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A Great OVA Series

Author: andrej-zupanic from Slovenia
4 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Murder Princess is a story that starts very simple, but throughout the whole length of only 6 episodes more and more secrets are set and the series is full of bloody action and violence.

The story starts when princess Alita is forced to escape from the castle that has just been attacked. Her father, the King of Forland and many others in the castle are in the mean time killed by the attackers and Alita meets a female bounty hunter in the forest. But while both of them are facing death, the souls of princess and the female bounty hunter switch the bodies. So now Alita is the bounty hunter and the bounty hunter is Alita.

The animation is great and almost too good for the video production. The characters have depth and are good developed although the series has only 6 episodes. But none the less it is fun to watch it and you can really enjoy it. It is just the shame they didn't make a feature length film out of it, because in its length of rough 2 and half hours it would be better to do so.

Anyway, I do not recommend it to people younger than 16 years, because it is still a violent OVA and has its good and bad moments. On of the bad moments is the ending and the length of the series. It still leaves you with a taste for more. And because of the length the story lacks at some places, but it is well hidden with funny dialogs and dramatic dialogs.

All in all it is a great OVA series, well not as good as Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal, but it is very close to be perfect. But if you really want to enjoy it, then sit back, watch it and have fun, because this series delivers it.

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Murder Princess is a rip-roaring kick-ass good time you'll have in any anime of the genre!

Author: arorashadow_2003 from United States
16 October 2009

If your looking for a Shakespearian esquire tragedy, insane killer lolis well this isn't it. Murder Princess is fairly generic and fairly predictable yes. Why am I raving about it? Because it's just a boat load of fun. This truly works very well as a short OAV series as opposed to a longer TV series as you don't feel overwhelmed nor do you have to waste time with pointless fluff and nonsense found in some other action series. Basically Murder Princess could be likened to a two-hour-Hollywood summer film that you go buy popcorn and just kick back and enjoy. And you will enjoy it.

The non-stop bloody action makes this Bee Trains most enthralling and adrenalin pushing yet; also with out a doubt a well budgeted one with Marvelous Entertainment producing. The adaption from the manga is spot on (though there are a few things I wish they had done) and the music while a bit atypical metal fits so well for this. Even in the rash bash head banging metal you feel a lot of heart in the musical score and it only enhances the film further. Though despite the hectic pace of the plot it's still very easy to continue following the story. Compared to Bee Train insanely sporadic adaptation of Blade of the Immortal, Murder retains the charm of an intelligible but easy to understand plot but throwing you on a roller coaster compared to the slower moving series like my personal favs .hack//SIGN, and MADLAX. And it still takes a little time out for the audience to catch their breath.

The animation being the best yet I've seen, beautiful designs, great effects pointless bloody mesh maybe yet not laid on as thick as Blade's violence or a senine violence would normally be. Granted this is probably aimed at Teens more so than Adults like with Blade or others in that genre. A very nice color pallet but seemed heavy rather than the lovely color pallet by Studio Road in Tsubasa Chronicle and .hack//SIGN. Or maybe it's just my imagination, but regardless the beautiful color pallet takes you into the fantasy world of Foreland along with the overall art direction and composition.

Acting for the dub was unique and amazing from a FUNi all star cast including Monica Rial and Caitlin Glass alternating between umm...well themselves? Well anyway the dub made a clever move by retaining internal thought with the character's personality. Okay I'm sure that made no sense, well the commentary makes so much sense so watch that if I lost you.

Not much I can say about the Japanese as I haven't seen it in Japanese though with talents like Romi Paku I'm sure it's brilliant.

If you ask me Murder Princess is a hidden gem. Not just a hidden gem among Bee Train's arsenal of shows but among many action anime out there. It's a fun two-hour OAV adventure with non-stop action and is great to kick back with a bowl of popcorn or bag of chips or whatever your snack of choice be, and just enjoy.

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Decent short series

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
22 September 2009

I hadn't heard of this series till I found it on Funimation's YouTube channel a few days ago. While it isn't the best series I've seen it wasn't bad and at only six episodes you won't waste much time if you don't enjoy it.

We are thrown straight into the action at the start of episode one when there is an attempted coup in the kingdom of Forland. The king and most of the royal family are killed but Princess Alita escapes. Shortly afterwards she meets the bounty hunter Falis and after a moment of peril the two girls find that their souls have swapped bodies. Finding herself in the princess's body Falis agrees to return to the palace and overthrow Dr. Akamashi who has usurped the throne along with his sidekicks to robot girls who are equipped with an impressive array of weapons. With the palace secured Falis continues to act as the princess while Alita takes the identity of Milano, her maid who was killed in the coup. In later episodes the doctor attempts to over throw the princess again and later a new and unexpected foe emerges.

The animation is of a high standard and the action scenes are suitably exciting. I liked the character designs of most of the characters especially the two main characters. There is a fair amount of blood spilt although it wasn't too gruesome, it also avoids having fan service which some viewers may be pleased about. While it hasn't been certificated in the UK I suspect it would get a twelve certificate.

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