Knight and Day (2010) Poster

Plot Keywords

chase spy
garage fbi
surveillance rogue agent
airport secret agent
tunnel chase scene three word title
volvo nikon camera
disarming someone semiautomatic pistol
knife fight hand to hand combat
fistfight blood splatter
blood brawl
kiss gunfight
fbi agent one against many
showdown tough guy
action hero hero
bullring running of the bulls
motor scooter gun held to head
syringe eagle scout
firing two guns simultaneously hanging upside down
whispering bench press
toy soldier one man army
anti hero chaos
subjective camera new york city
scarecrow head butt
crushed by a car flipping car
interrogation baseball cap
corpse nunchucks
ambiguous title action figure
lawn sprinkler ambulance
fugitive on the run
death murder
reverse footage macguffin
escape disguise
washington d.c. hospital
seaplane damsel in distress
woman in danger injection
body in a trunk hotwire
rescue hit by a car
tram animal attack
bull car motorcycle chase
rope garden
mansion hostage
kidnapping tied to a chair
bag over head old couple
mailbox photograph
shotgun safe house
satellite mechanic
river jumping from a rooftop
falling into a river jumping off a bridge
jumping from height foot chase
swat team laboratory
grenade pen
transmitter ice
femme fatale helicopter
eavesdropping undercover
bathtub hotel
strangulation stabbed in the back
kitchen bar
german mountain
snow cia agent
sunglasses exploding building
explosion missile
fighter plane spaniard
cellular phone trace beach
parachute ringtone
computer mysterious man
tracking device violence
uzi mercenary
ipod abandoned warehouse
brooklyn bridge bridge
parking garage product placement
gas station hit by a truck
teenager scientist
police car police chase
held at gunpoint wedding
wedding dress gymnasium
weightlifting fire truck
restaurant character repeating someone else's dialogue
bus knocked out
drugged drink revolver
car accident car crash
overturning car lasersight
desert eagle tunnel
body landing on a car motorcycle
machine gun shootout
deception cia
boston massachusetts news report
exploding airplane plane crash
knife throwing knife in the chest
knife man punching a woman
woman punching a man shot to death
shot in the head pilot
silencer pistol
kicked in the face punched in the face
fight martial arts
kansas cell phone
security camera fake nurse
bullet wound truth serum
presumed dead ex soldier
canal falling from height
rooftop spain
assassin code
austria train
central intelligence agency arms dealer
ambush island
battery inventor
handcuffs drugged
cornfield cockpit
brooklyn new york city airplane
alps germany
pun in title shot in the side
shot in the chest shot in the leg
hammock bridesmaid
pontiac gto sister sister relationship
ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship f word
exploding car hit by a train
train ride boy genius
double cross hotel room
bare chested male woman in bikini
spiked drink desert island
fireman diner
american abroad bull arena
seville spain salzburg austria
airplane trip flirting
toilet airplane crash
exploding plane car chase
singing in a car character name in title
surprise ending

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