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In the Guy Ritchie mold

Author: Karan DV from United States
16 June 2007

Finally we have a director who is truly inspired by Guy Ritchie movies. And I mean it when I say inspired, unlike those retard directors who rip off scene by scene in the name of "inspiration". Sanjay Khanduri has added his own style of narration to the slick, no non-sense editing style of some of the best directors and the characterization of Guy Ritchie and has come up with something worth watching.

Abhay Deol is one of those millions of people who travel in Mumbai local trains. How he ends up owning 25 million rupees in two and a half hours is the story in a nutshell. En route, he encounters Pulp Fictionesque characters and ends up in situations like one. Neha Dhupia did a fairly significant role and her acting wasn't too bad either.

What is so special about the movie is that, Guy Ritchie himself wouldn't improvise it too much if he had to make it... may be remove a few crude jokes and add a few of his own. Several gangs fighting over a piece of merchandise has been the strong forte of his films. Khanduri did a good job given the resources. A worthwhile watch!!

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Excellent Movie a must watch

Author: Rahul from India
8 June 2007

I was skeptical to watch this low budget no glam face movie, but i was proved wrong by miles this movie is zillion times better than any of the Karan Johar or any big hit masala movies.

The story is humorous thrilling full of anticipation and best of all UNPREDICTABLE, believe me guys the the story is totally unpredictable probably this was the first bollywood movie whose story i was unable to predict.

Abhay Deol, Neha Dhupia & Ashok Samarth (Playing Malvankar Inspector) have done a good job.

Over all its a must see but not fit for family audience (do not take kids with u).

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Don't Judge a Book by its COVER

Author: rock_rishab from India
23 March 2009

I had this movie with me for more than a week and I had no intention of seeing it. A few comments and a Night (that I'll always remember) later I was sure that I had seen one of the MOST ENTERTAINING movie in Bollywood ever (and yes I've seen A LOT). The whole ambiance of the movie is such that it is best seen at night, with a friend (but I enjoyed it most watching it alone) and SMOKES (don't forget the smokes).... I was not a fan of NEHA DHUPIA's acting and the only movie I had seen of ABHAY DEOL was "Socha Na tha", so I thought "well how good can it be?" Well 3 hrs later my question was answered, and it was "AWESOME". From the Unpredictable story to the Fascinating and Quirky (dont forget eccentric) characters, it was a joy-ride like no other. The background score is also a delight for sore ears (sore with all those Copycats and Himesh's nose bleeding high pitches). From the smooth bluesy guitar licks to the simple songs it was all a welcome intervention in the movie.

CHARACTERS-- My favorite character in this movie was MALVANKAR (or Harami Malvankar as he says it). Ashok Samarth is just too good as the Corrupt police officer with an attitude and presence the size of MT.Everest. Many of the characters reminded me of a classic series with a record for being Quirky and diff "Seinfeld".... and the comparison is worth every word of it.

Neha Dupia did well too (considering her track record) and this was the turning point in her career, after this she actually did start acting. Abhay Deol is the diff type of hero who actually dares to be diff, and hats off to him, as he can act (unlike most of the other Deols). In the end all I want is for you my friends to watch this GEM of a movie...

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great movie

Author: adverd from France
28 May 2007

it's really great film. such a long time after i have seen original work. from beginning to end, you can not imagine that what will be happen in next seen. film is completely roller coaster. Particular dialog is really give perfect mood to the film. i don't say the story because it is better if you watch from start to finish. everybody have done a great job. Direction, editing, casting, Music, background music. even their was not much scope for songs some how Music director have done a great job. Particularly last 10 minis is really exiting. i like to say to KARAN JOHAR that make this kind film rather than making same kind of film, with the same casting. i must salute to entire team of the EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL. hey guys carry on to make brilliant movie...!

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Great Movie

Author: a-goswami from United States
5 June 2007

The movie is a must see for all ages except children (<10), who might not understand. I liked the role of Malvankar/Mala/Nilesh. Especially, Malvankar has a unique way of delivering dialog, which is very appealing. Most of the time humor is subtle but admirable. Movie's storyline never lets you down or get you bored, it elicits that creative thinking can produce great story. Background music and songs are awesome. Overall, KUDOS to awesome directing. I watched this movie 2-3 times and did not find any place where I could say this could not happen to me. I would say "Quartet Productions Pvt. Ltd." keep it up, there is striking contrast between last movie from the production "Let's Enjoy" and this. I am eagerly waiting for another movie like this.

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A lifetime packed into 3 hours!

Author: HeadleyLamarr from United States
8 December 2007

Abhay Deol plays Nilesh, a Call Center worker who misses the last local leaving at 1:40 am. The next one is only at 4:20 and the remaining hours cannot be spent on the platform. His 'chance' encounter with Madhu (Neha Dhupia), who is also looking for a taxi/auto leads to a rollicking adventure that goes from thrills to chills to the downright macabre. In these three hours we encounter eunuchs, hookers, psychopaths, various gang lords, corrupt Mumbai policemen (including a scripture quoting one modeled after the Samuel L. Jackson character from Pulp Fiction), a cabbie who thinks he is Nana Patekar, an encounter between Nilesh and a gang lord that involves ropes, gags and blindfolds (like Pulp Fiction again), kidnappings, ransom deliveries, a neophyte cop who would like to be Rajnikant. In short there is something for everyone and this one is a rollicking ride and lots of fun as we follow a good looking couple on the run for their life. There are many moments of homage to movies both HW and BW and there is lots of humor packed in.

