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A film that’s largely a raw, uplifting love letter to creativity in every possible form.
Since I sort of liked “Step Up 2: The Streets,” I’m not surprised I sort of liked the remake of Fame.
Whether the young ensemble attains it remains to be seen. The standouts, though, are Naughton, Pennie and Perez De Tagle.
A sad reflection of the new Hollywood, where material is sanitized and dumbed down for a hypothetical teen market that is way too sophisticated for it. It plays like a dinner theater version of the original.
It's almost laughably bland and watered-down in its desire to appeal to the widest possible audience. It won't succeed in that goal, but it has enough pizzazz to captivate undemanding tweeners.
So little time is devoted to developing characters that it's hard to share their hopes and fears.
A cheesy production with underdeveloped characters that feels more like a TV pilot than a self-contained motion picture.
This PG-rated offering thus dances along a fine line -- one that suggests a shelf-life well short of its "I wanna live forever" anthem.
Miami Herald
The new Fame is practically identical to Alan Parker's 1980 original -- I mean, it's the same damn movie -- except for all the parts with heart and humor and poignancy and soul and fun.
Baltimore Sun
Fame has today's usual gritty form of slick to it, but in every other way it's an Amateur Hour and a half.

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