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259 out of 378 people found the following review useful:

The movie did NOT do the show justice

Author: ameli-1 from United States
9 June 2008

I am a big fan of the show. I am one of those people who have seen every episode at least 4 times, and some of them around 10 times. Even so, I still watch the reruns, and I was really looking forward to the movie.

So, it is really upsetting that I have to give it such a bad review. I went to see it with the best of intentions. I really wanted to love it. Unfortunately the movie has nothing to do with the wittiness and character of the series. Even putting aside the wooden and/or exaggerated acting, you fail to recognize the characters who where transformed into caricatures, pathetic versions of themselves.

There were very very few lines that gave a glimpse of the old clever dialog, and they all got lost in a mass of cheesy lines about love and friendship that you even rarely anymore encounter in the corniest of Hollywood's chick flicks, and toiler humor that you only expect from movies like Harold and Kumar. OK, maybe the comparison to Harold and Kumar is a little unfair, but really I had never expected Sex and the City to rely on fart jokes for comic relief.

People comment that those who rate this movie badly are either men, or just not fans of the show. From my perspective the fans of the show should be the ones most disappointed by the travesty that was this film.

We grew to love the show because of its honesty towards sexual issues, its shocking but clever dialog, and its characters who, however unreal with their designer obsessions, uncontrollable spending and lack of real jobs, remained true to their personas regarding sex, relationships, commitment, independence.

The show was about sex. The movie is about love, and treats the subject from the weakest, corniest and most disappointing standpoint.

This movie is a fake Fendi. Dropping 15 designer names in one sentence, showing bulging men's underpants and orgasming at the sight of huge closets, Sex and the City does not make.

As for me, I will keep watching the reruns and pretend this movie never happened.

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203 out of 315 people found the following review useful:

please tell me it was a bad dream

Author: zafulotus from United States
1 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It was so awful it defies description. If you are really a "true fan"... you will leave quite bitter and feeling used. The movie literally contains plot lines that revolve around poop and fat jokes. Literally. Poop jokes and fat jokes. Oh, and a petulant 40 year old who responds to being disappointed by/in her partner by cutting him out of her life for a year and looking to her friends to be her mommies. Mature.

SATC was on my last year in high school through my college years and into my mid-20s. Needless to say, the show meant a lot to me in those formative years. I've since grown up to be a feminist and professional and look back fondly on the revolutionary nature of the series. Even in its moments of fluff and vanity, there were redeeming aspects to the self-reflection and (sometimes reluctant) self-reliance of these women. No, it's not perfect... but it was challenging and eye-opening in its milieu. To then go see this movie is an insult. Much like as I did in my late teens and early-to-mid 20's, I expected a mature movie that examined the lives of these 40-somethings in a way that would offer some insight (and wit) into what I might come to expect in the years to come as I get older, live with my partner, maybe get married, maybe have babies, maybe adopt, maybe leave a partner, maybe face infidelity, etc... something that honored the promise that it was a smart movie that gave these mature women something to sink their acting chops into...

Instead I got a wedding farce; a humping dog; stock black, Jewish and gay characters that literally made me feel ill; 4 women who don't know themselves any better than they did 4 years ago, 10 years ago; and, oh yeah, POOP JOKES AND FAT JOKES.

SATC the TV series WAS a cultural icon, a touchstone, a movement.

SATC the movie promotes itself as a vehicle for creating another socio-cultural rupture. Instead its witless.

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103 out of 142 people found the following review useful:

Ugh. What a shipwreck.

Author: donnapaz from Texas, USA
2 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like many of the others, I am a huge fan of the series (I own all the DVDs and have watched each episode multiple times).

The translation to big screen just.doesn'

There was so much melodrama and fake crises! The male characters were like shadows of themselves. Big was like an avuncular sugar-daddy at the beginning and devolved into a limp-wristed dweeb by the time he thwarted Carrie.

And Carrie was a shrill, melodramatic idiot who ultimately gets what she deserves. What intelligent, independent woman in her right mind would go back to the jackass who screwed you over multiple times? Why can't she just be independent? That always bothered me about the series finale.

Miranda seems melodramatic and overreacts to Steve's indiscretion -- which comes out of nowhere and feels like a poorly timed plot device.

Smith, who is starting to weather like Clint Eastwood, came off as way-too-casual when Samantha gave him her decision. He acted like such an airhead surfer-dude, which was never apparent in the series.

