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"The Sopranos: Made in America (#6.21)"
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Reviews & Ratings for
"The Sopranos" Made in America (2007)

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134 out of 165 people found the following review useful:

Some People Won't Get It *** Spoilers!! ***

Author: krisr1 from United States
11 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The ending couldn't have been any better.

Absolutely brilliant.

Tony's won. Phil's own crew set him up. That battle is over.

Carmela has her "spec" house.

AJ's got a good job "making contacts" in the film business.

Meadow's got her career on track.

The two black men, the man occasionally looking toward Tony, then going into the bathroom, Meadow rushing to get her car parked; it was all just just to show us how much we've made the characters and what happens to them important to us.

Nothing was going to happen and nothing did happen.

And maybe Tony will forever be looking over his shoulder (as we do for him, and as he should). But his biggest battle yet to come will be the FBI indictments and trial afterward. His lawyer flat out told him (and us) it was coming.

Those who haven't kept up on the show (and seen every episode), will in no way understand any of the tension that was rising at the end. Because there won't be any for them. It won't make any sense to them.

No, this episode was for us: the true fans who've stuck it out since Day 1.

It was for those of us who know the Sopranos inside and out, and have made them a part of our lives.

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't think any other ending would have been as satisfying.

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56 out of 67 people found the following review useful:

Unexpected, But Ultimately Satisfying.

Author: loudprincess from United States
11 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The news this morning is bubbling over with reports of irritated fans that feel last night's finale was highway robbery. I, for one, couldn't be more OK with the ending. For the last week or so, I've scoured the bulletin boards for spoilers, hoping to brace myself for the end, and no matter how plausible each scenario seemed to be, none of them were ideal. From apocalyptic visions of Tony's entire family being taken out to a surprise claim of paternity from Junior, to Tony being sent to prison, none of these endings would have been satiating.

So, I may be alone in this, but I am comfortable with the ending of the show. Nothing is wrapped up in a neat package by the show's end, but if it were, there would be little room for future movies or specials, and it wouldn't be true to the nature of the show. If David Chase and the show's creators decided to go against their original goal of making The Sopranos as realistic as possible, devotees would be angry. The realism is what defined the show as being heads and tails above the rest.

The thing that did crack me up about most of the show were the moments where David Chase clearly intended to build up the viewers' worry of something drastic about to happen. Particularly with the final scene, and the intentional drawing of attention to other patrons who could whack the whole family, it was an artfully crafted moment of uncertainty.

I also think David Chase did what he set out to do: present a finale that no one expected. Almost all of the predictions called for major violence and death. One of them said that we'd see Sil flat-lining in the hospital. Another suggested the A.J. would try to blow himself up in the swimming pool. Aside from the true prediction that Phil Leotardo would be shot at a gas station, there was little violence or death, and that was unexpected.

In the end, I'm satisfied with the finale, and would have been a lot less pleased if everyone had died or all the ends were tied. Life isn't neat and tidy. So why should America's most realistic mob show be?

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53 out of 63 people found the following review useful:

The excellent epilogue of an excellent series

Author: Max_cinefilo89 from Italy
5 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So, here we are at last: the final chapter, the last fifty minutes, the definitive end of The Sopranos. Made in America, written and directed by series creator David Chase, is the conclusion of an era, an essential chapter in television history. Like all other episodes, it's thrilling, violent, moving, funny and complex - and much, much more, of course.

Picking up from the blood-riddled climax of The Blue Comet, we see Tony Soprano living in hiding after Phil Leotardo had Bobby Baccala killed and put Silvio in a coma. Carmela, Meadow and AJ are staying at a different safe-house, as are Janice and her kids, while Paulie and the rest of the crew constantly search for Phil in order to end the feud once and for all. Moreover, rumors of the FBI having a new informant aren't that pleasant, especially since Agent Harris (Matt Servitto), who is helping Tony find Phil, won't reveal the potential rat's name, and someone still has to deal with Uncle Junior, whose illness has reduced him to a babbling fool.

Everything reaches its natural culmination in this beautiful finale, which clarifies once and for all what the show's really been about: Tony's fear of losing his family, as in his wife and kids, not the mafia Family. That's what the ducks' departure in the pilot episode symbolized, and that's what Chase has put at the center of the much debated final scene: the Soprano family, reunited.

