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Smith gives the appearance of wanting to provoke, but along with his smuttiness, he wears his heart on his sleeve.
For two-thirds of its running length, Zack and Miri is vintage Smith - profane humor that knows no boundaries and obeys no rules. What's most amazing about Smith's barrage of hard-R jokes isn't the range of subjects he covers, but how few of them "miss."
Chicago Tribune
Zack and Miri has a bright, chipper look to it, thanks to cinematographer Dave Klein, a frequent Smith colleague. Wintertime in Pittsburgh never looked so good.
Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks make a lovable couple; she's pretty and goes one-for-one on the bleep language, and Rogen, how can I say this, is growing on me, the big lug.
Naughty and nice is a killer-hard combo to pull off. Stick with Rogen and Banks. They rock it.
It would be too much to say that what Smith has come up with here is inspired, but it is pretty funny and very energetic.
Despite shortcomings and implausibility linked to their roles as written, Rogen and Banks come off with surprising charm and grace.
Village Voice
The biggest titters at a recent preview screening came during a scene in which Mewes shows off his dick--as though, at last! Still, how Jason Segal of him. Does Apatow always get there first?
A Smith production is always noisy, shambling, and liberally smutty on the outside while conservatively gooey on the inside.
It's written and directed by Kevin Smith--and hats off to him for being savvy enough to go for a piece of the Apatow action! Too bad he doesn't rise to the occasion.

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