"Desperate Housewives" Now I Know, Don't Be Scared (TV Episode 2007) Poster


Tom Scavo: Ok, now you're scaring me.

Lynette Scavo: Why?

Tom Scavo: Look at yourself. You've declared jihad on a possum.

Lynette Scavo: This is not a joke, Tom. Something has attacked our home and, when that happens, you don't just stand by. You fight it! Screw this creature that has come into our lives uninvited and is trying to destroy us! It will not defeat me!

Tom Scavo: OK. You do what you need to do.

Lynette Scavo: Thank you.

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Parker Scavo: MOM! We're gonna bake you a cake when the doctor says your cancer's gone.

Lynette Scavo: Great! Grab this.

[hands him a sack of rodent poison]

Parker Scavo: What's this stuff for?

Lynette Scavo: You know that possum that's been ruining our garden?

Parker Scavo: [Happily] Yeah, me and Preston named him Scruffles!

Lynette Scavo: Don't give him a name, he's not gonna be around much longer.

Parker Scavo: [concerned] You're not gonna hurt him are you?

Lynette Scavo: Honey, I put up a fence and he burrowed right under it. The man at the garden center said these are crafty creatures and there's only one way to stop 'em.

Parker Scavo: So you're gonna kill him?

Lynette Scavo: Sweaty let me ask you something. If you had to choose between mommy's beautiful garden and a gross, mean, dirty possum, what would you pick?

Parker Scavo: Scruffles!

Lynette Scavo: Ok, we're done talkin' here.

[she grabs the bags from him, leaving him looking a little upset]

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