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While Kate is drinking from a "Dharma" coffee mug, as she talks with Sawyer, the logo on the bottom of the mug becomes visible and states "Mainstays" and (which is a modern-day Wal-Mart brand name) and would not have existed when the Dharma Initiative was created.
In the scene where the plane crashing and Ben giving his orders to Ethan and Goodwin to go to the crashing spot, Harper Stanhope (Juliet's therapist) stands behind Goodwin while Ben is talking, but in the same scene from Lost: A Tale of Two Cities, Harper wasn't behind Goodwin at all.
When Daniel is typing in the computer and Juliet is fighting with Charlotte, he is typing "set valve...". Then, the camera cuts to Charlotte pushing Juliet against a metallic table and Daniel's face. Then, when the camera shifts to the computer, Daniel is again typing "set valve...".
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