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Review: Adrift

This is the Pure Movies review of Adrift (À Deriva), directed by Heitor Dhalia and starring Camilla Belle, Vincent Cassel, Laura Neiva, Cauã Reymond, Débora Bloch, Gregório Duvivier and Josefina Schiller. From his breakthrough role in 1995’s La Haine to last year’s excellent Mesrine biopics, Vincent Cassel seemed more often than not to be drawn toward villains and loveable-rogue characters. Audiences could be forgiven, then, for assuming it would be the same here. In fact, the tone of Adrift couldn’t be more different, and Cassel produces a heartfelt performance as a French author and doting father struggling to salvage his marriage with his Brazilian wife.
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Dakota Fanning to Ponder If I Stay

Dakota Fanning recently made us all feel old when she took on a role in The Runaways, and her turn in the various Twilight films clearly impressed Summit so much that she is in talks with the studio to star in a supernatural drama

Variety have this as a synopsis,

Story revolves around a musician, who’d be played by Fanning, and her boyfriend, a rising star in the indie rock world. Already faced with a choice between her art and her relationship, she is forced to make a harder choice between life and death after being involved in a fatal car accident.

Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia, whose 2009 film À Deriva played well at Cannes last year, took the reins from original Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke who has a date in the woods with Red Riding Hood, and will be directing the Shauna Cross script, adapted from Gayle Forman’s novel.
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Revolver takes aim at two films

Revolver takes aim at two films
London -- Indie distributor Revolver Entertainment has snapped U.K. rights to Heitor Dhalia's "Adrift" and Jim Jarmursh's "The Limits of Control" in double whammy deal with Focus Features.

The deals for both films follow on the heels of Revolver's deal with Focus to distribute Cary Joji Fukunaga's "Sin Nombre" here in the U.K.

Revolver CEO Justin Marciano said: "We're glad to again be the trusted partner in the U.K. for Focus Features on two such powerful pieces of cinema."

Set on Brazil's Buzios beaches in the early 1980s, "Adrift" tells the story of a girl's coming of age one glorious summer.

Jarmusch's latest offering is billed as a poetic, allusive, stunning offbeat variation on the conventional hit man movie, with Isaach De Bankole heading a cast that includes Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Gael Garcia Bernal, Paz de la Huerta and Bill Murray.
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'Father of Invention' Gets Cast

Imagine if criminal genius Lex Luthor had a family he actually cared about. Now imagine a movie where, instead of trying to kill Superman and take over the world, he tried to reconcile with those loved ones over his past misdeeds.

That’s what the premise of the upcoming comedy Father of Invention sounds like to us, although it probably doesn’t help that Kevin Spacey, who recently played Lex Luthor in Superman Returns, is among the ensemble cast. Spacey plays an inventor-turned-billionaire and world-class egotist who serves a prison term after one of his inventions (Let’s guess which one it was: Giant robot? Orbiting death ray beam? Super-intelligent android with a heart made of Kryptonite?) goes crazy.

After being released from the slammer, the character tries to rebuild his fortune as well as repair his fractured relationship with family members—the latter proving much trickier. According to The Hollywood Reporter,
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Four join Spacey in 'Invention'

Four join Spacey in 'Invention'
Craig Robinson, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville and Camilla Belle will star opposite Kevin Spacey in "Father of Invention," an ensemble comedy that Spacey is independently producing via his Trigger Street banner.

The story follows a humble inventor-turned-egomaniacal billionaire (Spacey) who spends eight years in prison when one of his inventions goes awry. Upon release, he is seeks to rebuild his reputation and fortune but finds that easier than salvaging his relationship with his family.

Robinson will play the husband of the former billionaire's ex-wife who now lives in his house and drives his car and helps Spacey get back on his feet after he gets out of prison.

Belle will play his daughter, a social worker hesitant to trust her father, while Graham is her lesbian roommate who sleeps with the father. Knoxville will play a store manager who hires Spacey's character after his prison stint.

