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MPAA Rated R for sadistic violence and torture, including terror and graphic descriptions

Sex & Nudity

  • Various crime scene shots of dead bodies of women lying on the ground, some nude.
  • A man is seen sawing off the head of a nude woman's corpse (she is laid out on a table) as he is preparing to dispose of the body.
  • Many mentions of rape as well as VHS tape footage of various women being raped.
  • A woman sits on a balloon and is ordered to "POP IT!!!" (by bouncing up and down on it while moaning sexually. This is filmed by the killer, who has a balloon fetish.
  • Mentions of sperm and semen on-screen.
  • "Ted Bundy" is interviewed and tells a criminal profiler the reasons why a man would have sex with a corpse.
  • An eight-year-old girl is abducted and it is implied she is raped.
  • It is mentioned that a woman was genitally electrocuted and tortured for sexual reasons.
  • Mentioning of prostitutes and hookers, as well as a prostitute being picked up in a car.
  • A woman wears a mask and calls her captor "master" while having sex.
  • A fertility clinic is mentioned.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is showing sawing off a woman's head (after she is dead), then picking it up by the hair.
  • A man breaks into a home and kills a man, then kidnaps his girlfriend. We then see her tied up in painful positions (arms wrenched behind back, etc.) crying and begging to be let go. She is hung up in chains, gagged, tortured and is coerced into slitting the throat of another abducted/tortured girl.
  • A man ties a woman up and stabs her in the neck very slowly with two needle-like weapons attached to his fingers. The woman's face is very close to the camera and we can see her in agony, choking to death on her own blood behind the clear tape covering the lower half of her face. Graphic and intense.
  • Throughout the movie, many people describe the brutal killings that were taken place. In gruesome detail, including animal feces being stuck in mouths, intestines being pulled out, genitals being removed or electrocuted, being burned alive, teeth being removed by pliers, women being raped post-mortem. Sometimes there are brief flashes of photos accompanying them. (The list goes on.)
  • A lot of emotional turmoil is expressed. One profiler mentions that he brought the VHS tapes home and his wife accidentally saw them; she refused to let him touch her again for almost a year. An older profiler mentions quitting his job because he was institutionalized after a mental breakdown because he was the one to cover the case of an eight-year-old girl who was abducted, and it reminded him of his own daughter.
  • A former abductee of the killer is found eight years after her abduction with an extreme case of stockholm syndrome. She eventually ills herself (off-screen).
  • In a scene during the film's credits, a woman is told that if she doesn't blink, she won't be killed. As she realizes that any minute she's going to blink, she hyperventilates while screaming at the same time.
  • It's mentioned that a man murdered and buried dozens of corpses in his backyard, including his landlady, a married couple and a baby.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • No drugs, possibly some beer drinking in one of the 'found-footage' segments, but the quality is low and the bottles are hard to identify. Hardly worth mentioning.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • All of the scenes listed in the "Violence & Gore" section are done so in such an unnerving way, what with the disturbing costumes the killer is wearing and makes his victims wear, they can be extremely frightening to many viewers. There is not just gore, but many scenes (taped by the killer) that include lengthy depictions of victims screaming, crying, begging for their life, including not just physical but extreme emotional and verbal abuse --including very intense brain-washing scenes, punctuated with torture--by the killer, that many viewers may find very upsettng.
  • This is a severely disturbing movie due to the above, as well as graphic descriptions by characters who were on the case or some way involved in it, that are detailed and brutal as to exactly what was done to the victims. Many very convincing crime scenes (including remains of corpses) and autopsy documentations are also shown. No rape or sexual abuse is shown, but forensic and other experts describe the evidence of it, including genital mutilation.
  • It is worth noting that though the movie has a better-than-average rating on the IMDB voting scale,and that dozens of reviewers (including professional critics) say that the movie is surprisingly effective and praise the filmmakers for this. However, due to the deeply disturbing nature of the film, they also state that they are not sure they'd recommend it to anyone.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man gets out of his car, sees a little girl sitting on her front lawn and walks over to her, knocks her out (it is implied he does so with his large video recorder), puts her in the back of his car and drives off.
  • A man gets in a car with a couple and asks them to drive them to the next town. He then punches the man, and puts the woman to sleep using a chemical agent. We later see his footage of her half-conscious and probably dying, the camera pans down and we can make out a face which turns out to be his severed head. In a scene shortly after, a coroner explains the killer cut her midsection open and pushed his decapitated head partially into her stomach, we see the very decomposed remains on his table illustrating this.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scene close to the end of the movie involves the recovery of an early victim, found alive after eight years of captivity (many scenes of her vicious and prolonged torture are shown on the killer's recovered tapes, including her violent and frightening abduction). Police photographs and other documentation of her many scars, wounds, mutilations, and deeply damaged condition after eight years of torture and being held captive are shown.Later, when she is interviewed after she is able to leave the hospital, it is revealed one of her arms ends in a stump beneath the elbow. Viewers may find this unsettling and disturbing.

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