Stanford and Anthony were like caricatures of themselves. Oh, we have a wedding, let's work in the flaming wedding planner! And didn't he and Stanford dislike each other? Why were they palling around like best girlfriends?

I thought it was curious that Carrie's friends all showed up to help her pack her apartment, but they were nowhere to be found when the unpacking was being done. What kind of friends are those?

The only redeeming acting came from Kim Catrall and Kristen Davis. They are totally comic pros and I enjoyed their schtick, even if it was silly. They at least pulled it off. As for Parker and Nixon, they acted like a couple of shrill witches when scorned. Ugh.

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76 out of 104 people found the following review useful:


Author: matt75-1 from Los Angeles, United States
2 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was such a disappointment: so disrespectful to the series, the characters' original complexity, and women's complexity!

I was particularly let down by the script. First of all, the jokes were not funny. From the 'Saint Louise from St Louis' to Charlotte's Mexican incident, everything was so unlike Michael P King's style. Then the plot: predictable (Samantha's ring/ Smith being the guy getting it to her; the password of Carrie's email folder being 'love' like on the key chain...) but most of all characters were out of their 'tv series' parts. Especially Carrie: hitting Big with the wedding bouquet and screaming at him in the middle of 5th ave, really?!? Planning a honeymoon in Mexico, really (btw, the guy greets them with 'welcome to Mexico', that's …'broad' and silly…)?!? Telling Miranda 'you ruined my wedding', really? That dinner scene seemed like out of an episode of The Hills….

I personally also found Jennifer Hudson terrible: she already won the 2008 Razzie to me (altough I should check if Sharon Stone is coming out with a new movie...).

In general, if you think of what you saw in this movie without the affection you have for these characters, you must admit this is a terribly corny romantic comedy.

Think of how wonderfully touching and poignant some episodes were. Like the one when Miranda finally took the courage to tell her feelings to Steve... It was titled 'One', and it was indeed a fully satisfying, beautiful episode.

This movie is just a 1/10...

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148 out of 251 people found the following review useful:

Disappointing as a movie and TV Show as Movie

Author: lostatredrock from Boston, United States
30 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I took my girlfriend to see this movie last night at the 12:01 showing. She is a huge fan of the show, has every season on DVD, and has seen all the episodes multiple times. I have watched 30-40 episodes I would guess and I would not say that I love the show, but I do find it entertaining and never dreaded my girlfriend pulling out the DVDs to pop them in. So going into it I was there 75% for her and 25% because I genuinely thought it would be an entertaining movie even though it would never make it into my top anything.

So with the set-up in place, the movie itself was very disappointing for both my-self and my girlfriend.

First looking at the movie in comparison to the show itself, the movie simply felt flat by comparison. The show is full of frank and snappy discussion which manages to come across as both very real and hilarious at the same time. Really the show was built on the interactions of those four girls and those interactions simply fell flat in the movie in a way I never saw them fall flat in the show. Like I said I am only a casual fan of the show and this was apparent to me, it was even more apparent to my girlfriend who is an extreme fan of the show who also found it lacking.

Second looking at the movie as a movie independent of the show, this is where the movie really fails. Rather than feeling like a movie which typically has a cohesive plot which spans the breadth of the film with smaller sub-plots which spring up along the way, the movie felt like a series of a TV show in which there is an overarching story arc, but the action is based around the individual episode plots. The latter works in a TV show because episodes by their nature are disjointed, you need to be able to make the individual episode plots stand well on their own or the show will fail. In a movie the result of the latter is very disjointed storyline and plot.

Third the "secrecy" surrounding this movie really led to big disappointments for both of us. Given all "secrecy" one would have assumed that a cursory knowledge of the show and a simple watching of the trailer would not be enough to grasp the entire plot of the movie. Unfortunately such an assumption would be wrong. There were a number of plot twists which would have been great were they actually twists, sadly the producers decided that releasing ALL of them in the trailer would make for a better movie, it didn't. The only rational I can see for stupidly releasing such information while you build levels of pretend security is to drive up ticket sales with the reasonable thought: "if this is what they are showing us in the trailer who knows what will be in the movie!" Fourth, did the producers decide that strong powerful women would be a threat to the movie going public or something? With the possible exception of Charlotte (although she showed it at times too) these women are all strong, powerful and independent. In the movie Carrie spends the majority of her time first planning her wedding like a giddy school girl and then mopping around for the rest of the movie. Who is this woman because she is not Carrie Bradshaw. Samantha has gone from a strong sexual figure who may have finally found love to someone so whiny and needy you don't recognize her at all. Miranda remains a strong figure but rather than it being portrayed in a good way, it comes across more as her just being a bitch.