Before I get to that specific scene, though, there is a lot of other things to cherish in Made in America (terrific title - a subtle reference to the fact that the US make the best TV shows): the outstanding writing, which won an Emmy, Chase's assured yet playful direction (something that hadn't occurred since the pilot), the splendid music (the song that plays in the very last sequence has to be the best piece of music ever chosen for the series, beating even the opening credits tune) and the impeccable acting. Speaking of the last, Gandolfini, Falco and the rest of the gang are as talented as ever, but a mention of honor is mandatory when it comes to Dominic Chianese's work: an absentee for most of the sixth season (he appears in four episodes out of twenty-one), his two-scene job in the finale is the most gripping performance he's ever pulled off, his last thirty seconds on screen being especially powerful and bittersweet.

And then there's that criticized closing sequence: even now, there are people debating the scene's heavy symbolism and multiple meanings, with some actually berating Chase for not giving us a more straightforward ending. Well, first of all, The Sopranos has always pushed the envelope in terms of narrative complexity, which ruled out a simple (read: lazy) conclusion right off the bat. Second, there's no need to throw out pointless theories when all that is required to embrace the greatness of that ending lies in the last on-screen words spoken by Tony and his son: "Focus on the good times" AJ quips, quoting his father, who immediately snarls "Don't be sarcastic". "Isn't that what you said one time? Try to remember the times that were good?" the kid replies. "I did? Well, it's true, I guess" the New Jersey boss finally concedes, touched by Anthony's remark. There you have it: ignore the frustration that might derive from analyzing the significance of those last images, and remember all the great moments that made The Sopranos what it is. Think of gems like The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti, Pine Barrens or Long Term Parking, remember how satisfying those episodes were, and you'll come to terms with the fact that Made in America is the perfect swansong for the most amazing serialized drama US television has ever given birth to.


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84 out of 127 people found the following review useful:

Us poor Americans

Author: femtoman from United States
11 June 2007

Why do we Americans always have to have everything in a work fiction spelled out for us? Why do we always seem to need resolution? If I were I a writer, I think that I would be miserable if I spent most of time wondering what I could do to make my audience happy. Boo Hoo to us all. We didn't get the ending that made us happy and now we no longer feel whole.

I think some of you should go watch reruns of Friends. Everything was solved on the final episode. We were left content. Secure in our knowledge that life ends when a TV show does. Maybe the Sopranos ending was a little like quantum mechanics. All things happened and none of them did.

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50 out of 61 people found the following review useful:


Author: matukonyc1 from New York, NY
16 June 2007

This series used the "mobster" genre to explore life. Life with its difficult choices, lies, and reality. How can you end a life? When life ends, the lights go out, and for all of us who felt Tony Soprano as alive, it just had to end. What happens? What happened was that we no longer have access to Tony Soprano's life. It's over, it's sad, and even if he lives on, our relationship with him in real time is over, finis.

Whatever you believe after life, or life after death, the fact is that relationships end. Our collective relationship with these people is over. It's not Al Pacino, it's Tony Soprano, and that's an amazing achievement.

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47 out of 60 people found the following review useful:

America wants an orgasm, chase gave them a tantric experience

Author: gal silverman from Israel
11 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*(I apologize if there is grammar mistakes and incorrect spelling)* This show is the best drama on TV history. I know that almost a cliché to say on the sopranos but what can you do? it's a fact. The reason i post this message is because after the last episode i entered the net to see what people had to say about the finale and i was surprised: "A disappointment", "chase let me down" etc. Well, i hoped for this kind of an ending cause the sopranos is a work of art, and good art is not meant to be clear, chase never made it easy for us. He knew what people wanted, he knows America want a round ending, an Hollywood ending...people don't care about the issues he brought up - problems in and out of America spoken so clearly (AJ) in the final episodes. they want to know who's gonna get whacked and how many chicks can tony sleep with in one episode (AJ "wanted" to make a change but didn't know REALLY what he wants. when tony and carmela gave him a job in a b-movie he changed he's mind. hello America, Surprise - chase is talking about you!). Amrica wants a round ending just like the ONION RINGS they eat with such crave on the final scene. but no, chase is not going to give that to them - the sopranos is too important, too good. America wants an orgasm ("he makes porn" AJ said, think about it), David chase in 6 seasons gave us a tantric experience that does not suppose to come to an end. there is many key aspects on the final episdoes that i want to write upon (the cat as a brilliant metaphor that was built up for the entire last episodes, junior - even the ones who makes it crumble with age, AJ as an exact image of young America, silvio and the fact that on almost every scene at the office in "the bing" he's cleaning something... on the hospital scence in the final episode he's wife cuting his nails...very interesting, poly, janice as a mirror of her mother, the issue of "fathers and sons") and i will. On a TV program 20 years from now called "the history of television" the narrator will say that on the last episode of the sopranos called "made in America" million's of Americans set down and watched a black screen for the last 10 of the series thinking their something wrong with their television.

