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  • Lynette begins to doubt Tom's claims that he did not start the arson that burned down Rick's new restaurant and it leads to both him and Rick coming to blows over Lynette. Meanwhile, Dylan has a run-in with her long lost father, Wayne Davis, a local cop who plans to use her in some nefarious plan for revenge against Katherine for walking out on him over 10 years earlier. Gabrielle resents a seeing-eye dog that Carlos got to help him around the house and the neighborhood. Mike finally comes home from rehab where Julie tells him and Susan about Orson's sleepwalking confession to running over Mike the previous year. Also, Katherine makes an offer to Bree to become business partners in their own catering business.

  • Bree and Katherine decide to become business partners, and Mike discovers the truth about the accident that almost killed him.


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  • Lynette suspects that Tom might have burned down Rick's place. Turns out there's no subtle way to accuse your husband of arson, so she suggests he might need an alibi. As dead Mary Alice puts it: "Lynette Scavo had always trusted her husband. She had no idea that trust was about to go up in flames."

    A police officer pulls over Dylan for no good reason and seems to overly enjoy looking at her name on her license. In the car seat next to him is her circled picture from the paper.

    Bree packs up to go home from Susan's house and Susan bursts into tears. She can't control her emotions, especially when she hears an acoustic guitar.

    Carlos gets to know his new guide dog, Roxie. Gaby has a million questions, like how to get the dog to fetch Carlos the remote if her nails are wet. Gaby is not thrilled that the dog won't be doing the million little things for Carlos that she now has to do.

    At Susan's, Mike comes back from the hospital. Susan cries when it turns out Mike's favorite isn't mashed potatoes, but au gratin. The crying jag gets her out of the room so that Julie can tell Mike about Orson's sleep-walking confession about running him over.

    At Bree's, she unpacks and Katherine comes to visit/connive. She tells Bree that she got a call from a couple who loved their work at the Founder's Ball and wants to hire them for a party. Bree reminds her they nearly came to blows over the floral arrangements. But, Katherine says, it's their "creative friction" that makes them a great team. Bree declines until Katherine says she's going to proceed without her, including serving Bree's apple crumble - a cherished recipe from her grandmother. Bree caves to the shameless emotional blackmail, respecting the tactic.

    Gaby tries to get Carlos to stop pampering the dog, saying they need to tighten their belts financially. When he asks if that means she'll stop getting her hair done, she reminds him he married her for her looks. "Well," he says, "I'm blind now, so as long as you use deodorant, I'm good." Roxie barks and growls at Gaby every time she yells at Carlos.

    Mike goes to talk to Orson. He doesn't dance around, telling Orson what Orson said to Julie while he was sleep walking. "Are you the guy that ran me over?" Mike asks. Orson doesn't deny it. He apologizes.

    Carlos tries to convince Gaby to let the dog sleep on the bed. She yells, the dog barks. Then she sweet talks threats to him. "Who's it gonna be, me or the dog?" He throws a blanket over the dog in response.

    Susan squeezes into lingerie for Mike's return, but he says he's not in the mood. He has something to tell her, but she has to promise to let him handle it in his own way. Cut to Susan in pajamas yelling at Orson. Orson says he explained it all to Mike, that he was trying to protect his mother and panicked. Susan storms out. There's a very awkward pause between Orson and Bree.

    The next morning, Gaby goes to take on the dog, luring her out of bed with a doggie treat and into her car.

    Cut to the park, the same cop who pulled Dylan over walks up to her in the park. He wants to talk to her. He asks about her mom. She's surprised he knows her. He admits he followed her, and lied when he pulled her over. He says he just had to meet her. "Who are you?" she says. "I'm Wayne Davis, I'm your father," he says.

    Back to Gaby, bringing Roxie back to the guide dog facility. Don't bother replacing the dog, she says, they got Carlos a seeing-eye monkey. As she drives off, the dog follows. Back at the house she's laying on the lies for Carlos as Roxie appears on the porch. Gaby goes outside to run the dog off as Carlos gets a call from the guide dog place. She lies and says she can't find the dog, while trying to shove it away. Lying to her blind husband -- worse than beating up a nun?

    Dylan has a cup of coffee with her new dad Wayne. He freely admits he hit Katherine a couple of times. Then he says it's time to go, that all he wanted was to see that she turned out OK. He says he's not trying to cause problems with Katherine. Dylan offers not to tell her, which seems to fit nicely into his master plan.

    At the pizza place, Rick stops by wanting to know what Scavo matches were doing at the backdoor of his torched restaurant. Lynette comes in time to see the two guys fighting. She tries to break it up, to no avail. Andrew calls 911.

    The police talk to Tom at the station. Rick takes that tender moment to tell Lynette it's good to see her again. Lynette interrupts the interrogation and lies to give Tom an alibi. She looks deep into Ricks eyes and asks him if he really thinks she'd protect Tom if he were guilty.

    In the car, Tom's angry that she doesn't believe he's innocent and Lynette's angry that he doesn't believe she didn't sleep with Rick. A marriage built on trust.

    Edie stops by Gaby's and offers actual insights. She tells Gaby that Carlos is proud and will act like he can still go toe to toe with her, but he needs kindness. She does so under the guise of bringing dog biscuits.

    Susan is so angry at Orson she wants to move so they don't have to look at his house. Mike says he's forgiven him, but he understands if Susan can't.

    Lynette sits in bed and the twins come ask her why Daddy is sleeping on the couch. She tells them Mommy and Daddy are fighting. The twins ask what about and she says Daddy did something that made Mommy mad. They tell her that they heard Daddy saying that a man wanted to take Mommy away from them. So they biked to Rick's restaurant when their parents were at the Founder's Ball. They set the fire, so don't be mad at daddy. That's a nice moment for a parent.

    Susan goes to talk to Bree in her garden. She says she wants to forgive Orson, but it'll be one of the hardest things she's ever done. "And like most things in my life, I probably won't do it with much elegance or grace." She asks Bree to be patient with her.

    Orson walks out of the house holding a suitcase. "I think it's admirable you want to forgive Orson, because I can't," Bree says.

    Dylan's oddly nice to her mother, telling her they need to be a team. Then Dylan lies to her mom's face about picking up dinner and goes out with her new dad instead.

    Mary Alice sums up from the grave: "Everyone breaks the rules now and then, never thinking for one second they might get caught. But if they do, they simply ask for forgiveness. And most of the time, they receive it. (Roxie in bed with Carlos and Gaby.) But some acts are so wicked they demand only our condemnation (Bree puts a picture of Orson in a drawer). How do people avoid such a face? Well, the trick is knowing which rules are made to be broken and which rules are not (Orson cries alone in his hotel room)."

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