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the worst Dalek story ever told

Author: movieman_kev from United States
8 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sadly the second half of a story that shouldn't have been told in even one episode isn't that better then the first. The same flaws that plague the previous "Daleks in Manhatten" are present here as well. Horrid acting by the guest stars (luckily some of those over-acted characters die), a flawed storyline, shoddy characterization. All these elements combine to make this pretty much the worst Dalek-centered episode in... well ever. Tis a pity it marred an otherwise great 29th series thus far. If future appearances will be like this perhaps it's time to put the Dalekanium encrusted ones on ice for the foreseeable future.

My Grade: C-

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A Pig's Ear

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
22 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I wasn't expecting much from this conclusion to the two part Dalek story but even then this was a very disappointing episode . It get's off to a bad start with Tennant degenerating in to his overblown mockney voice . He's had a season and a half to perfect his performance and he's still bloody irritating

But it's Raynor's script that is to blame for Evolution Of The Daleks being one of the worst Dalek stories to be broadcast . The whole narrative suffers from half baked ideas and plot holes . Is it ever revealed why the Daleks are converting humans in to pig creatures ? I know the Daleks have used humanoid slaves before like Ogrons so why no do it again instead of kidnapping humans who will be missed ? Why didn't Dalek Cann neutralize the human Daleks until after they'd destroyed the two Daleks ? Why give the human Daleks ray guns capable of destroying Daleks when firearms would have been just as effective ? etc

So instead of a coherent and compelling story we've got an empty and shallow runaround story paying " homage " to other stories like Genesis Of The Daleks and Evil Of The Daleks . Even James Strong directing is awful in places such as " the gossiping Daleks " in the sewers or the pig men in the lift . But to be fair even Martin Scorsese himself would have a problem making this Dalek story a classic of DOCTOR WHO

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A let down after last week

Author: drwordsmith from Liverpool, England
28 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Although my opinion is conflicting to most people's about the two part dalek episodes in series 3 of Dr Who, I think 'Daleks in Manhatten' is a much better episode than 'Evolution of the Daleks'. For me, this second parts had too many twists and really, was pretty poor in places compared to the build up that had led to it. For starters, I found a few plot holes in going through the episode. Why on earth would the Doctor want to co-operate with the Daleks, and when he was struck by the gamma radiation (pretty powerful if you think about it), not only does he survive but he doesn't need to regenerate either. And an army of human daleks? Although the way they were stopped was pretty cool (the doctor's DNA), and they were slaughtered by dalek Caan, I wasn's buying it. Another problem I had with the episode was the early removal of seemingly key character Solomon, a very cut down role for Tallulah, and the uselessness of the newly created dalek hybrid Sec (Sec was my favourite dalek). However, the episode wasn't a complete let down. The basic premise was interesting, Martha had a decent role for once and Tennant was at his best. The dalek's attack on Hooverville was one of the best bits of the series so far and the daleks nattering in the tunnel was quite funny. The episode was definitely a let down to what a was expecting, and not as good as 'Gridlock' or 'Dalek's in Manhatten', but can still stand on its own as one of the better ones of the series so far, and is definitely worth watching. Makes you wonder what happened to dalek Caan as well... (finale anyone?)

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The cult of Skaro....well almost

Author: Paul Evans from Swansea, United Kingdom
17 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Daleks in Manhattan was fairly OK, it had some fairly interesting concepts, but it all starts to go a little wrong.

I don't particularly like Dalek Sec, although he is fairly well designed, and poses some interesting questions or the Daleks.

The Dalek attack on Hooverville is fairly well played out, although Soloman's demise is too soon, he was pretty good in the previous episode. They've just lost the scary edge they had back in Series 1.

We've had the Dalek DNA transfer done before, back in Evil of the Daleks, and it was much better done then too, this just felt wrong.

David Tennant is really good, charismatic and heroic, as always, he doesn't allow the feeble script to halt his brilliance in the role.

Overall I just don't like it that much, it's messy and all over the place, the daleks were disastrously mis-used here. The ending could have been fantastically epic, but it wasn't. At least Dalek Caan remains.


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We are not amused...

Author: Dezyderiusz from Tarnow, Poland
28 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Remember how in first season Doctor met a little metal box and end up shouting "it'll kill us all!" and was trying to kill harmless and defenseless creature? THE Doctor... Afraid? And remember how later this silly looking box actually kill them all in what, 5 minutes? Destroying Earth accidentally was stopped, but it would take some 10 minutes more... And remember how in first season finale whipping out whole station took about 2 minutes? Daleks lost about 2 units then, because of silly human resistance... And Doctor was about to destroy the life on Earth just to stop them? Do you remember that all? Now just forget it...

Daleks are now living in the sewers(?), kidnapping people and turning them into walking pigs(??), and "ExterrrmiNATE!" means now "oh, give'em a moment, and maybe we shouldn't kill them, how do you think Frank?". BTW, making circles looking at the Doctor and repeating "Exterminate, exterminate!" will not cause him to die by the heart attack, really... I don't know what to think about this episode, nothing makes any sense, lightning from the sun, human-pigs (and they could stay in the human form... Laszlo escaped after changing his form, but not his mind... So Daleks were doing... what exactly?), human-daleks (cause 1000 people thinking as Daleks and wearing Dalek's guns will absolutely outnumber... well billions of people with regular guns...), radio giving chance to escape just for chosen people, whole scene at the theater, war- prisoner, genetics, ESB, well... every single thing...

