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"Dante's Cove" Like a Virgin (2007)

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Michelle asks Brit to help her perform a Tresum spell, but because Brit is a scientist, she refuses.

Griffin and Grace complete the ritual in which she becomes his aspirant. They "seal the deal" by making love.

Meanwhile, Kevin approaches Toby and tells him he has broken free of Ambrosius' control. Bro meanwhile uses a locator spell to see Kevin with Toby, despite him no longer wearing a bracelet.

Elena is assaulted by the House of Shadows in the form of Michelle, who then hides out of sight just before Brit arrives on the scene, discovering her lover bleeding on the floor and screams for help. Kevin and Toby hear her and suggest using magic to save Elena's life. Kevin runs off to find Bro's magic book; Toby enlists Grace, who's powers have returned to full power after the night's events. Grace discovers that the House of Shadows has taken a human host after examining Elena's injuries.

Kevin returns to Bro's home looking for the Sun Book. Bro tries to reenslave his former captive, but Kevin shrugs off his harmless attempts. Later, needing more power in his desire to get Kevin back, Bro resumes his power leeching rampage. Grace manages to stabilize Elena, but she explains that she'll need either the Moon or Sun Book to get her completely out of the woods. Toby suggests getting Kevin to read the Sun Book (since Grace is a Moon Witch), but Grace says she'll need far more experienced help to perform the healing spell. Griff and Grace cast a full reveal spell, confirming Grace's suspicions about the Shadows and finally exposing Michelle as their host. As they begin to alert the Cove residents of the danger they face, Grace tells Griff that she deceived him by switching the medallions for the allegiance ceremony, invalidating the entire ritual, meaning they are not aspirant/avatar after all.

Still posing as a sympathetic friend, Michelle rejoins a distraught Brit. She manages to convince Brit to join her in a spell using the Moon Book (which she has apparently had for months) in order to heal Elena, but Grace arrives in time to drive Michelle away before they can be cast for whatever purpose the Shadows would have intended. Upon touching the Moon Book, Grace learns that Van was the first to fall to the Shadows.

At The Lair, Trevor stumbles upon Bro in the midst of his indiscriminate draining rampage and becomes his latest victim. Griff and Adam arrive in time to save him from being drained to death.

The next day, Brit shows Grace the wooden box that served as the Shadows' ancient prison. Diana arrives, offering to join the effort to help trap them back inside of it.

Kevin begs Toby to run away with him, away from the danger, but is turned down. Just then, Adam arrives, and Toby kisses him, setting off Kevin, who threatens to use magic to force Toby to be with him, but Toby calls his bluff, making Kevin back down. However, he refuses to help them stop the Shadows and leaves.

Diana and Grace arrive at Michelle's house. She emerges to greet them..... in full Shadows' form.


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