Dana Brunetti, Jonathan Krane
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International Trailer: Heitor Dhalia's Adrift

[/link]'s Adrift (À Deriva), I thought that the Un Certain Regard selected film had its merits. It boasts a well crafted story that sends viewer on a road initially frequently travelled but then surprisingly lands well on its feet. On the other hand I didn't care for some of the theatrics – especially an allusion to the nightmare scenario of having a gun involved. Laura Neiva, the young lead actress as I mentioned here might have a bright future ahead while the cinematography from Ricardo Della Rosa (Andrucha Waddington's The House of Sand) might be the film's strong suit. Here is my initial post-screening reaction last May. Earlier today, Firstshowing.net has posted the French trailer for the film which features Vincent Cassel speaking Portuguese – and not the dubbed kind either. I think that would make him fluent in five languages? Adrift
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Must Watch: International Trailer for Heitor Dhalia's Adrift

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to feature this trailer today! Adrift is a little foreign gem I discovered at Cannes thanks to my friend Eric of IONCinema. As time has passed since that fest came to an end, this film has been prominently on my mind for many reasons, most importantly the amazing visuals, the wonderful score, and Vincent Cassel's great performance. Luckily, this trailer gives you a glimpse at all of that, even though it's in Portuguese and features French subtitles. You may not understand the dialogue, but you can certainly understand what's going on. This is a great first look that you just have to see. Watch the international trailer for Heitor Dhalia's Adrift: [flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/adrift-international-trailer.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/adrift-international-trailer.jpg 560 314] Spending summer with her family, Filipa, a fourteen-year old girl, suffers through the rite of passage into adulthood while discovering love for the first time.
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Top 10 New Faces & Voices from Cannes 2009

  • One of the more enjoyable discoveries in covering a film festival is the uncovering of new talent: whether it be behind or in front of the camera. At this year's Cannes, I was introduced to a foursome of directors, several actresses and a genius performance from a French speaking newcomer you'll leave an imprint on world audiences. One honorable mention I have before we commence this top ten list, are the child actors from Michael HanekeMichael Haneke
[/link]'s The White Ribbon who might pop up a couple of decades from now in a leading role as an adult (we never know). Look for a grid (below) with the faces corresponding to the ranking. Apart from my pending reviews, this is the last piece Cannes coverage piece. #10. Ronald Bronstein – Actor/Director (Go Get Some Rosemary). Who knew that Ronald Bronstein (the director of Frownland) had it in him? He is the life of the Safdie bros.
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Cannes 2009: Sex and moping

We’ve cast an eye over two mixed bags of sex ‘n’ angst in Cannes these past couple of days. First up, Adrift (A Deriva), about a family vacation on a highly photogenic stretch of Brazilian beach. There’s trouble in paradise, naturellment – namely the meltdown of writer Mathias’ (Vincent Cassel) marriage to Clarice (Deborah Bloch). Mathias is having an affair with a slinky American (mostly mute Camilla Belle), a secret uncovered by his eldest kid Filipa (Laura Neiva), a 14-year-old experiencing her...

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Cannes 2009: Adrift, Drag Me To Hell, In The Beginning

At Firstshowing.net, Alex Billington on À Deriva / Adrift (above, with Laura Neiva), screened in the Un Certain Regard sidebar: "I think I stumbled across a big Cannes sleeper hit. From the beaches of Brazil comes Adrift, known as À Deriva in Portuguese, the third film from Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia. I’m going to say right up front — following in the footsteps of City of God director Fernando Meirelles, Dhalia is the next great Brazilian filmmaker on the verge of breaking out. Adrift is his calling card, a gorgeous family drama about a beautiful young girl and her parents. It’s not a masterpiece, but it is definitely one of the better films I’ve seen here that offers so much to fall in love with, whether it be the actors, cinematography, or story." *** In Time, Richard Corliss on director-writer Sam Raimi (above, top photo) and co-writer Ivan Raimi
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Cannes 2009 Review: Heitor Dhalia's Adrift

