Season: 1 | unknown
Year: 1985 | 1986

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Happy End

1 January 1985

Casey Biggs ... Bill Cracker
Marilyn Caskey ... Lillian Holiday

Judith Roberts ... The Fly (as Judith Anna Roberts)
Martha Schlamme ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 2: The Cradle Will Rock

Blitzstein's tale of greed and corruption in "Steeltown, U.S.A." centers on an attempt to organize a union. Semi-operatic, it is sung throughout. The first production, during the Great Depression, was produced by John Houseman and directed by Orson Welles. The United States Government demanded that the show be canceled. The resulting crisis and the triumph of the artists is dramatized in Tim Robbins' film "Cradle Will Rock". The present production, by the Acting Company,is directed and introduced by the same John Houseman.

James Harper ... Reverend Salvation

John Houseman ... Himself

Patti LuPone ... Moll
Connie Mason ... Wendy
Randall Mell ... Larry Foreman

Unknown Season


2 February 1986
She cant accept the leaves cause she's a sacred tree ðYZ" and have to conquer Satan and the Government System..its WRITTEN. And done already in every library,AND ESPECIALLY PARIS so they have to hand over The keys to more ignorance to all my people.. My halo of leaves now has been collected cause I have received my crown ðY'' of tha battle of tha system..Yes.. I see ignorance in tha land.. I was captured and beatings by tha SYSTEM.. The Fury Furnaces of Prison (THE WASP) KING ðY''. JESUS Christ SAVED ME..NOW IS MY ROYALTIES...REPARATIONS now FOR OUR PEOPLE...TO HELP STOP THIS VIOLENCE they ARE BREEDING

Obba Babatundé ... Zodzetrick (as Obba Babatunde)
Carmen Balthrop ... Treemonisha
Delores Ivory ... Monisha
Curtis Rayam ... Remus
Dorceal Duckens ... Ned
Kenn Hicks ... Andy
Cora Johnson ... Lucy
Ray Jacobs ... Parson Alltalk
Raymond H. Bazemore ... Simon
Michael Grey ... Cephus
Cleveland Williams ... Luddud

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