Fifth some random complaints… This movie felt way too much like an ad at way too many points. I know that fashion and all that is supposed to be a part of the story of these women, but was there any need of a 5 minute Mercedes-Bens ad aka "Fashion Week" right smack in the middle of the movie? What the hell happened to Stamford? The banter between he and Carrie is one of my favorite parts of the show I don't know that he said more than two words to her the entire movie.

Why was Charlotte even in the movie? It felt like they made it most of the way through filming and then realized they had forgotten all about her so they threw her in got her pregnant and hoped no one would notice she really didn't have much of a part since a pregnancy is so big for her. It might have worked to only as I said above as something that might have constituted a surprise to the movie going public is had to be disclosed in the trailer.

On the subject of characters who really served no purpose why was Jennifer Hudson in this movie? She was amazing in Dreamgirls so I don't blame her for the one dimensional token character, but somebody deserves some blame. I can only guess that she was there in response to criticism of the series as being too white, but is the best response to such criticism really inserting a character who is so obviously a token it's painful? Again on the subject of pointless and forgettable characters, I know this movie should be primarily about the female leads, but that does not mean that all the male characters should be so flat that cardboard cutouts would perform just as well in their place.

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110 out of 181 people found the following review useful:

From the Ministry of Silly Movies

Author: Wendell Ricketts from Florida, USA
12 October 2008

Cute enough for an evening's mindless entertainment, but exactly that and not a penny more. Put aside any thought you might have about not caring a great deal about what happens to a group of rich, superficial white women who (you are told) are actually very smart and talented but who (you are shown) are silly twits (not to use a different vowel) whose exclusive joy in life comes from sex and shopping, and not in that order. I know, I know; we're supposed to believe this is all about love (and the search for same), but it isn't; love is secondary. We're supposed to believe it's about solidarity among a group of women friends and it is, but that's more-or-less an accident. It's really about consuming – clothes, purses, shoes – and other human beings. The introduction of Jennifer Hudson (who tries really hard not to be appalled by the level of minstrel-show tokenism her presence represents) as Carrie's personal assistant is so painful and so blatant an attempt to give a tiny bit of color to the TV series' snow-blinding whiteness that you can't help but be embarrassed for absolutely everyone. Here's another film in which women are stand-ins for what is essentially a gay-male fantasy about women (an art form that George Cukor pioneered in 1939 with _The Women_) Take your brain out and store it in Tupperware for the evening; _Sex and the City_ will make you smile, but not laugh out loud. If you spend a minute thinking about it, though, all it's going to do is make you mad.

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311 out of 586 people found the following review useful:

Critics need to move on...

Author: Benedict_Cumberbatch from United States
30 May 2008

...or at least try to be original?

Saying that "Sex and the City: The Movie" is just for the fans is unnecessary (like it was made for another audience, right?). Who else except die hard fans of the show will be crazy for this movie?

Is it predictable? Yes. Is it just a longer episode of the TV show? Yes. Is it funny? Depends. If you like the show, you'll laugh; if you don't, you won't. Simple as that.

It doesn't try or pretend to be art-house material or an Oscar contender (except for the costume design, of course), but it's definitely good entertainment and a pleasant couple of hours with buttery popcorn and a Red Bull. 7/10.

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46 out of 59 people found the following review useful:

You'll ignore this review once you see I'm male.

Author: Darkweasel from Stratford-on-Avon, UK
18 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My wife watched the TV series. In other words that means I had to watch the TV series. I didn't hate it. A lot of episodes were good, some were bad, the rest were just average.

This film was an insult to any fan of the show and I'm surprised so many "real fans" were suckered in by it. What happened to the characters? Well, for the most part the couples were needlessly pulled apart merely as a plot device to put them back together again later on in another glaringly obvious saccharine reunion scene. The only story which actually seemed natural was Samantha's, and Charlotte's baby story was a slap in the face to the TV series.

Also, what was with the clothes? Did the makers intentionally try to make the stars of the show look as ridiculous and old as possible. I'm sorry, but Sarah Jessica Parker has the arms of a 60 year old and they should not be highlighted in any way. The ginger one's (2nd?) haircut did her no favours whatsoever unless she actually wanted to look seventy years old.

