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Author: michael-vogl from Austria
26 February 2009

The Reference that everybody seems to be so puzzled about is to the movie "Amadeus" (, the very popular Biography of the famous Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It focuses on the rivalry of Mozart and fellow composer Salieri.

I don't think it's that hard to get, since it is explicitly stated by Tracy. I've seen much cruder allusions to that very movie on Family Guy (I think there were more than one).

The episode is great, I just loved the term business drunk! Also I cannot keep a straight whenever Steve Parnell makes an appearance. (He's probably not faking it for attention...)

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"Which of my hobbies should I indulge first... video games or pornography?"

Author: Max_cinefilo89 from Italy
29 October 2008

With only two episodes after this to end the season, 30 Rock does its best to make sure it will be a memorable conclusion. And damn it, it succeeds, throwing in comas, conspiracies and the always welcome Dr. Spaceman.

Picking up from the second episode of the season, the subplot concerning Don Geiss's successor comes to a head when the old man, presumably aware of Devon Banks' scheming (the young sleaze-bag got engaged to his daughter to secure the job), tells Jack the position is his. While the official announcement has yet to be made, Jack promptly names Liz as his replacement, while she tries to keep Devon from pulling any dirty tricks. An unnecessary effort, since Geiss ends up in a coma before he can make the transition official and Banks uses the accident to screw Jack big time. Additionally, Tracy decides that the best way to make his son proud of him is to create a porn video game, a task that he accomplishes in a single day, whereas a jealous Frank spent years trying to do the same thing.

The video game gag is proof of the fact that no subject is too sacred on this show (although it's unlikely even an HBO program would show the actual game on-screen), not to mention a perfect excuse for Tracy Morgan and Judah Friedlander to get at each other to good effect. Furthermore, Will Arnett's third appearance as Banks is just as good as any episode of his much loved show Arrested Development, complemented by Chris Parnell's demented Dr. Spaceman, who could easily have come from AD as well. It can't get much better than this.

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Excellent Episode!

Author: g-bodyl from United States
30 July 2014

This is the thirteenth episode of the second season of 30 Rock and it is just hilarious. The jokes are at top notch and very quotable. My favorite quote is, "What should I indulge in first? Video games or pornography?" (Tracy Jordan). We get some welcome returns from guest stars like Will Arnett as Jack's rival, Devon, Chris Parnell as Dr. Spaceman, and Rip Torn as Don Geiss.

In this episode, "Succession," Geiss reveals to Jack that he will name him as his successor. Jack reveals the news to Liz, whom is named as Jack's successor. But unfortunately, Geiss goes into a diabetic coma before he could make the news official, so Devon Banks uses this to his advantage. Meanwhile, Tracy decides to invent the first ever pornography video game to make his children proud of him.

Overall, this is a very strong episode and quite funny. We are nearing the end of the season and this is an excellent episode to start wrapping things up. I rate this episode 9/10.

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This may just be the best episode of the season

Author: gizmomogwai from Canada
24 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Succession sees Will Arnett's third appearance as Jack's rival Devon Banks, who returns just as corporate head Don Geiss (Rip Torn) chooses Jack to be his successor. Jack decides to promote Liz to his old job, which Liz accepts when she learns the salary, and Pete likewise faces promotion. Of course, one may be skeptical that the storyline of the show would change so radically, and indeed, something goes wrong. Geiss goes into a coma before he announces his intentions, and Devon stages a coup to take over the company.

I think Arnett's first appearance wasn't that great but his reappearance in Jack Gets in the Game was funnier and better. This episode is better still, but not necessarily for Devon. At first it is consistently funny, the episode then veers into weird drama as Geiss appears to die and as Devon seizes control, although I sense there might be a parody here that I'm not getting. At any rate, the return of Dr. Spaceman brings a return to comedy and both are welcome. I suspect a storyline will unfold in the remaining episodes to rival the story arc seen in Fireworks, Corporate Crush, Cleveland and Hiatus last season.

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Succession (#2.13)

Author: ComedyFan2010 from Canada
24 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another wonderful episode.

Geiss tells Jack that he will take him over Devon and Jack chooses Liz as his successor. Yet Geiss dies before it is all made official. And the way it ends doesn't look so good for Jack anymore.

So well done! Many amazing scenes, such as Devon and Liz in the elevator. The conversation between Devon and Jack at the Bachelor party, Liz getting a taste of being in the corporate world, Dr.Spaceman running like a super hero to save Geiss and the wonderfully done acting, all were superb. There is still more to come of the way it ended, I am sure.

And the sub story with Tracy's porn video game also brought many laughs

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Succession is another hilarious episode of "30 Rock"

Author: tavm from Baton Rouge, LA
5 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since he doesn't believe in nepotism for his business handlings, network chairman Don Guiess picks Jack Donaghy over soon-to-be-son-in-law Devon Banks as his successor. Since it won't be announced publicly for awhile, Jack only tells Liz and appoints her as his successor. Liz initially declines until she sees the salary. Meanwhile, Tracy is despondent because he found out his son didn't take him on "Take Your Dad to School" day. In fact, when he arrived returning his flute, he made a fool of his son when he took off his shirt and danced. So he resolves to change the world by creating a porno video game. That makes Frank jealous since he tried to do that for years while Tracy does it in one day. Back on Jack's front, Devon arrives and tries to one-up him for Guiess' favor. While on an elevator with Liz, he finds out from her some juicy secrets he can't wait to reveal to his future-father-in-law but Liz French kisses him in front of the camera inside that she threatens to show Don. At the later announcement party, Liz, Don, and Jack share some corporate humor while Devon looks forlorn knowing Jack is getting the job since Guiess told him. Just as him and Jack calmly reminisce "good times", Liz discovers Don in a diabetic coma. Jack calls Dr. Leo Spaceman who confuses 411 with 911 and can't find Guiess' heart. While Liz backs Jack on knowing who Don picked to take his place, Devon denies it. It's Devon who convinces the board to pick Don's mentally mute daughter to succeed him with him as consultant. As he's telling Jack this, Devon throws him out...This was another hilarious episode of "30 Rock" with welcome returns of Rip Torn, Will Arnett, and, especially, Chris Parnell as Spaceman. Loved hearing Jack mention Clay Aiken in "Spamalot" as the reason Devon returned in his presence with Devon adding he'll see him every day until the show closes or Clay leaves. And how about seeing Leo's entrance carrying a cape! With two more episodes left this season, I can hardly wait for "30 Rock" again next week...

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I just don't get it

Author: the_malbogia from United States
29 April 2008

The episode seems like its supposed to be an homage to something, or another story retold in a different story, a parody, and the music is a key that its an homage to something, but since i don't get it, it just makes the episode seem very weird and random.

The episode itself starts in the normal fashion that an episode, but much stronger themes to it, so to me it seems that this episode would of made a much better season finally.

The humor was still good in the episode, but it only focused on about five people in the episode which are not the funniest in the show. Jack and Geiss typically don't create much humor between them. I find Liz Lemon funnier when she reacts with her entire staff at TGS VS only Jack.

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