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Season 2

22 Mar. 2010
Having been well and dissociation-free for the last several months, Tara sets out to rebuilt her life with Max's help by making new friends. But things take a turn when a neighbor of the the Gregsons' suddenly commits suicide and the family unexpectedly is given responsibility of the house and estate. Meanwhile, Marshall struggles to fit in at school as an out-and-proud gay guy, while Kate lands a new job after graduating early from high school. Elsewhere, Charmaine's boyfriend, Nick, brings up the question of marriage to her.
29 Mar. 2010
Trouble Junction
Tara soon comes to the realization that one of her alters, Buck, emerged and that she spent the night with an attractive waitress from the local pub. She desperately wants to keep that information a secret from everyone and panics that her three month respite is coming to a close. At her new job at the debt collections agency, Kate decides to pay a personal visit to someone who owes a good deal of money and actually manages to get her to write out a check for $5000. The woman's art has an impact one her. Marshal meanwhile invites a fellow member of the gay group to ...
5 Apr. 2010
The Truth Hurts
Tara hasn't told anyone about her alter, Buck, having emerged again. She decides to try and do something about it and visits Pammy, the woman who is now madly in love with Buck, to break it off. She can't quite go through with it leading Pammy to make her affections known in a very public way. The sale closes on the house next door but Max is having repair troubles already. Marshall is pursuing his relationship with Courtney while Kate visits Lynda Frazier after her check bounces. It turns out that Kate bears a striking resemblance to the woman in Lynda's artwork.
12 Apr. 2010
You Becoming You
Max is not happy with the revelation that she didn't tell him about her alter Buck re-emerging. She agrees to find a new analyst but the person she settles on lives in New York and their sessions will be by telephone. Marshall and Courtney meanwhile continue their sexual experimentation but with interesting results for both of them. Kate poses for some of Lynda's paintings and has a suggestion on how she could make money on the works. Charmaine and her fiancé have a big announcement. While in the house next door, Tara has memories of her childhood playing with ...
19 Apr. 2010
Doin' Time
Tara's latest alter is Shoshana who describes herself as Tara's therapist. Tara concludes that her new alter is actually helping her remember things from her past but Max has a hard time with that. Charmaine goes for her first ultrasound and gets some surprising news. Kate's video with her as Valhalla Hawkwind becomes an Internet hit. Max is arrested for assaulting the carpenter who took his money but didn't do any work on the house next door. He has to get Neal to bail him out when Tara doesn't show up. Marshall decides that he is definitely gay and now has to deal ...
26 Apr. 2010
Tara's new alter, Shoshana, has a session with Max who is trying to make sense of it all. Marshall is having trouble ending his relationship with Courtney who is perfectly comfortable with his sexuality and wants them to remain an asexual power couple. Kate is supposed to make an appearance at a comic book store in her Valhalla Hawkwind persona. There's a tornado warning in the area and as the weather worsens, the Gregsons, their gay neighbors and Charmaine take shelter in the basement their new house next door. Tara rapidly goes through a number of her alters with ...
3 May 2010
Dept. of F'd Up Family Services
An imminent visit from a social worker sends Max into a tailspin. Tara horns in on Kate's friendship with Lynda. Courtney pushes Marshall to the brink. Neil discovers Charmaine's big secret.
10 May 2010
Explosive Diorama
Kate is less than thrilled with her mother's new friendship with Lynda. Kate accuses her mother of taking away all that's important to her. Kate is also starting to connect on the Internet in her Valhalla Hawkwind persona. She's not quite ready for what transpires. Charmaine is still trying to figure out a way to have Neil's baby but stick with Nick. She finally tells Nick what's going on and not surprisingly, he doesn't take it well. As for Tara, her alters haven't made an appearance for a while and gets ready for a neighborhood art show. Max's appraisal of her art ...
17 May 2010
The Family Portrait
Tara and Max's relationship is at a low ebb. After their fight at the art show, Max spent the night with waitress Pammy. It was supposed to be a one night stand with no strings attached but the next day she has a change of heart. Kate is growing a little weary of the kooks she's met on her website but is intrigued by one client who asks her out on a date. He turns out to be something of a surprise. Max and his friend have an interesting meeting with a school counselor. Charmaine tries to get Neal to sign away his parental rights to the baby now that she has Nick on ...
24 May 2010
Open House
Max holds an open house for his newly finished re-model. Tara and Charmaine ask their mom about Tara's childhood memories. Marshall and Lionel go cruising. Kate's new man worries about their age difference. "Alice" arrives and drops a bombshell on everyone.
31 May 2010
To Have and to Hold
Tara and Charmaine go visit the woman from Tara's memories. Kate attempts to change herself for Zach. Marshall begins to fall for Lionel. Neil leaves town. A new personality arrives.
7 Jun. 2010
From This Day Forward
Charmaine's wedding day has arrived and she would like nothing more for the day to go off smoothly. Such is not to be however. Tara and Charmaine's parents arrive and her father is clearly suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. He is forgetful and mentions something odd to Tara about an absentee sibling. The wedding itself is a disaster when one of Tara's alters, Chicken, emerges just as the ceremony is about to begin. Kate meanwhile come to a decision about her rich boyfriend.

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