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  • Redbelt was taken from a screenplay written by American director and writer David Mamet.

  • The red belt is a higher grade than the black belt, and it is given to black belts that have worked as teachers for 48 years or more. We can see that MikeTerry isn't old enough for that, but his former teacher made an exception and gave him a red belt, because he saw that Terry deserved it. There is some misunderstanding about the red belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Some people say that only members of the Gracie family can have it, but that is not true.

  • The film doesn't give an exact answer, but it certainly drops enough clues. Throughout the film, the wife is constantly talking about money and business. Though this is a practical matter to discuss, given her situation, it is also a clue that it is one of, and probably the single, most important thing in her life. His wife longed to be a true success and was growing frustrated with Terry constantly worried about being "noble" instead of successful. Her brother says something similar to that—that Terry's failing business was always stopping her success. And at the end, you see her with the Franks. She sold him out for her own fame and fortune.

  • Three balls—two white and one black—are placed in a bowl. The two fighters draw a ball. The fighter who draws the black ball gets a handicap, and bets are placed accordingly. The real question is how the the official assures that one of the fighters gets a black ball. If the first ball drawn is black, there is no problem. It's only if the first fighter draws a white ball. It's simple legerdemain. When the fighter pulls his white ball and shows it to the crowd, this gives the official a distraction, also known as misdirection, at which point he can swap a white ball for a black one while everyone is focused on the fighter.


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