In short, I may only be a bloke so most/all women on here will immediately shrug their shoulders and say I don't know what I'm talking about. However, I do know enough to realise when a show's creator is manipulating and cheating the very audience who helped make him successful.

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43 out of 56 people found the following review useful:

A disappointed longtime fan of the series

Author: Manda-13 ( from New Jersey
8 March 2009

Let me preface this by saying that I am a straight female who has been a fan of the SATC series since its second season. I have every episode on DVD and have honestly seen every episode at least 5 times, including the commentaries by Michael Patrick King. That said, I could not be more disappointed in the film. To say that this movie was for fans of the series is insulting in my opinion because where the series had heart, depth and some intelligence, the movie had labels, poop jokes and lame choices by the characters.

First of all, yes, Carrie Bradshaw is the main character, but could the other 3 women have been treating any more cavalierly? The "plot lines", if you can call them that, for the other characters seemed to be thrown into the mix just to give them something to do while Carrie ran around town, changing outfits and hair colors to the delighted shrieks of 15 year old fans. I can only imagine that was the audience the film wanted to capture because expecting grown women to follow this crap is insanity.

Secondly, the ending of the film made me completely lose respect for Carrie. I cannot imagine an emotionally healthy 41 year old woman making the same choice she made. I think she needs intensive therapy because she is obviously a masochist who values the ability to purchase brand name couture more than her own happiness. And if the ability to buy couture is what makes her really happy, well, then, the 15 year old target audience should be thrilled.

That said, I probably will see the sequel. I'm hoping they bring in more writers from the series to add some of the emotional oomph that this movie painfully lacked. *sigh* I just can't seem to quit SATC.

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26 out of 37 people found the following review useful:

Does bring in real substance to support the run time but then also fails to capture the witty spirit of the series

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
25 November 2008

Since any opinion on this movie has to be tempered by sex and viewing history let me just make it clear up front that I am a man and, while I don't dislike the series, I didn't ever get into it beyond watching (and enjoying) the odd episode that someone else was watching in the same room as I was sitting. Please feel free to dismiss/accept my opinions accordingly in light of this information. My first proper reaction to the Sex & the City movie was to baulk at the running time, which struck me as pretty excessive for what it was. I was right on this as the film is longer than it probably deserves to be but at the same time it never dragged as badly as I expected. The characters are older now and, after the series ended, all partnered up to a certain degree and "happy" in their relationships. Carrie and Big have settled into a new flat and this has made Carrie think about commitment and legal connections – a path that leads to them deciding to get married. While Big gets nervous, Carrie goes planning crazy, Miranda sows the seeds of problems in her own marriage, Charlotte plays happy families and Samantha has it all except one thing.

This plot setup creates the focus of the film – less on the free-wheeling sex and modern relationships of the series and more on the pitfalls of a mature relationship. This offered more substance to carry the film from my point of view but unfortunately this was not to be the case here. For too much of the film the material is superficial and sentimental with "love" not ever being all that real and instead smacking of easy steps in the writing that focused on events rather than the characters. Fans may say that the show was never about great depths and, in my limited experience, I agree – it was witty, light and bubbly. The problem is that, the occasional moment aside, the film just isn't that way – understandably perhaps given the narrative demands of the platform and the running time. Problem is, without the witty swiftness of the series, something else is required and this is why the substance was important – and why the film is damaged by the lack of depth on this occasion.

This doesn't make a bad film but it does severely limit it to being "average" in the main content. What doesn't help at this time of recession (and the film was released during this period) is just how endlessly capitalist the whole thing. The audience needs to care for these characters and that is a little difficult when money is no object for them, retail therapy solves everything and so much dialogue is about expensive items. To top all that, given how easy it is to get product placement into a film about shopping why on earth did we have to have such clumsy and obvious product placement (the iPhone being the worst example). The cast do their usual shtick and all look good and play comfortably with their characters. Some reviews have criticised the four actresses but the material is to blame rather than them. The male cast are mainly just narrative devices and, with the exception of Eigenberg and possibly Noth.

The Sex and the City film is an average film with lots of problems. Generally this opinion is dismissed if it comes from a male non-fan but I cannot imagine that fans of the series are totally happy with this either. It doesn't manage to capture the spirit of the series but nor does it manage to replace it with anything else of note in regards depth or substance. It is glossy and professional enough to distract but if the plan was to continue the series through the occasional film then this is a pretty poor way to start off.

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