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fun for the whole family
asilber-119 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
My kids and I really enjoyed this movie. The kids loved it so much, they saw it twice. The "Double Dutch Bus" scene was just terrific. Donny Osmond's character was so funny and I was glad my kids got a chance to see him since I was a big fan of him back in the '70's. The kids are big fans of Lucus Gabriel and Raven and I thought they gave great performances. Raven is such a talented person. I liked how her character in the movie was ambitious and determined to excel academically and still have friends and be pretty. We also enjoyed the scenes in the sorority with the stern Sorority supervisor. Nice to see all those college girls being supervised! And Grandma with her friends were big fun. The pig added a lot to the movie's fun and it was so cute. Although he did a fine job with the material, Martin Lawrence was a bit wasted in this movie. The kids didn't notice cause they don't know how incredibly funny he can be. The overall best thing about this movie was the music. The music had us dancing in our theater seats; we can't wait to get the sound track of this movie.
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I thought it was a real treat!
RoseTaffyRed16 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I know not many people enjoyed this film, but I really did! I did go to see the film, NOt the actors, so I was VERY pleased when I saw Lucas Grabeel as one of the characters (Especially since HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is one of my favorite films!) I really enjoyed the movie... a great idea for high school seniors! ALso... for Lucas fans... don't worry, his BEST scene is in the last minute of the film... LiterallY!

I enjoyed it and I think that it was fun

A great family film

I hope you enjoy it

I really do!
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Pretty good; It's receiving too much, harsh treatment
Dragoneyed36320 July 2008
I honestly don't see what the big fuss over College Road Trip is. It wasn't a bad movie, in my opinion. It was actually really lovable, and even though it was certainly mediocre most of the time, and I felt as if at some parts they tried too hard to please the audience with mediocre jokes, it was still very entertaining, and contained a pretty good amount of laughable, and that's laughable in the humorous way, material.

It was also nice seeing Raven Symone in this movie, because I am always used to seeing her in what she's famous for, That's So Raven, and it was enlightening to know she played a role, because I love her in that show. Also, even though Martin Lawrence isn't one of the best actors, and definitely isn't one of my favorites, he's not a terrible one, and if you ask me everyone in this movie could act well for their roles, to some extent. There were scenes where I felt as if the antics were outdated and some lines were just not pulled off to the best of the casts' abilities, but when it was over I ended up having fun with it, and that's what it was meant to be in the first place.

It was of course no masterpiece, and it could have been handled a lot more professionally than it was, but doesn't a ton of movies fall under those categories, and yet, many people enjoy them. Overall, it was a good little movie, that isn't as horrible as the rating and negative comments let on to be, so if you're any bit interested in seeing this movie, go ahead, because it wasn't bad or disappointing at all.
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Not the best but not bad
Hater Hater28 June 2008
I watched this movie because I like to watch Martin Lawrence movies.

This is a family movie. There is no swearing, there is no violence, etc. It's the way family movies should be. The storyline isn't the best nor is the musical score or acting however, it is not as bad as others deem it to be. I think too many people expect to be entertained by movies as if it was the first time being on a roller coaster. Those types of movies are jewels and should be praised as such however, these types of movies (college road trip) should not be condemned by seemingly heartless people who think they are experts in how movies should be. I often wonder if these people actually sit through and watch movies or just make bad comments because they don't like a particular actor. Oh well. I liked this movie.
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An Okay Film
Joe Canton5 March 2008
This film goes to show that you can be on top of the world and fall all the way down. With "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins","Wild Hogs" and now "College Road Trip" under Lawrence's belt, i don't know how much more he can take. This movie is pretty standard "Cheaper by the Dozen" film. With all the sight gags and kiddy jokes about pigs and dancing, and, of course the soft spot for tolerance. Donny Osmond was straight forward in this film and Lawrence was really exaggerated as a goofy dad. Raven Symone played a OK part, but not a real big leap forward for the young actress. Of course, this doesn't mean the film is all bad. The movie, in its quirky way is funny. With its zany comedy style, like animal humor and kiss jokes...this film reaches to little kids. If you have young ones, this wont be bad for them, but for you...its okay.
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Excellent Movie when you Consider the Audience ^*-@-*^
PEK8 March 2008
OK, this isn't the movie I would select if just my husband and I were going out for the evening. But WE aren't the audience for this- Disney made this for kids and tweens and YES even teens. I have 3 daughters 13, 11, 7, and this movie hit the notes right for THEM. The interplay between Raven's character Melanie and her friends was right on. There is a scene where Melanie's Dad (Lawrence) and she are in the car, and she is on her cell phone forever with their friends- it is so true to life and you would only know that if you've experienced this.

