"Grey's Anatomy" The Other Side of This Life: Part 1 (TV Episode 2007) Poster


Daly, Tim: What's wrong with flirting?

Dr. Addison Shepherd: What's wrong with it? What's wrong? What's wrong is that I don't have time for it. I am out of time. I missed my chance. And now I only have two eggs left. I might as well have no eggs left. I am egg-less. Naomi says she's dried up, I'm the one who's dried up. I'm all barren and dried up. And I've clearly been wasting my time on men. I mean, I might as well take up hobbies or something. Like needelpoint, or collectiong those little ceramic dolls. Because that's what dried up women do, they do needlepoint. They don't waste their time flirting with men who clearly only want to get laid. They do not waste their time... telling overly personal... information... about their eggs to total strangers, oh my god, I'm sorry.

[She gets up to leave but Pete stops her]

Dr. Addison Shepherd: What are you doing?

Daly, Tim: I'm going to kiss you. I'm going to kiss you with tongue. I'm going to kiss you so you feel it. Ok?

Dr. Addison Shepherd: Ok.

[they kiss deeply and pull apart]

Dr. Addison Shepherd: Why'd you do that?

Daly, Tim: To remind you... that you're not dried up.

[he starts to leave]

Daly, Tim: If you need me to remind you again... let me know.

[he leave]

Dr. Addison Shepherd: Ok.

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