. Due to this fact, Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart signed the contracts with Mercury Records left-handed despite both actresses being right-handed.
Originally Scout Taylor-Compton had auditioned for the role of Joan Jett. In order to prepare for this role, Scout began to try and learn some of The Runaways songs on guitar. Then, she ended up trying out for Sandy West because she already knew how to play drums. Then, they wanted her to try for the role of Robin, so she had to try and learn how to play the bass guitar until finally, they ended up giving her the role of Lita Ford, where then she ended up having to learn how to play the guitar.
Kristen Stewart was nervous about singing in the film. She still gets embarrassed whenever she hears herself singing.
Cherie Currie praised Dakota Fanning for her overall performance in this film, but stated that a number of events included in her memoir, "Neon Angel", were not included in this film. Cherie later gave Dakota a custom made guitar for her 16th birthday.
The scene where Cherie tries to buy alcohol was filmed in a Kosher grocery store. The managers tried to kick the whole production out of the store and the actors and crew had to bargain with the managers to stay and complete the scene.
Robert Romanus, who plays the guitar teacher who tries to get Joan to play "On Top of Old Smoky", thirty years earlier had also co-starred with the real Cherie Currie in her movie debut, Foxes (1980).
The voice introducing Cherie Currie at the school talent show was Kristen Stewart. Stewart voiced the role because she happened to visit the set that day.
Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Scout Taylor-Compton, Stella Maeve and Alia Shawkat spent one month before starting filming The Runaways, rehearsing and recording The Runaways' songs.
Dakota Fanning's favorite The Runaways song is "Cherry Bomb". Kristen Stewart's favorite is the Joan Jett song "Love Is Pain".
Kristen Stewart made the white The Sex Pistols T-shirt she wears in the film.
Evan Rachel Wood was considered for the role of Joan Jett.
When Joan is being interviewed by Rodney Bingenheimer on the radio, Kristen Stewart is wearing a purple jacket similar to the one Joan Jett wore on the cover of her 1981 album "I Love Rock n' Roll".
The film neglects to mention that Cherie Currie's mother Marie Harmon had a successful B-movie career in Hollywood, with several dozen roles through the end of the 1950s.
Lita Ford (Scout Taylor-Compton) wore Cheap Trick T-shirts toward the ending of the film because The Runaways had opened for the band in Japan.
Jennifer Stone also auditioned for the role of Joan Jett. Though she lost the role to Kristen Stewart, she later had nothing but praise for her, insisting that Stewart was perfect for the role.
Though Dakota Fanning was the more established name, Kristen Stewart was given top billing due to the tremendous popularity of the Twilight Saga films.
Feature film debut of Riley Keough.
The film's distributor, River Road Entertainment, dissolved shortly before the theatrical release causing a more limited theatrical release than originally planned.
While filming this movie, Kristen Stewart cut her trademark long, full hair into an uneven 'shag' hairstyle. Photos of the hairstyle were released on June 11, 2009, garnering a great deal of media attention.
Each of the Currie sisters married someone in the entertainment field. Cherie Currie married actor Robert Hays, Marie Curie married musician Steve Lukather, and Sondra Currie, a successful actress in her own right, married director/producer Alan J. Levi.
The Runaways are often referred to as the first all-female rock band but nothing could be further from the truth. Fanny, to cite just one of many possible examples, preceded them by at least five years.
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Cody Kennedy was considered for the role of Cherie Currie.
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Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were both in the Twilight Saga films. Stewart as Bella Swan and Fanning as Jane from the Volutori.
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Alessandra Torresani was originally cast as Lita Ford.
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Despite her long carrier, this is Floria Sigismondi's directional debut on a feature film.
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