I think I stumbled across a big Cannes sleeper hit. From the beaches of Brazil comes Adrift, known as À Deriva in Portuguese, the third film from Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia. I'm going to say right up front - following in the footsteps of City of God director Fernando Meirelles, Dhalia is the next great Brazilian filmmaker on the verge of breaking out. Adrift is his calling card, a gorgeous family drama about a beautiful young girl (seen above) and her parents. It's not a masterpiece, but it is definitely one of the better films I've seen here that offers so much to fall in love with, whether it be the actors, cinematography, or story. French actor Vincent Cassel stars as Mathias, the loving father of a family of three kids, husband of Clarice (Débora Bloch), and struggling author in desperate need of money. Set in the 1980's on the
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Cannes 2009 Day 9: Brazilian Cinema is Afloat and 'Adrift'

  • What happens when a teenage daughter discovers her own sexuality while her parents are rediscovering their own? A rather awkward, uncomfortable predicament is applied to a sea-side, sun-bleached town with villas, where a young protagonist Filipa (via first time actress Laura NeivaLaura Neiva
[/link]) deals not only with her yearnings, but with the possible break up of her parent's marriage. Heitor Dhalia's visually alluring Adrift might at first have everything sorted out in a pre-determined fashion (mom drinks, dad has his adventure, daughter is confused) but the truth of the matter is: the climax is rather mature and everything that you might want after some questionable scenes. The warmly received Adrift was shown in the Un Certain Regard section with a good applause from its supporters. Camilla Belle wasn't in attendance, but being in France meant that one of the country's biggest stars would indeed be there. The real question
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Cannes 2009 Day 2: Tales From the Womb in Vera Egito's Bond

  • Vera Egito comes to the Critic's Week section this year presenting not one, but two short films. This and the Director's Fortnight section are obvious stepping stones for the next generations of filmmakers - this Brazilian filmmaker like the others before her benefit from the exposure and you could tell that Egito was very humble in being there for opening night and knowing full well she cap the section off down the road. She was a was an assistant director in the feature film Drained, directed by Heitor DhaliaHeitor Dhalia
[/link] (whom she thanks in the credits of her short). Dhalia is also coming to Cannes with his Ucr feature Adrift (which I'll be seeing late next week). I liked her short film, which treats two subject matter in one: a double dose of pain both personal and national. Aesthetically, Egito might have a style of her own: I felt like
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Round da Way Rounds Up Critic's Week

  • Affectionally known to French audiences as "Les Lescars", Round da Way completes this year's selection of ten feature films found in Cannes Critic's Week sidebar. Featuring the voices of Vincent CasselVincent Cassel
[/link] and Diane Kruger (who will already be in Cannes respectively repping Adrift and Inglorious Basterds), the animated tale directed by Emmanuel Klotz and Albert Pereira-Lazaro tells the tale of best friends and petty crooks Tony and Jose. Tension strikes the duo when Jose falls for the rich Clemence and wants to go straight.  ...
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Film in Pictures: Heitor Dhalia's Adrift

[/link]'s Adrift on my Cannes coverage list. The next big director to come out of Brazil (remember his name folks) is actually the director's third feature film outing, following 2004's Nina and 2006's Drained. The Un Certain Regard selection is set in the 1980s, and centers on a 14-year-old girl who struggles with her life when she learns of the infidelities of her father (Vincent Cassel) while undergoing her own sexual awakening. Camilla Belle will play a young woman having an affair with the father. Art Director on all of his films, Guta Carvalho has an online portfolio with a great set of images from the film/film set that are definitely worth a look. The picture was produced by Fernando Meirelles' prod co. ...
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Line-Up of 2009 Cannes Film Festival Announced

The official selection of movies to be shown at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival has finally been unveiled. In the festival that will be kicked off on May 13 and wrapped on May 24, a total of 52 films will be featured from four categories, In Competition, Un Certain Regard, Out of Competition, and Special Screenings.

Pedro Almodovar's "Broken Embraces", Ang Lee's "Taking Woodstock" and Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" are listed among the 20 In Competition movies. They will be up against Jane Campion's "Bright Star", Ken Loach's "Looking for Eric", Michael Haneke's "The White Ribbon", Lars von Trier's "Antichrist" and Park Chan-wook's "Thirst" among others.

