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Good to watch if you liked the movie
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews4 January 2008
At nearly nineteen minutes, this behind the scenes production is a fine production. Costumes, choreography(!), the camaraderie on set and to a degree, casting, are all covered herein. It's well-paced and neither overstays its welcome nor ends prematurely. This may be best to watch after you've seen the movie, as it could spoil some plot points. There are interviews with cast and crew, and if it didn't come through in the film that Jennifer Garner loved just being her girly self in front of the cameras, this special will confirm that. All of the main cast are interviewed, and the director is, as well. This feature covers about everything about the making of the film, and it becomes clear that they had a lot of fun making this. The only thing that this doesn't seem to cover is the music... neither score nor the songs used are really mentioned or talked about, but they don't particularly need to be. This is well-done and worth watching. I recommend this to fans of the movie and/or those who want to know more about it. 7/10
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