I really like Abhay Deol - yet again he demonstrates his acting abilities as the ladies man wannabe and a poor sucker who gets caught in events out of his control. He is charming and can he act! Neha Dhupia was decent as the streetwalker and the rest of the cast did their job very well. This movie has a song in a bar and music in the background, but no real singing and dancing, and is another one of the new style BW films that are cropping up this year. A good one and worth a watch!

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What Happens When You Miss The Last Train?

Author: Chrysanthepop from Fraggle Rock
4 August 2008

I very much enjoyed this dark comedy that is most set in a night between 1:40 and 4:10. On his way home a young man, Nilesh misses the last train. The next one's due at 4:10 so he goes wondering the streets in search of a taxi or any other alternative that will get him home. He only has 70 rupees but, by the end of the night, he ends up with 25 million. How? During Nilesh's adventure (or misadventure) we are introduced to various characters including a Nana Patekar wannabe wannabe, a corpulent 'cabaret' singer, an obese 'hijra', a glass-eyed hit-man, a wacky chatterbox of a tomboy, a ruthless CC (corrupt cop) and lots of unusual 'visitors' of the night.

Abhay Deol is one of the very few fine actors of the current generation who is a risk-taker. I'd seen him earlier in 'Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd' where he was hilarious and here the actor just merges very well into the character that is equally comedic. He's not afraid at all to look like a fool on screen (as required by the character), something that will scare most of his peers away. The actor bravely accepts the part and does a remarkable job. Neha Dhupia is mostly adequate but in a few scenes, she tends to go over the top. The supporting cast are great and really bring out the humour. I just thought the three hit men in the car sequences were bit loud and could have used some slight toning down.

The songs play in the background. There is one very pleasant song that often repeats in the background, a great song for a rainy or just-rained scene. The cabaret number 'Kukuruku' is quite catchy. The voice-over is quite charming and quirky and gives more insight into Nilesh's character.

Director Khanduri deserves a pat on the shoulder for coming up with something different that is so much fun to watch. He's clearly inspired by Tarantino and Richie and creatively puts his inspiration to good use in the film. For me, '1:40 Ki Last Local' is one of the ideal rainy day flicks.

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Situational Comedy...

Author: viking2007 from India
22 May 2007

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local starring Abhay Deol and Neha Dhupia who miss their last train to Vikhroli and have two and a half hours to kill before their next train. They end up in a bar. One thing leads to another and in these few hours of their life they go through a number of experiences and events - some good, some bad. But by the end of it each character's life is altered completely.

The movie has some hilarious moments worth watching. The comedy is well tuned to present day taste, and is not melodramatic or over-acted. Overall, a movie worth watching once.

Abhay has a nice comedy timing, and does not seem all that stupid. Neha's acting is credible.

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Pulp Neo-Noir

Author: sesht from Global VIllage
13 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Has to be one of the (at that time) weird crime comedies ever made, esp. in India. Pity the director hasn't been as prolific since, but that's another matter. Once again, belonging to my favorite genre of all time, noir, in a setting I absolutely adore, that of events occurring in real-time (almost, it's actually over the course of 1 night and.....).

The performances are good, though not from all performers - occasionally the lack- of-budget shows. The production design, cinematography and soundtrack perfectly complement the material, which keeps surprises coming, yet does not sacrifice each set-piece just for the sake of moving to the next, a common failing in most makers' initial works.

Be warned, all of the comedy is dark, very dark, and the setting is the pits, with none of the characters even resembling role models. Not for everyone, and not for the faint of heart.

Neha Dhupia's a wonder, what with her movie choices including this and 'Mithya' (another fab Indie). Abhay Deol always had taste to pick his subjects, but I didn't know this at the time this one came out. But he has to be the most courageous lead in an Indian movie ever, with what he lets the material do to/with his character, esp. nearing the 'climax' of the flick.

I have to be honest though - the title led me to assume that the movie might have been completely set in the local itself, and when I knew it would not be, I would have been disappointed if the movie had not turned out to be as fun as this did. Definitely worth a watch, maybe a few.

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Talks Mumbai. ♦ 74%

Author: Tejas Nair from the Entertainment Capital of India
27 September 2013

Evidently a cult in the making, the makers have set the bar high with a very apt cast & engaging story-line.

Talking about how Mumbai behaves with its inhabitants, it links with three different stories that culminate into something grave, but eventually breakthrough. Focusing on native topics about the nightlife, the plot constantly introduces new characters. And the characters are totally deep in their portrayal. Rolling finely & softly for 150 minutes, Ek Chalis Ki Last Local never bores off and indeed entertains with references in crime, drama, love & songs.

Fantastic screenplay & lucid dreaming-sequences makes it a perfect Bollywood crime comedy. Neha Dhupia is hot & perfect, while Abhay Deol steals the show with his glamor & introspection.

BOTTOM LINE: Recommended!

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Mouth-Kiss: Mild | Foreplay/Sex: No | Nudity: Mild | Smoking/Alcohol: Strong | Violence/Gore: Critical | Porn: No | Profanity: Very Strong

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