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Season 1

Oct. 2007
Unto the Son
When Mike Racco passes on, his son Domenic must rise alone, earning honor and respect from rivals ready to strike at any show of weakness.
5 Oct. 2007
Puppet Master
Vic 'The Egg' Cotroni, Montreal's undisputed mob boss. His life of crime is lived behind the scenes--a shadow, a cunning nocturnal manipulator of the underworld and mainstream society.
12 Oct. 2007
Fox Hunt
Italian folklore brands him the devil's child--the seventh child of a seventh child. This true volpe-meaning fox in Italian-will live up to his name. Police will soon know him as one of Canada's most wily and cagey mobsters.
12 Oct. 2007
Mob Mistress
Over the years, Shirley is privy to countless whispered confidences within the Mafia, a murderous clan that punishes those who betrays its trust.

 Season 1 

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