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Season 1

28 Mar. 2003
The Man Who Paints the Future
David Mandell predicts the future from his dreams. To record his dreams, he paints the event and then takes a photograph of himself and the art in front of a bank showing the date and time...BEFORE the event happens.
Apr. 2003
The Woman Who Dives the Deepest
Freediver Tanya Streeter attempts the world record for diving on a breath of air, 150 metres beneath the Caribbean Sea.
2 Apr. 2003
The Child Who's Older Than Her Mother
The story of Hayley Okines, a four-year-old with a rare disease which causes her body to age eight times faster than the normal rate.
21 Apr. 2003
The Woman with the Mysterious Brain
A follow-up story on Sharon Parker who had most of her brain removed surgically as a child.
25 Nov. 2011
The Woman Who Lost Her Face
The shocking, moving and inspirational story of Charla Nash - the American woman nearly mauled to death in a chimpanzee attack two years ago.
17 Oct. 2010
The Eight-Limbed Boy
Six-year-old Deepak was born with an extra body growing out of his chest. His extra set of limbs belong to an identical, parasitic twin that did not fully form or separate from Deepak in the womb. Now his life is in jeopardy.
14 Jun. 2012
The Girl with 90% Burns
The inspirational story of Terri Calvesbert and her incredible recovery from the house fire that almost ended her life.
23 May 2005
The Boy with the Incredible Brain
This is a documentary on one extraordinary (even by savant standards) person: Daniel Tammet. Daniel exhibits, aside from the amazing intellectual capabilites associated with savantism, self-awareness of his mental processes and is a relatively high-functioning autist. This is a huge thing, since most savants cannot function or even survive in a society without plenty of support from others. Thus, Daniel receives the immense abilities of a savant, while missing many of the stereotypical drawbacks. Thanks to Daniel's agreement to many cognitive experiments and studies, ...
16 May 2005
Born Without a Face
Juliana Wetmore was born with a genetic disease called Treacher Collins syndrome. This is her story of her severe facial disorder.
21 Jul. 2005
A Hundred Orgasms a Day
A short documentary about persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS); this is a neurological condition where women suffer from constant uncontrollable orgasms.
7 Nov. 2005
The Girl Whose Muscles Are Turning to Bone
Few people are as courageous as young Luciana Wulken, a 7-year-old who must fight an extremely rare condition that turns her muscles to bone.
The Boy Who Lived Before
A young boy in Glasgow remembers his past life on a remote Scottish island.
29 Jan. 2007
The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes
Ben Underwood had both his eyes removed at the age of three. He taught himself to perceive and locate objects by making clicking sounds with his tongue and using the echoes as they bounced off his environment.
17 Sep. 2007
The Real Sleeping Beauty
Sarah Scatlin is able to speak and communicate after 20 years in a coma.
14 Apr. 2008
Half Man Half Tree
The story of Dede, an Indonesian man, who suffers from a bizarre skin condition that has left him covered in organic tree-like growths.
18 Apr. 2011
The Rainman Twins
The World's Only Female Autistic Savant Twins.
25 Mar. 2009
Tree Man - The Cure
The Indonesian fisherman called Dede who is afflicted with tree-like growths on his limbs is in search for the cure. Will he find it?

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