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  • The Cylons are bitterly divided over how to deal with the Cylon Raiders, who refuse to attack the Colonial Fleet because of the recent detection of the Final Five within said Fleet. Meanwhile, Admiral Adama and crew send Lee Adama off into his new life as a member of the Quorum of Twelve, and Adama has to deal with the possibility that Kara Thrace may very well be right about her knowing how to get to Earth.

  • Kara Thrace is convinced that the fleet is going in the wrong direction and manages to escape her guards and confront President Roslin. Her vision of the way to Earth is fading the longer they wait. The President thinks she's lying but but the Admiral isn't convinced either way. Tigh, Anders, Tyrol and Foster continue to meet in secret. Tyrol mentions that D'Anna Biers saw something in the Temple of the Five and perhaps Baltar could shed some light on it. On board a Cylon Basestar, some of the Cylons believe something extraordinary has happened and that the Hybrid is telling them that the Final 5 are in the Colonial fleet. John Cavil however tells them it is against the rules to talk about the Final 5 and is strictly forbidden. They are deadlocked however as the 6 remaining models split down the middle on reconfiguring the Cylon Raiders to ensure they will attack the Colonial fleet. Cavil has his own solution to that but it doesn't sit well with some of the others. Lee Adama says farewell to his shipmates as he leaves Galactica to join the Quorum of Twelve.

  • Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) and Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) face off with a gun between them, Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) says goodbye to the Galactica, violent conflict breaks out between the seven models aboard Cylon Basestar, and Gaius Baltar (James Callis) is directly pulled into the "Final Five" situation.


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  • Survivor Count: 39, 676 which seems strange, given how many civilians bought it last week.

    Last week's count was 39,698, and if you were watching, the Cylon attack took out a huge civilian ship that Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) said carried hundreds of people. And while its possible that 600 knocked up passengers spontaneously gave birth in the hours after that happened...cmon, Ronald D. Moore.

    (Author's note: Upon further examination, it seems that the ship exploded *before* last week's survivor count, so we shouldn't knock the numbers too much, but still....confusing!!!)

    At any rate, when we left Kara Thrace, aka Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff), she had a gun in President Roslin's face.

    Tigh (Michael Hogan) is marching towards the President's chamber with a battalion of guards, and seems all too ready to take out Starbuck. Starbuck, on the other hand, seems all too ready to cap the Prez...but she's really just trying to prove a point.

    ''I wanna hate you so much....so much,'' Kara whispers. ''You had a vision, remember? The arrow. The temple. I went down to that planet with you, and it was a frakking toaster party. A lot of good people died. Remember?...I trusted you. On a vision. That's it. A vision!''

    Yeah...she's got a point.

    ''I saw Earth,'' Kara continues. ''I saw it with my own eyes...And it's calling me back. We're going the wrong way. Why can't you trust me?''

    Then Starbuck hands the gun to Roslin and tells the leader to shoot her if she thinks she's a Cylon. Kara adds her she has fought for this ship and sacrificed so much, and she can't believe Roslin doesn't have faith in her. She continue to berate Roslin until the President grabs the gun, pulls the trigger -- and misses at close range.

    Tigh and the troops burst into Roslin's chamber and shove Kara to the floor. Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) steps in, and Kara pleads with him to listen to her. ''I can feel it slipping away, even without jumping,'' she says. Even as the fleet moves, Kara says, her feeling has decreased by half. But Tigh has her carted away, screaming, to the brig.

    Meanwhile, in the land of peaceful democracy, where beings live in harmony and practice Tai Chi -- i.e. the Cylon base ship -- the hybrid is babbling. For anyone looking for clues within her endless stream of nonsense, here's what it sounded like she said:

    ''The excited state decays by vibrational relaxation into the first excited singlet state. Yes yes and merrily we go. Reduce atmospheric nitrogen by 0.03 percent. It is not much consolation that society will pick up the bits, leaving us at eight modern where punishment rather than interdiction is paramount. Please cut the fuse. They will not harm their own. End of line. Limiting diffusions to two dimensions increases the number of evolutionary jumps within the species. Rise and measure the Temple of the Five. Transformation is the goal. They will not harm their own.''

