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Season 1

First Day
Maggot and Fungus are excited to go to "human school" for the very first time in their entire lives, but the other hotel residents are worried, including Funerella who decided that she should check on the children to make sure they are doing okay. Maggot and Fungus met Sam for the first time and became friends after Sam found out about their Zombie powers.
Plumbing the Depths
When Rictus discovers the plumbing problem at Zombie Hotel, they decide to have a garage sale in order to make money to repair the hotel's plumbing system. However, problems arise when Dame Fedora the ghost, haunts the school after Mr. Peabody buys her snow globe.
Zombie Pride
The students of Miss Harbottle's class must give a presentation on the different creatures that make Halloween so famous and Ely chooses to use zombies as his theme. Proud at first, Maggot and Fungus are in for a rude surprise when Ely describes that Zombies are smelly, nasty, feeble creatures. The twin zombies and Sam decides to prove Ely wrong and introduces him to Wilson, who is delighted to promote his species.
There's Something About Zombies
Sam finds out that he must soon give a presentation on ancient Egypt about mummies. Since Tut can't remember anything from that era, Sam wishes that he could have the powers of a memory zombie which is capable of taking 15 books a minute.
Funerella's Deathday
Rictus decides to plan an elaborate surprise party for Funerella's upcoming "Deathday" but her surprise party doesn't go according to plan. Maggot and Fungus try to come up with a plan to keep their parents from getting an invitation to their school concert. Eventually, Mr. Peabody asks Maggot and Fungus to host a school concert at their hotel so that they can get the staff out and return in time for Funerella's Deathday party.
Night of the Undead Babysitters
When Maggot, Fungus and Sam wants to see a movie "Surf Zombies" they don't have some money. But when they find out that Miss Harbottle is in search of a babysitter for her nephew Harvey, they decide to accept the job so that they can earn some money. Harvey was surprised to see that Sam brought in Maggot and Fungus as Zombies and he loves them so that he can play with them. At first, Maggot and Fungus discover that babysitting is not at easy as it seems. But with the help of Sam, they can have fun with Harvey in a Zombie style.

 Season 1 

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