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Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks make a lovable couple; she's pretty and goes one-for-one on the bleep language, and Rogen, how can I say this, is growing on me, the big lug.
Naughty and nice is a killer-hard combo to pull off. Stick with Rogen and Banks. They rock it.
Along with the awkward romantic exchanges that always seem to find their way into Smith's movies, there's also a sweetness that you don't often see in films that average multiple f-words per minute.
Chicago Tribune
Zack and Miri has a bright, chipper look to it, thanks to cinematographer Dave Klein, a frequent Smith colleague. Wintertime in Pittsburgh never looked so good.
Miami Herald
Smith's funniest, sharpest and most polished movie to date. It also is his most mature and emotionally engaging picture, even if it happens to contain one of the grossest sight gags I've ever encountered in a mainstream Hollywood film.
The Hollywood Reporter
Despite shortcomings and implausibility linked to their roles as written, Rogen and Banks come off with surprising charm and grace.
Longs to be a smutty film with a heart of gold. Instead, it's a funny concept whose execution does not live up to its potential.
By the halfway mark, Rogen's performance, like his voice, is less cuddly than grating, and the carbonated giggle that is Elizabeth Banks grows flat. This one's for the Smith cultists.
The moments when "Z&M" works are, almost without exception, the ones that are more sweet than shocking. All the rest, frankly, feel like Apatow Lite.
A Smith production is always noisy, shambling, and liberally smutty on the outside while conservatively gooey on the inside.
It's really dumb, even though it starts promisingly and continues, in a self-infatuated way, to consider itself quite bright.

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