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Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz did a majority of the stunts on their own. Both Cruise and Diaz are avid drivers and have experience in doing sharp turns and 180's.
With the exception of Roy Miller falling off during the rooftop chase in Austria, Tom Cruise did most of the running and jumping without any wire works.
Tom Cruise wanted to do another spy thriller, but he thought Salt (2010) and The Tourist (2010) were too similar to his Mission: Impossible (1996) franchise. He ultimately chose this project once it became an espionage thriller with comic elements.
Tom Cruise dropped out of The Tourist (2010), which was being extensively rewritten by Christopher McQuarrie, to do this film.
All the car crashes were recorded on studio lots and digitally imposed in the film.
The film's production partners, New Regency and Dune Entertainment, offset financing for the film by paying Tom Cruise a lower advance fee than he normally received. According to the Los Angeles Times, Cruise received $11 million for Knight and Day (2010), not the $20+ million he usually receives.
The car Cameron Diaz is driving in the chase scene is a 1966 Pontiac GTO with Martinique Bronze exterior and Parchment interior.
Chris Tucker, Adam Sandler, and Gerard Butler were all considered for the lead role before Tom Cruise signed on.
At one point while describing the battery, June(Cameron Diaz) jokingly comments 'The ring which never runs out of juice'- which is most likely a reference to the Green Lantern of the DC Comics. Coincidentally, the main antagonist (Peter Sarsgaard) has also worked as the main antagonist in the movie 'Green Lantern' released 1 year later(2011).
Over 12 writers worked on the film but the Writers Guild of America ruled that only one of them - Patrick O'Neill - should be credited. Some of the other uncredited writers were Scott Frank, Laeta Kalogridis, Ted Griffin, Dana Fox and Simon Kinberg.
When Roy is late and discovers Simon's hidden message in the shipping container, similarly-hidden messages reading 'URLATE' can briefly be seen on both sides of the container wall.
Eva Mendes was cast as the female lead when Chris Tucker was attached to the project.
On 9/15/2009, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise filmed a spot for The Jay Leno Show (2009) at the Worcester Regional Airport in Worcester, Massachusetts, which stood in for Wichita KS in the movie.
Tom Dey was the project's original director.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Celia Weston, who plays the mother of Tom Cruise, is only 10 years older than him.

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