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When Zack is helping Miri rinse her hair, the shower curtain breaking, and Miri falling, was a complete accident.
Zack (Seth Rogen) mentions making a porn spoof of Star Trek. Co-star Katie Morgan actually starred in a porn spoof of Star Trek called Sex Trek: Where No Man Has Cum B4 (2007).
In one sex scene, Lester (Jason Mewes) flips his tie around, so it's hanging down his back. This was done because Jason has Writer and Director Kevin Smith's daughter's name (Harley Quinn Smith) tattooed down his back, and used the tie to hide the tattoo.
According to "Entertainment Weekly", The Weinstein Company greenlit the project based solely on the title.
Kevin Smith wrote the role of Zack with Seth Rogen in mind. In fact, Smith has stated that if Rogen turned down the role, the film would not have been made.
The f-word is said two hundred twenty-nine times.
A portion of the plot is based on Kevin Smith's experience making Clerks (1994): a very low budget, working only with friends, using a hockey stick as a boom microphone pole, and shooting the movie at his job (the Quick Stop and RST Video in Clerks (1994), and the Bean 'N' Gone coffee shop in this film).
For some more conservative U.S. retail chains, the title on the cover of the DVD and Blu-ray was changed to just "Zack and Miri", much to the chagrin of Kevin Smith.
As of 2009, this is Kevin Smith's highest grossing film.
The stick figure poster came from a conversation between Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen. Kevin said that they'd might as well use stick figures, since that's all the MPAA would allow. Rogen said that would be funnier than the whole movie.
The film was edited twice, and rated NC-17 both times. The final cut was initially rated NC-17, but got an R on appeal.
Jason Mewes (Lester) has a slight lisp, because he was having dental surgery during production.
Near the end of the film, Traci Lords is seen on a rotating bed, spanking two of her co-stars with a riding crop. This is a parody of the final scene in the film that was at the center of Traci's notoriety in the 1980s: New Wave Hookers.
Since the movie, the phrase "Take It Barry" has come to be used for the specific sex act that Bubbles and Barry are doing when he says this.
The role of Miri was originally written for Rosario Dawson, but she had scheduling conflicts with Eagle Eye (2008).
In the movie, Zack and Miri are supposed to be the same age, but in real-life, Elizabeth Banks is almost ten years older than Seth Rogen. At the time of shooting, Seth Rogen was three years from his high school reunion, while Elizabeth Banks would have had hers six years prior.
The city of Philadelphia refused to allow the poster at bus stops because of the word "porno". When Kevin Smith agreed to have the word taken out and just have the title "Zack & Miri", the city still refused.
Some television commercials dropped the words "Make A Porno" from the voiceover and removed the words from the title card.
Kevin Smith originally wrote the film to be set in Minnesota, where he had shot Mallrats (1995), and had stated a desire to shoot there again. However, for budgetary reasons, Smith opted to shoot in Pittsburgh, where he had shot Dogma (1999), and re-wrote the script to take place in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.
The mention of Fleshlights in this film was not product placement. However, Fleshlight would go on to sponsor Kevin Smith's Smodcast/podcast network, and get many endorsements from Smith himself who claims he, "keeps several around the house."
The movie's original poster was deemed too explicit by the MPAA, and was banned in the U.S., because it suggested the characters on the posters are engaging in oral sex. It featured two separate images of Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks, who are fully clothed, and the back of the actors' heads close to each other's crotch.
There is a sign on the wall of the coffee shop near the door to the back room which reads, "Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy."
In this movie, Bobby Long is played by someone named Brandon (Brandon Routh) and Brandon is played by someone named Long (Justin Long).
Jeff Anderson enjoyed that, as opposed to the verbose Randal that he played in Clerks (1994) and Clerks II (2006), the character he played in this film, Deacon, appears in a lot of scenes, but doesn't have a lot of dialogue.
The "shoot the geek" gag was an idea thought up by Kevin Smith, while he was writing Clerks II (2006). Originally, it was going to be Jeff Anderson as Randal in the suit, getting shot in the crotch.
The City Of Toronto has slightly edited version of the original poster at most subway stations. Elizabeth Banks is smiling, and the alternate lowered version of her in front of Seth Rogen shows her forehead, implying she is not performing oral intercourse.
At the reunion, Zack II's full name is Zack Knutson, a reference to Zak Knutson, who played the Sexy Stud in Clerks II (2006), and a cameraman during the credits of this film.
The shots of the auditions were actually set in a playhouse, that was originally a much longer scene, that was meant for the film. Due to time constraints, the scene was cut out, and just used as an internet trailer.
"The other Zack" that Zack and Miri meet at their 10th High School reunion is supposed to be an old classmate of theirs. That should place the attendees at about the age of 28 years old. Kenny Hotz, who portrayed "The other Zack" was forty years old at the time of filming.
This was the first Kevin Smith film since Clerks (1994), in which neither Ben Affleck, nor Jason Lee, appear.
DIRECTOR_TRADEMARK(Kevin Smith): [The number 37]: A recurring theme in all View Askew films, it appears near the end of the movie when the film is paused in Delaney's basement. It is paused at thirty-seven minutes.
This is the second time that Jeff Anderson played goaltender during a hockey game in a Kevin Smith movie, the first being the roof-top game in Clerks (1994).
This is not the first movie in which Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks have sex. In The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Rogen's character Cal and friends walk in on Banks' character in a bathtub with Steve Carell. Carell's character leaves with his friends, minus Cal, who removes his shirt and walks toward Beth, who waves him forward. Though not seen, the sex is implied.
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DIRECTOR_TRADEMARK(Kevin Smith): [comic books]: Zack mentions the comic book character Spider-Man. Also, Elizabeth Banks stars as Betty Brant in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films.
During the mid 1990s, Kevin Smith was commissioned by Warner Brothers to write a new Superman movie, the screenplay of which was eventually titled "Superman Lives". At one time, Tim Burton was attached to direct, and Jon Peters was attached to produce the film. The project fell through in the late 1990s. The next attempt to resurrect the Superman franchise, however, was successfully made into Superman Returns (2006), starring Brandon Routh, who appears in this movie as Bobby Long.
Kelly LeBrock, Michelle Meyrink, and Kelli Maroney were considered for the role of Bubbles.

Director Trademark 

Kevin Smith: [Hockey] Zack and Deacon play on a hockey team called the Monroeville Zombies.
Kevin Smith: [Star Wars] The porno the gang tries to produce is called "Star Whores", a spoof of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977).

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