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(I) (2008)

Plot Keywords

gay activist
gay rights campaign manager
election singer
gay activist bar
camera california
new york city 40th birthday
birthday flashback
politician multiple tv screens
metal detector pie in face
trolley reference to ronald reagan
reference to puccini reference to mayor richard daley
liquor store listening to opera
reference to francisco franco san francisco city hall
slow motion mediation
civil war soap box
ice cream great american insurance company
nun little boy
bay area reporter the newspaper san francisco bay guardian the newspaper
san francisco sentinel the newspaper the stud the bar san francisco
happy birthday to you mental health clinic
referendum 39 year old
gay pickup art student
political candidate lawyer
nude swimming police abuse
head wound police raid
christian fundamentalism reference to mayor dakey
reference to boss tweed proposition 6
limousine gay parade
discrimination reference to barcelona spain
american dream richmond san francisco
sit ups irish american
suicide threat gay love
sacramento california california state assembly
printing press undressing
oath of office inauguration
bigot tv show
reference to franco anger
declaration of independence statue of liberty new york city
eugene oregon pay phone
newspaper emdorsement fellatio
blow job motorcycle
umbrella rain
cable car mobile phone
bullhorn men's bathroom
topless female nudity bare breasts
female nudity interview
right to privacy ghetto
locking oneself inside a closet chinese food
african american black american
irish catholic urination
urinating in a pool fired from the job
pacific heights san francisco hate mail
fast motion scene golden gate bridge san francisco
imitating an opera singer insurance
climbing through a window 18 year old
marching band political resignation
balloon san francisco chronicle the newspaper
the advocate the newspaper polk street san francisco
urban setting city government
board of supervisors city supervisor
photographer shot in the head
altoona pennsylvania mentor protege relationship
wisconsin theatre audience
theatre box briefs
underwear reference to tosca the opera
ex policeman policeman
bare chested male typewriter
gunshot mirror
coors beer beer
boycott voter registration
male male kiss watching an opera
candle business association
businessman republican party
democratic party looking out a window
orange county california restaurant
cafe oklahoma
reference to cesar chavez phoenix arizona
wichita kansas listening to music
dade county florida haight street san francisco
market street san francisco shooting
hanging split screen
st. paul minnesota character says i love you
minnesota eyeglasses
revolutionary revolution
paranoia year 1977
human rights jew
friend reference to god
democracy parade
jealousy song
singing dancing
dancer running
riot blood
morality tv news
drunkenness drinking
drink hypocrisy
hypocrite hopelessness
hope whistle
year 1973 year 1975
newspaper headline newspaper article
newspaper bare butt
nudity tears
crying telephone call
watching tv homosexual
violence record player
recording neighborhood
bigotry prejudice
fear frosting
death of title character political debate
cooking kitchen
apartment dinner
marijuana dog
police gay bashing
pie in the face jewish
year 1972 year 1970
camera store hate crime
gay slur homosexuality
year 1976 paddy wagon
gay bar archive footage
lesbian interest year 1978
dictaphone 40 year old
coming out older man younger man relationship
skinny dipping swimming
taking a picture kiss
kissing baby
baptism catholic church
catholic priest homosexual history
boyfriend boyfriend relationship gay relationship
gay couple law
voice over narration teamster
closeted homosexual castro street san francisco
san francisco california nonlinear timeline
tape recorder pie
midlife crisis may december romance
male prostitute dog feces
church gay interest
gay sex gay kiss
city hall wheelchair
teacher swimming pool
suicide by hanging subway
social activism political activist
police harassment opera
narration from the grave moral majority
mayor male nudity
love lesbian
hippie government
gay activism friendship
drawing demonstration
counter culture civil rights
christian christening
candlelight vigil what happened to epilogue
suicide speech
shot to death protest
political campaign police brutality
megaphone long take
long distance telephone call gay lead character
debate death of protagonist
death threat birthday party
1970s one word title
murder homophobia
politics assassination
character name in title

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