In terms of appropriateness for kids, I can't think of anything in this movie that would offend. There is silly slapstick comedy that had adults and kids alike laughing. Kids who watched Raven on her Disney channel show loved watching her act in this movie. The Donny Osmond character was over the top and, according to my 7 year old, totally hilarious.

Would I select this movie just for me? NO. But folks, if you are looking for a movie for the family to see, or something I could show a mixed age group, this is great. I could pick apart little things about the movie, but those parts of the movie I found to be silly or ridiculous were irrelevant to the kids. This movie both has a heart and is sweet in spirit. I wish more people would CONSIDER the AUDIENCE for whom the movie is intended when writing a review.
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Take your daughters to see this movie
rachel_molitor27 March 2008
I agree that this movie was predictable and simple...but you guys obviously did not take your kids with you. My daughter loves Raven from her Cheetah Girls movies. She is a spectacular role model for girls and her movies are about having fun and doing responsible things as a young woman unlike most of the movies out there with girls as their stars. Most of them focus on chasing boys. She is the positive role model parents pray for.

My girlfriends and I love Martin Lawrence. The faces he pulls never get old. He's got charisma and as soon as he's on screen everyone is smiling. He's the kind of guy that lightens the mood and I know many many people who love seeing him on screen. How can you not like a guy that brings giggles with a gesture or funny face?

If you have daughters take them to see this movie. It's a great kids movie.
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Very funny!
Amanda Smith8 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie when it came out and it was so funny! It was kind of stupid in a few scenes, but wow, it was one of the funniest movies! I love Raven in this, she was the perfect pick! I can't imagine anyone else playing her character. Also Martin Lawrence's character isn't exactly how some dads are. But still, he did a great job betraying an over protected, police dad. And this is his first G-rated film! Can you believe it? So anyways, I loved this movie. Donny Osmand's character and his daughter are so annoying but that makes it even funnier! I loved it when at the end the daughter of Donny goes to the same college as Raven and they're neighbors! So funny. Loved the movie and the plot line wasn't the best. I know this won't be Golden Globe or Oscar worthy, but it'll definitely be nominated the the Teen Choice awards and/or at the MTV movies awards. If it doesn't get those nominations, I'll be kind of surprised. Anyways, if you want some good family fun, go see this movie! It's worth it!
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A great family comedy
robertallenandersonjr10 April 2008
College Road Trip was a pretty funny movie. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be but it was funny enough. It was well made. In the beginning I thought it was going to be bad the way the first half started but then it got really good. There were also a ton of great messages in this movie. Im not a big fan of Raven Symone but she actually did a pretty good job for her first big movie hit. I find her very annoying and it seems like she never knows when to shut up. I thought that this was a very different movie for Martin Lawrence. Although it was a different type of movie for him he nailed the part. A bad thing about this movie was that it seemed like it copied of of a couple movies in several scenes. One of the movies were Penelope. The direction in this movie was fairly good. The message was about being able to let your kids grow up and having trust in them. This movie does show that life does go by really fast. That fact is true about life going by way to fast. So in that case you should spend more time with your kids and live life to the fullest. I didn't like Martin Lawrences wife in the movie that much. I thought that she did a good job despite me not liking her. They also found a mother that looked a little bit like Raven Symone which was smart. One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when the father and daughter went sky diving. It goes to show you that a father can get along with his daughter and have deep conversations. The person I saw this movie with teared a little bit at the end. So I guess it was like a little bit of a tear jerker to some people and maybe you to. This is a perfect movie for you to see to if you are going to college soon. It was more of a little kids type of movie but also the whole family can enjoy it to. It really gives you a good outlook of what college is going to be like. The story was also very cute. Overall this movie was pretty good and a very cute family movie.
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A trip filled with laughs and heart.
DarkVulcan2921 March 2008
Okay some of you may think of Raven Symone has someone who is not funny, and is over the top for the most part, like she is on Disney's That's So Raven(2003-2007), I'm amazed she still has a career after that. But her performance was memorable and not over the top. She plays Melaine Porter, a graduate from High School, who wants to go George Town college, but her overprotective dad police chief James Porter(the very funny Martin Lawerence) wants her to go to Northwestern, in hopes she'll be closer to home. He decides to on a College Road Trip with her, and that is all you need to hear. Raven Symone is not a truly great actress, but still manages to be entertaining, and avoids being called the worst actress ever. She and Martin Lawerence are funny together, they play off each other so well. It is also the funniest road comedy since Are We There Yet(2005).
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