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In the scene near the end, where Travis is beating up Barris, Travis had recently grabbed the blade of the knife when Barris tried to stab him. His hand was shown to be very bloody. However, when the red light and the alarm went on and Travis raised his hands to his head, his hand was completely clean and unharmed.
In the toilet room: in the beginning there is no water in the toilet.
After the toilet scene is over, the guards leave the stall but the door, which is clearly visible, is never opened.
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Revealing mistakes 

After using the fire extinguishers on the prisoners everyone is covered in white powder as if a powder apparatus had been used. The actual extinguishers used are of the CO2 type which is easily identified by the big "funnel" at the end of the hose and would not leave everyone covered in white powder.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


After Travis repeatedly beats Barris in the face, Barris' face is bloodied and swollen. Later on the bus, his face shows no signs of trauma.

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