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Author: Pinkish_l_Purple
3 November 2007

I watched its first episode and I found it interesting. Then I watched the rest of them and loved it! It's so different from all the other Disney shows. And it's funny, too. I love the idea of one-fixed-corridor-set and of them looking at the camera between their lines. The actors are great, too. No over-the-top acting. At least, I don't think so. Plus, they give each and every character equal roles- no lead character. And that's really cool. And the fact that it's only 5-minute-long sets it even separate from other shows. I was so bored with the same plots of Disney and a lesson at the end. But after watching this show, I can see that they've still got the talent. It's my favorite show, already!

I say it again, it's like no other show there is. It's awesome!

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Bad idea

Author: Terryfan from United States
7 September 2015

Whoever thought that in all the years of Television we would ever get a show that appears during the commercial breaks on Disney Channel.

Whoever thought of this idea is a complete fool and should'vie been fired and banned.

This is one of the worse shows I have seen in my life and it is barely worth the time it took.

I know some cartoons could tell a story worth five minutes of your interest but this show clearly doesn't do anything worth the time.

The production setting is poor and badly set up, the story line I have no idea what is going on and it is at the point where I could care less the sooner the commercial break was over the better and don't get me started on the acting.

I had wish I had forgotten about this show forever but no it just pop into my head trust me you're better off never seeing this show.

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It makes me ashamed to be Australian.

Author: rebeccatherecker from Australia
1 November 2009

I am a proud Australian and there is one thing that has to be said about this show. It makes me lie about having ever seen it or been to Australia. It's not the first piece of crap that Disney Channel Australia or Disney Channel in general has brought out and it certainly won't be the last but it's hard to watch this drivel. When there is a 5 minute gap between two Disney Shows, i'd prefer for them to plug it with music that sucks than this show because it is shows like this that make me glad i can't actually see the TV properly. THis show is an awful representation of Australian Kids and schools and it wouldn't kill them to hire some kids who could actually act. My advice to Disney, play this on PLayhouse Disney where the kids don't actually know what is going on because then you wouldn't get such bad reviews.

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My cup of tea.

Author: lizzlurrker from United States
23 November 2008

For those that wrote a bad comment, and gave the show a horrible review (users above) why are you even watching the show anyways? It's called change the damn channel. Remember, not everyone has the same taste, and likings as you do. Sure there are shows on Disney that we don't like to watch, doesn't mean you have to tell the world it was the worst idea ever, and say DON'T WATCH EVEN ONE EPISODE. There are maybe one or two cartoon shows that simply do not entertain me, but that doesn't mean that other's will hate it too, I just change the channel and wait for the show I enjoy watching comes on. All in all that's your take, just don't watch it. Because guess what? It's a cute short show that I find entertaining in between the next half hour show. I recommend it for everyone. =]

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Disney Fan

Author: negaship from Texas
6 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watch Disney Channel more than any other network.

When I first saw the ads for the show I thought this show was the worst idea, and I was right.

Normally I can put up with the canned laughter of shows but there is usually something funny on the show to laugh at to accompany it.

I don't see anything funny about somebody having a hard time trying to sing the alphabet backwards.

The acting is horrid. The antics are crap.

The only thing this show is good for is extra time to do something while you wait for the next show.

I rate it -99999999999999999999999999 out of 10, which is worse than awful.

Disney Channel's worst show ever, for shame.

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the worst show i've ever seen!

Author: Lauren Major ( from United Kingdom
20 October 2007

Awful! The acting is terrible, they don't even show you the classrooms and even worse story lines. Who ever thought about creating this load of rubbish? It gives the British Disney channel a bad reputation. Maybe OK for small 9 or 10 year old who are bored but not (definatly not!) for teenagers like most of us reading this who want humour, teen aged twists and just blooming' good entertainment. If I were you in Britain I would watch the American programmes as they're much better than as the bell rings. So make sure you're sensible and give this awful x107 (suppose to funny but isn't) programme. So remember Be sensible guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and give it a miss!

By Lauren Major! xoxoxox

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I am fairly tolerant when it comes to shoddiness but... yikes

Author: coolfemale from United Kingdom
24 September 2007

Hell I love stuff other people can't stand. But even I think this show is AWFUL. It's only funny when your are laughing at how bad it is. The kids really force their acting (I'm holding out hope this the Directors fault and that Daniel Anthony (Danny) is actually good, so that he isn't poor as Clyde in "The Sarah Jane Adventures". I guess I'll find out tonight).

Also, you'd think one of the cast members would give the production team a heads-up on what British schools are actually like! FYI Disney Channel... we wear uniforms, don't generally have locker which look like that, and in every school I went too only the upper years were allowed to hang out in the corridors and classrooms at break-time. All the lower years had to go to the school yard.

This show is just... off. A bit like week old milk.

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It's a start....

Author: phoenix_fever from United Kingdom
28 May 2008

As the bell rings is your usual cheesy children's show. Many have commented on the 'bad' acting but it's nothing to do with the actors- it's the writers doing. It's a (rather lame) start to Disney productions in the UK and hopefully, if there are any more Disney UK shows, they will have better writers and more time to showcase talent rather than a pitiful (although deserving for this particular show) 5 minutes.

As the Bell Rings (UK) follows the break-times of a group of students from 'Shakespeare High'. There's all the stereotypical high school characters played by a young British cast. You have the Sporty girl, the Sporty boy, the Pretty one, the Love-sick one, the Naughty one, the Popular one, the Gossip Queen and the Goody-two-shoes... everything as you would expect from a Disney show to match the dreadful story lines and a single set (through a window in the hallway).

This show is very cliché and as with all Disney channel productions- predictable. It's not something to sit down and watch religiously, but it's great for amusing small children.

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Three Words... Worst Programme Ever!

Author: such-a-stunnah-xo from United Kingdom
12 November 2007

I Feel Like The Disney Channel Owe Me 5 Minutes Of Decent TV As This Show Is The Worst Ever! Don't Bother Wasting Any Time Watching This Stupid Show Because You'll Want To Jump Off A Cliff (Ok A Little Dramatic I Know But you Get The Idea). The Show Is Set In One Stupid Ugly Place And They Just Stand There (Talking To The Window) (Psychos) Saying Things That Aren't Even Funny Yet The Fake Audience Is Laughing Which Is (Somehow Possibly) More Annoying! The Disney Channel Should Be Ashamed Of This Show And The Actors Should To For Being So Rubbish! Well Thats All I Have To Say About It And I Really Do Not Recommend It To Anyone But Thats Just My Opinion so If You Are Willing To Put Yourself Through The Pain Of Watching It Then Good Luck And Stay Away From Dangerous Objects. Thats All.

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Absolutely Pathetic!

Author: jthebeatles from Skelton Green, Saltburn.
12 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a 10 year old and even i know that this pro-gramme is garbage! It features at the window of a school that is called Shakespeare High or something like that and every line is annoying! Whoever wrote this must have been stupid and pathetic! The acting is appalling off everyone this is! It was advertised for ages, i would have thought that after all of that advertising that it would have been at least decent. It is on for 5 minutes and it does not deserve that! I think that it is the worse pro-gramme on Disney channel, if i could give this a 0 / 10 i would but i cant so i rate it 1 / 10!

Absolutely pathetic!!!!

George Rymer Age: 10

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