Terry Gilliam-directed drama fantasy starring Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Jude Law and the late Heath Ledger, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", has been included in the Out of Competition line-up. In the meantime, Sam Raimi's horror "Drag Me to Hell" enters the Midnight Screenings list.
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Mmm... Cannes 2009. Too Good to be True.

So the line-up for this year's Cannes Film Festival was just released today and I damn near fainted from the awesome. This year's competition has got to be the biggest, baddest one in many years, with so many famous auteurs throwing down with their latest films. Who will get the coveted Palme d'Or?

A sampling of just the biggest names who will be in competition: Pedro Almodovar (Broken Embraces), Quentin Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds), Park Chan-wook (Thirst), Jane Campion (Bright Star), Michael Haneke (The White Ribbon), Gaspar Noe (Enter the Void), Ken Loach (Looking for Eric), Johnnie To (Vengeance), Lars von Trier (Antichrist), Ang Lee (Taking Woodstock).

Not only that, but out of competition, we have Pixar's Up as the opening film, Bong Joon-ho's Mother, Hikorazu Kore-eda's Air Doll, Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell, and a new documentary by Michel Gondry
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Cannes Film Festival Line-Up Revealed

For the most part, the majority of the films Variety speculated would be included at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival made the final list. The only ones that didn't were Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant and Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro out of the group I listed from their early report. However, to make up for it they have added Alejandro Amenabar's Agora starring Rachel Weisz, which is big news if you ask me. Listed below is the early list thanks to Variety. The Cannes' Directors' Fortnight and Critics' Week will be fully announced Friday in Paris. Opener

Up U.S., Pete Docter, Bob Peterson Closer

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky France, Jan Kounen In Competition

Bright Star Australia-u.K.-France, Jane Campion

Spring Fever China-France, Lou Ye

Antichrist Denmark-Sweden-France-Italy, Lars von Trier

Enter the Void France, Gaspar Noe

Face France-Taiwan-Netherlands-Belgium, Tsai Ming-liang

Les Herbes folles France-Italy, Alain Resnais

In the Beginning France,
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Cannes 09: Exciting auteur heavy lineup unveiled

Wow, the speculation this year was pretty heavy on some great genre fare we've been tracking and while we're missing some stunners like Mr. Nobody and a couple others I've been clocking but won't mention, we do get the following:

Antichrist from Lars Von Trier

Enter the Void from Gapar Noe (we've been waiting on a trailer for a long time)

Vengeance from Johnnie To

Thirst from Chan-Wook Park

Inglorious Basterds from Qt

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus from Terry Gilliam

As well as so many others. One of these years Qe will be headed to Cannes for reviews, but not this year folks, (unless we can find a French correspondent or someone donates a few large, hah!)

Full list after the break. via Variety


"Up," U.S., Pete Docter, Bob Peterson


"Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky," France, Jan Kounen

In Competition

"Bright Star," Australia-u.K.-France, Jane Campion

"Spring Fever,
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It's Quentin Tarantino vs. Ang Lee! Take a look at the Cannes Film Festival Lineup!

Okay, can I just tell you now, that I wish I can go :sad

But work schedule prevents me from going to Cannes (May is ratings period for TV and thou shall not leave your post!). So, I'll just regale myself with fantasizing I was there, or, by counting the days before I can see the films in/out competition!

And this year? It's great! Quentin Tarantino ("Inglourious Basterds") will face off with Ang Lee ("Taking Woodstock") while fighting Pedro Almodovar ("Broken Embraces") and kicking Jane Campion ("Bright Star") to the curb.

It's going to be fierce!

But before all the competition hoopla, Disney/Pixar will entertain everyone by opening the event with "Up" (the first ever animated film to kick off the festival!).

Oh, and out of competition? The last film made by Heath Ledger, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" by Terry Gilliam.

Here's the complete line up, oh,
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