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Cool and engaging animation
bob the moo6 May 2007
A mouse and a cat are in love but in a city where cats hold the power, this was never going to be acceptable. And so it is that the mouse finds himself fleeing across the city pursued by an angry mob.

The plot doesn't make a lot of sense but the world where the film is set somehow does. This creates a backbone of sufficient substance to allow the film to just be all about the cool animation, style and characters it has. I say this because the story doesn't linger with you but the style and images are pretty memorable because of how well done they are but also how imaginative they are. The mice and cats are twisted to be visually cool but still recognisable for what they are, while the world that they run through is convincing and does manage to present more than just a backdrop to the audience.

Overall then a very cool short film from Unit9; certainly worth tracking down for anyone who likes animated short films.
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