And after some time I can easily say when David Tennant is having fun playing Doctor, and in this episode I saw just one big "and I am doing what exactly now?" on his face, cause yes - he was doing silly, silly things. Plus one more "silly" sometimes.

I like this series, cause is doing great job showing us our life with magnifying glass, giving some things to thought about. And this episodes actually... gave us nothing... Took a lot instead...

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A dark, moving and memorable conclusion

Author: DVD_Connoisseur from England
28 April 2007

"Evolution of the Daleks." It's a title that will send chills down the spines of Dalek fans, conjuring up memories of previous classic stories including the masterpiece that is the "Genesis of the Daleks". So, a great title. But how does the actual episode stand up? Following a great opening with "Daleks in Manhattan", the conclusion of this two-parter is stirring stuff. There's a dark-as-night edge to events as the Daleks' plan starts to unfold. Never, in my opinion, have the metallic menaces been this deadly. As with "Dalek", we see The Doctor driven to the edge of madness by his anger at the creatures' inhumanity. The beauty of this tale is that there's a twist to the Daleks in the form of the human-Dalek hybrid, Sec. This is a superb touch of originality and one that will ensure this story ranks as a favourite in years to come.

The production values are through the roof, giving the episode a great sheen of quality. Despite the gloss, there's a genuine "classic" feel to the drama. Even when stripped of its magnificent visuals, "Evolution" remains a terrific tale, thanks to a very enjoyable script from Helen Raynor. There are many memorable scenes - the Daleks' attack on the Hoover Ville shanty town, the sight of the Daleks moving at a swift pace through the New York sewer system and their vast, Frankenstein-like laboratory.

One thought remains with me following the end titles. It can only be a matter of time when new fans of the show are finally treated to an audience with the dreaded Davros. All those references to the Dalek creator are surely a warm-up to this character's return.

9 out of 10. No funny business here, this is serious "Doctor Who". What a thoroughly delightful experience the third season is turning out to be...

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Evolution of Dr Who

Author: Archie McLaren from United Kingdom
30 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a child of the early 70s who grew up with Doctors Pertwee and Baker and giant spiders, robots, evil mummies, the Wirrn, UNIT etc. I never thought I'd say this but... with the last two episodes Daleks In Manhattan and Evolution Of The Daleks, in my view the new Dr Who has surpassed the classic series - including my all-time favourite Genesis Of The Daleks. The new series has now sustained its excellence across an arc of Dalek story lines - Dalek/Bad Wolf/Parting Of The Ways/Army Of Ghosts/Doomsday and the two new ones - which has been consistently brilliant, imaginative and thought-provoking. It's taken Dr Who up yet another level, as the Doctor has encountered the last few remaining Daleks post-Time War as both species try to come to terms with the existential problems of the being the last of their kind, desperately trying to work out how to survive. It has been completely brilliant.

Evolution Of The Daleks for me was a superb continuation. The Daleks were more menacing than ever - especially when two of them were discussing mutiny amongst themselves, with signs of near-humanity dashed away by the grating Dalek "affirmative". The moment Human Dalek Sec acknowledged the Dalek Creator was wrong was stunning.

The questions of Dalek Factor vs Human Factor smartly and deliberately echoed the brilliant Evil Of The Daleks from 1967 (I think even the title Evolution Of The Daleks hints at this), bringing the same questions of "What make us Human/Dalek?" to a new audience. The fact these Daleks are now experiencing something approaching the challenges and dilemmas approaching humans, expressing doubts and anxieties, seemed to me reminiscent of how Nazi SS Officers would conduct normal family lives whilst running extermination camps. This human edge makes the Daleks even more terrifying.

I was concerned that one last Dalek escaping again at the end stood the risk of being a little repetitive - but they could hardly end it there, could they? Plus, my suspicion is that this Dalek, with his existence and creation questioned, will now search out the Creator... cunningly allowing for the return of Davros in the next series.

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not too shabby

Author: philcUK
29 April 2007

The Daleks have proved to be a bit of a nostalgic winner for the new Who but i'm thinking they may be on the verge of stretching it too far now after this ending. As with the other recent episodes featuring the Daleks, the Mill has for the most part done the series proud with excellent CG work. The big let down here was the very questionable prosthetic work on the Dalek/human hybrid which could have been so much more had it been a combination of prosthetics and CG – Davy Jones style. The Doctor Who Confidential series always see the production crew chattering about budget constraints so I guess that's the answer to that one. Perhaps had RTD not indulged his passion/obsession with pretty boys and got a Desperate Housewives stud muffin in for a five week filming schedule some extra cash may have been available for post production. I'm sure one more Brit actor giving it their best 'New Yoykar' accent would have made little difference to the overall effect. I love the Doctor Who franchise but fear that they will soon get very stale. If you could travel to any point and time in the universe – why would you always end up on earth – usually in Cardiff? If the budget is there to turn Wales into NYC – can't it turn it into another planet instead?

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The pig--slaves and the army of mutant human--Daleks

Author: Cristi_Ciopron from CGSM, Soseaua Nationala 49
24 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The mutant pig—slaves episode is an awesome one, very uncanny and suspenseful.

The Doctor meets Dalek Sec, a mutant Dalek—the first exponent of a new race.

The Daleks create an army of mutant pig—slaves short—lived and an even scarier army of Dalek—human mutants—beings who keep their human shape yet have Dalek genetic code. The Daleks need the energy provided by a solar explosion—a vast quantity of gamma—rays, to bring to life the human--Daleks.

The glamor of the '30s is rather understated.

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