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1 Sep. 2008
Passionate and idealistic Public Defender Jerry Kellerman is convinced his client is not guilty, but when a technicality in the law threatens his client's freedom, will Jerry push Judge Kessler too far?
8 Sep. 2008
Guatemala Gulfstream
ADA Ernhardt's zeal to win is formidable and her quick thinking may prevent Jerry's witness from testifying. Will this professional road block interfere with their personal friendship?
15 Sep. 2008
I Will, I'm Will
Jerry makes a deal for his client to testify in a drug-related murder case in exchange for charges against her to be dropped. Yet when a Family Court Judge rules differently, will Jerry's unwavering devotion to his client be enough this time to help her?
22 Sep. 2008
Richie Richer
Jerry tries to make a deal to help his psychotic client enter an out-patient treatment center in exchange for a guilty plea. But when his client cannot be placed, Jerry is forced to trial.
29 Sep. 2008
Bagels and Locks
Jerry's client is willing to cop to kidnap and rape, but won't agree to make a deal if it includes a conviction for murder which he adamantly denies.
6 Oct. 2008
Hang Time
Marcus won't allow a wife to drop an assault charge against her husband, insisting the system needs to protect her even when the wife supports the husband's claim there is no battery.
13 Oct. 2008
A Leg to Stand On
In the main story line, Kellerman is defending a man who may have been incorrectly identified in a robbery. He chooses to have the client waive a jury trial, only to have Judge Kessler secretly put political pressure on the trial judge to find the client guilty. Resolution comes with the help of Charlie going behind Kessler's back. The second story line has Natalia defending an amputated veteran who was arrested buying a months supply of heroin to treat his phantom limb pains, but accused of being a dealer. A new subplot has Woolsey defending an exotic dancer who is a...
20 Oct. 2008
Out on the Roof
Charlie seeks Jerry's legal help, but how far will he go to help a friend when the trial is in his own Judge's court?
27 Oct. 2008
Roman Holiday
Jerry's client, infected by HIV, is accused of attempted first degree murder for spitting on a cop and must face trial. Will Jerry be able to help him win back his freedom?
3 Nov. 2008
Shop Till You Drop
District Attorney Nick Balco and Public Defender Roz Whitman go head to head in court to re-try a case overturned by the court of Appeals.

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