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What a Waste of Time and Energy
XachEx11 September 2010
This film is absolutely awful, and I suspect that whoever wrote a review of it that described it as "one of the best horror films" they'd ever seen was likely one of the filmmakers.

Sitting down in the theater, I felt myself writhing in my seat with boredom ten minutes in. The plot isn't worth describing because the film was intentionally designed in such a way that the filmmakers could say "well of course the plot wasn't good -- we weren't trying for that!" Bravo to them for their success in wasting the time and energy of their cast and crew to produce something of zero merit.

Frat House Massacre is mostly about manifesting scant ghosts of scenes that are meant to act as the linking fiber between a handful of hackish and meaningless death sequences. Literally every death sequence was EXACTLY the same: You saw a closeup shot of some weapon being swung, a closeup shot of a body part being run through and then a closeup shot of blood pouring out of the mouth of the victim. Repeat ad nauseum. I'm not opposed to the meaningless horror film, but if your story and characters have no value then you must make up for it in the creative ways that you present gore. This film did not achieve that.

Another peculiarity of the film that makes it particularly unwatchable is that they clearly had one actress who agreed to get naked so she's naked multiple times throughout the title. This is funny at first and then eventually grows grotesque. Rather than feeling turned on, you mostly feel bad for the girl who comes off as being uncomfortable and being taken advantage of by the filmmakers. Speaking of nudity, I just can't shake off how often the film subjects the viewer to "back sack," where the male genitalia is viewed clearly and well lit from behind and at a low angle. Everything about the sexuality of the film comes off as filthy, exploitative and patently homoerotic.

Ultimately, this film succeeds in being as meaningless as any horror story, while failing to produce a single iota of merit. I know the filmmakers are likely the sort that will grin smugly at this assessment: "Mission accomplished" they'd think -- and we are all the worse for their selfish, ironic masturbatory presentation.
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Frat House Massacre Rocks!!!!
frederick27420 October 2008
I was lucky enough to see this film at the weekend(18/10/2008) during the Gorezone horror movie festival. So I thought that I'd leave a comment about it. It rocked Ladies and Gents. It was absolutely brilliant. One of the best horror films I've seen. With lots of good gore and decent death scenes this is enough to keep even the hardest of horror fans happy. I won't give anything away as I'm not really into the whole spoiler thing but I will say one thing and that is simply that I am counting the days until I own this on DVD just so that I can watch it again and again. If you get a chance go and watch it, you won't be disappointed. 10 out of 10!
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Some people need to come down off their pedestal.
dmacewen21 June 2011
Not liking this film is one thing, and XachEx has some legitimate criticisms. But the smug, self-righteous tone of his condemnation leaves one wondering why he even watches horror films in the first place. Particularly risible is the claim that "you feel bad for the girl who comes off as being uncomfortable and being taken advantage of by the filmmakers." As if the viewer is capable of discerning that an actress feels uncomfortable in what she's depicting on camera. Furthermore, there is absolutely no way in which an actress can be "taken advantage of" unless there is unethical behavior on the part of the filmmakers. Both these claims require the viewer to be present at the time of shooting, and I think it's safe to say that XachEx was not. This is the realm of representation: nothing depicted on screen can be said to be an exploitation of the actors involved.
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if you like horror....
aweraiderman29 July 2011
this movie is much different than most low budget that i see...and believe me when i say low budget(i watch them all).its disturbing not from a gore or shock element but from a real story and yes it is a revenge type movie but.. even at 2 hours long (which isn't typical for something labeled as low budget) i had to watch all of it.i thought the actors were very believable..cause they made me hate them they were evil and and high school years are though enough but just plain peer pressure and girls and wanting to fit in makes this movie very real and you can relate to there are flaws but i can live with them like the families never look for the lost students or people don't notice their roommates are gone but if you want to watch a damn good b horror movie that has some thought behind it than watch this one.
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