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On Tap for 2011: U.S. Docu Filmmakers Eyeing Detroit, U.S. Government and Grave Robbers

We got a brief overview of some of the documentary films we'll be surely talking about circa 2011. Thom Powers headed over to Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival and in his fifth edition dispatch he reveals some projects that I'll be keeping tabs on - as some will surely be ready for my annual trip to Sundance next year.  Detroit Hustles Harder (Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady*) Previously directed: 12th & Delaware Subject: This chronicle the lives of several brave men and women that have made a conscious decision to stay in Detroit and attempt to turn the city around. Fightville (Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein) Previously directed: How to Fold a Flag The Leak Heard Around the World (Judith Ehrlich) Previously directed: Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers Subject: This follows "WikiLeaks, the organization that recently circulated classified Us government documents on Afghanistan". Skeleton Picnic
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Film Sweet Film: A Wrap-Up of the 2010 Florida Film Festival

Film Sweet Film: A Wrap-Up of the 2010 Florida Film Festival
While a good chunk of our team was caught up in covering the Tribeca Film Festival, I was holding down the fort much farther down on the Eastern Seaboard at the 19th annual Florida Film Festival. I saw almost twice as much as I did last year -- thirty features in total, along with the sight of Emma Stone eating fried chicken like normal people do -- so read on to see how many local, regional and world premieres were ultimately worthwhile.

Cleanflix -- Andrew James and Joshua Ligairi's documentary concerns itself with the band of Mormon video shop owners who made a killing with edited copies of R-rated films until Hollywood came a-knockin', and it offers a thorough look at the religious and artistic arguments made on either side of the fight before focusing on one specific owner's misdeeds that took place off-camera and prove all too ironic in context.
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“Cleanflix” at Stf

Despite being born and bred on our shores, Mormonism is still something of a fringe religion. For a lot of Americans, there’s something vaguely worrying about its army of clean-cut, nametag wearing missionaries. Neither Hollywood nor the independent film scene have helped the Mormon case for normalcy – their portrayals tend to fixate on the church’s checkered history with polygamy. Last night’s Stranger Than Fiction featured Cleanflix, a sympathetic look at the more mainstream side of Mormon culture. Directed by Andrew James and Joshua Ligairi, two filmmakers who grew up in the tradition (James is no longer practicing, but Ligairi still is), the documentary follows the rise and fall of a chain of small Utah-based video stores, who...
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Toronto Buyers Club: The Entire List of Available Titles for Tiff

  • Following my top ten Tiff list of titles available piece that I published a couples of hours back, Tiff released the lengthy list of titles that are looking for deals. Among those that I didn't mention in my top ten but could have easily have been there is the omission of Micmacs à tire-larigot (I wasn't sure if Warner Bros. only had domestic rights for France and not world rights), and titles such as Neil JordanNeil Jordan
[/link]'s Ondine, Atom Egoyan's Chloe, Oliver Parker's Dorian Gray, Aaron Schneider's Get Low, Derrick Borte's The Joneses and Michael J. Bassett's Solomon Kane should be generating key interest from the buyers as well. Without further ado, here is the list. L’Affaire Farewell Christian Carion, France Ahead of Time Bob Richman, USA The Angel Margreth Olin, Norway/Sweden/Finland The Art of the Steal Don Argott, USA Baaria Giuseppe Tornatore,
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Two more sneak into Toronto lineup

Montreal -- The Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday made two last-minute bookings for Iranian director Hana Makhmalbaf's "Green Days" and "The Warrior and the Wolf," a combat epic from Chinese director Tian Zhuangzhuang.

The latest film from Mohsen Makhmalbaf's daughter portrays a young woman seeking psychological help amid Iran's political turmoil, and will be shopped in Toronto by Wild Bunch. The eagerly anticipated "Warrior and the Wolf" is produced by Bill Kong ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), and stars Maggie Q.

Fortissimo is shopping rights outside Asia and North America. The two films are among a slew of titles coming into Toronto with significant territories up for grabs, including U.S. indie titles like Barry Levinson's "The Band That Wouldn't Die," Bob Richman's "Ahead of Time," "How to Fold a Flag," from Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein, and Derrick Borte's "The Joneses," the Demi Moore
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Tiff's Real to Reel Packs a Punch: Beehives, Berlosconi and the Apocalypse

  • Count me in for about covering about half the doc offerings at Tiff this year. Kudos to Thom PowersThom Powers
[/link] for putting together a stellar line-up of offerings from some top names in the documentary filmmaking world and for subject matters that certainly make this cat curious. Seventeen doc films (nine world preems) have been added to the festival, but still no mention of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story, while The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights (directed by Emmett Malloy - an habitual for band docs) is confirmed as a Vanguard Section selection. Worth checking out is Aj Schnack's post announcement interview Powers who explains how some titles with unfamiliar names got into the fest. Here is the list of docs worth seeking out in T.O. The Art of the Steal Don Argott, USA World Premiere This art-world whodunit investigates what happened to the
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