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56 out of 81 people found the following review useful:

Incredible episode(spoilers)

Author: jhutches from United States
11 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For those who are unsure of what happened at the end and for this reason feel the episode was a disappoint.....Tony got whacked.....thats what happened when the screen went black.....If you remember Tony and Bobby's convo about what it'd be like to get clipped, they said i bet you don't even realize it happened, it just happens.....Since the show is from Tony's viewpoint, when he gets clipped, everything just goes black, and there is nothing more. It was a genius way to end the show in my opinion, very creative and ensured that only people who had followed all the little details would pick it up. Think about it, it all makes sense that, thats what happened, Tony didn't even realize it, he gets hit and his world goes dark.

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60 out of 91 people found the following review useful:

Have to let it sink in.

Author: eachdawnidie007 from United States
15 June 2007

Like many viewers, I was a bit disappointed at the final scene being so abrupt and ambiguous, but I realized later how absolutely genius the ending actually was. The suspicious looking Italian fellow that the camera was fixating on, when he went into the restroom, it was reminiscent of the scene in Godfather 1 when Michael goes into the bathroom during the sit-down with Solozzo and emerges with a pistol. And it was brought to my attention that Bobby and Tony had a conversation about death earlier in the season and Bobby mentioned something about how he thought that one probably won't know if he/she get killed. That the music would just stop, the camera would stop rolling (metaphorically speaking). I don't think there can be any doubt. Tony Soprano is dead. And I realize there are people out there that wine about how the fate of Tony wasn't handed to you, but such people are not true fans. Those who are devoted followers would realize that nothing in the show is handed to you on a silver platter, that many times you would have to search for your own meaning in things. In that respect, the ending kept true to the themes of this brilliant television series.

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72 out of 116 people found the following review useful:

The Greatest Finale Since Bob Newhart

Author: jwinters-2 from United States
13 June 2007

Wake up America. this was without question the greatest ending for a series in the history of film. What did you want? A blood bath. that's been done. You wanted the daughter killed? that's been done. You wanted an ending where Tony just went on. That would be bullshit. You got what we all wanted; a statement of the continuing moment of disgust and fear that was and is the life of anyone who has devoted themselves to crime as a basis for life.

If you wanted a nice bow tied up for this show then you weren't a real fan.

I hated not knowing what really happened but by morning, I realized that Chase is a genius. Thanks to the Sopranos

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38 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

The best ending ever, but a lot didn't get it!

Author: GAKAS from Australia
12 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This ending was brilliant brilliant brilliant. Chase you are a master writer. Like everyone when the screen went blank I was like "fix it, fix the TV"......then I saw the credits, and I couldn't believe it. It was a perfect ending. The convo with bobby and there being no sound when you get whacked brought it all in to perspective. First thing I said was that this was the best ending of any TV series or movie ever. My wife is watching the View in the background and they don't get it either. they keep asking the question what happened to Tony. Understand it everyone, The Sopranos is about Tony Soprano, not about Sil or Paulie or Carmela or AJ or anyone else. The only way you can end Sopranos is to end Tony. Thankyou David Chase, thank you for not doing a crappy ending of Tony lying in his blood and the camera panning up into the sky and then focusing on some airplane or something stupid like that. Thankyou David Chase for sharing your creative flair with the world. I usually pick these type of endings but I had to see the credits to get it. Brilliant! If you see this finale and don't get it, watch the previous episode again and the final again. 10 out of 10 is not enough. its worth more Mr Chase.

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