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A fantastical romp that proves every bit as transporting as that movie about the blue people of Pandora, his "Alice" is more than just a gorgeous 3D sight to behold.
When it comes to 3-D visual splendors, give me Wonderland over Pandora any day.
"Alice" plays better as an adult hallucination, which is how Burton rather brilliantly interprets it until a pointless third act flies off the rails.
If there were truth-in-titling, Burton's movie rightly would be called "Alice in Narnia: With Stops at Disneyland, the Shire, Rohan, Naboo, and Oz."
The movie won't be for everyone -- it's a little rough for preteens, and it doesn't throw many laughs the audience's way -- but along with "Sweeney Todd," this is Burton's most interesting project in a decade
Burton finely balances excess and restraint to create an absorbing, visually rich world of his very own.
Still, even Disney and a PG rating can't bury Burton's subversive wit. Like Carroll, he's a master at dressing up psychic wounds in fantasy.
It tends to get lost in its own delirium, which will enchant some and drive others bonkers.
In the film's rather humdrum 3-D, the place doesn't dazzle - it droops.
It has its successful moments but it's surprisingly inert overall, more like a Burton derivative than something he actually did himself.
Wall Street Journal
The most surprising thing about Alice in Wonderland is its general lack of surprise.
Its single biggest failing - an affront to Lewis Carroll and the charms of nonsense literature - is that it makes sense.

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