The Experiment (2010) Poster

Plot Keywords

control psychological study
prisoner guard
masturbation human nature
psychological experiment psychology
science experiment power
authority experiment
prison manslaughter
american abroad cut hand
knife solitary confinement
beating degradation
sadism insulin
caught masturbating topless female nudity
pacifist drunkenness
duct tape over mouth cigar smoking
ex convict prison cell
baton threat
erection looking at one's self in a mirror
handcuffs submission
blood lives with mother
novelist abuse of power
rules doggystyle sex
sex in a bathroom murder
killing an animal corpse
hit by a car slideshow
moral corruption video camera
scientist drawing
psychological torture 555 phone number
bar american flag
punched in the face character repeating someone else's dialogue
kicked in the crotch animal fight
tied to a chair shaving head
tattoo fire extinguisher
humiliation prisoner revolt
throwing food prison food
brushing teeth food fight
push ups sadistic prison guard
blood on shirt nosebleed
punishment surveillance camera
cell mate gay slur
surveillance footage prison life
shower male rear nudity
inmate prison guard
guard prisoner relationship money problems
bracelet watching tv
flashback boyfriend girlfriend relationship
bare chested male bus ride
social experiment basketball
stock footage interview
anti war protest head smahed on concrete
protest march protestor
protest sign shuffleboard
loss of job nursing home
fired from the job ganges
lovers reunited river bank
india news report
experiment gone wrong red light
fistfight hit in the face
stabbed in the hand prisoner abuse
loss of friend swastika tattoo
nazi tattoo anal rape
gay rape psychological testing
physical abuse emotional abuse
violence talking to the camera
power mad hit on the head
slow motion scene bag over head
head dunked in a toilet bowl diabetic shock
diabetic corrupted by power
urinating on a prisoner male masturbation
urination bound and gagged
male rape remake of german film
remake role playing
human experimentation based on true story
based on book based on novel
title spoken by character

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