"Prison Break" Dirt Nap (TV Episode 2008) Poster

(TV Series)



Susan B. Anthony: Do you know what I just found out? That Sucre means sugar.

Fernando Sucre: Yeah.

Susan B. Anthony: So everytime I say your name, I'm calling you sugar.

Fernando Sucre: Basically, yeah.

Susan B. Anthony: I like that.

Alexander Mahone: [to Michael] It never gets any easier.

Sammy: [after assuming authority in Sona] First order of business...

[holds up a box of Casarica Rum]

Sammy: ... a case of rum to the man who brings me Michael Scofield.

James Whistler: You know uh... I am a fisherman. I am. I'm just maybe a little bit more connected than I've let on.

Lincoln Burrows: I got your back, man. When you get home, whatever you need, whatever you want...

Fernando Sucre: That won't be necessary. When I get back home, I'm a saint. I'm not even jaywalking.

Bradley 'Brad' Bellick: I feel sorry for the guy, but you don't chicken foot an ex-delta force and hope to make it out alive.

Cyrus: You delta force? Like Chuck Norris?

Bradley 'Brad' Bellick: Norris? He wouldn't even made it through boot camp.

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