    Base ship Six (Tricia Helfer), the Sharons (Grace Park)and Leobens (Callum Keith Rennie) believe the ship's hybrid is trying to tell them something about the Final Five -- that they are within the Colonial fleet -- and believe they need to take it seriously. Something has changed, the Six says. She and her allies believe that the Raiders recognized the Final Five were with the humans, and as such, called off the attack.

    Brother Cavil (Dean Stockwell), on the other hand, can't believe they're even discussing the Five, because it is sacrilege! And if the programmers wanted them to discuss the Five, well, they wouldn't have left them as a surprise to the rest of the toasters, now, would they. Because the Raiders' refusal to continue attacking demonstrates that they have become troublesome, he proposes lobotomizing the Raiders because they have evolved too much for their own good.

    Baseship Six, Leoben and Boomer want to take a vote before Cavil starts cutting.

    Back on the ship, four of the five last Cylons Tigh, Tory (Rekha Sharma), Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) and Sam (Michael Trucco) meet and discuss what's happening to Kara. Realizing that they all heard the music and Starbuck did not, they decide that she probably is not a Cylon. But Gaius Baltar (James Callis) seems like he might know who the fifth is and more importantly, who they are. After all, Tigh, pointed out, he nailed a Six.

    And, the Sixes are Cylons.

    And, hey! Guess who else is a Cylon with the correctly corresponding parts? Why, Tory.

    Therefore, they decide that pimping out Tory to Gaius is an excellent idea. What that will achieve, exactly, nobody knows. But i's a harebrained scheme Tory doesn't seem to fond of, even though Tigh assures her that she doesn't have to actually go through with the deed.

    Yep. Good luck with that, Tory.

    The brig. Adama visits Kara, who is insisting through tears that she saw Earth. Adama snarls that she's alienated the one ally she had left. ''Yeah, frak me, huh?" she says through a sneer, before goading the Admiral by calling him the President's wet nurse and saying he doesn't have the guts to believe her. He slams Kara to the ground with a murderous look on his face, then gets up and stomps away. ''We're going the wrong way!'' Kara wails as he stomps off.

    Cylon base ship: The vote has been taken, and the Cylons are deadlocked on the issue of reconfiguring the Raiders. But, something extraordinary has happened -- one of the Sharons, Boomer, voted against the rest of the models. Well, that never happens. Cavil takes that as license to reconfigure the Raiders, observing that the Six is right, something has changed. Six is not pleased. ''I'll pray for you,'' she hisses at Cavil. ''I'll pray for you hard.''

    Back on Galactica, the pilots begin the process sending off Lee Adama with drunken revelry. Lee toasts everyone his father, his friends, their sweethearts and wives, and then.. To absent friends. They're all silent.

    The mess hall. Tory sees Gaius, and stares at him. He crosses the room, and accuses her of spying. She hems and haws, and then admits, well, maybe she was spying a little.

    She says she's heard about the miraculous recovery of the little boy, and between that and the fact that Gaius was acquitted, and the cult of the One God, it is all so tantalizingly strange.

    But then something truly strange happens Gaius hallucinates again, and instead of seeing a Six he sees...himself! His imaginary self tells him to handle Tory carefully, because he senses that there's something out of the ordinary about her. She's special, and that Gaius the Real Boy should ''handle with care.''

    The Admiral's quarters. Roslin is working, Adama's drinking a little more than usual. ''What do we do now? Put her on trial? Find Romo Lampkin? Take a show of hands?...Follow her into an ambush?''

    The pair finally have a sit down. ''What if she's telling the truth?'' Adama suggests. Roslin can't believe what she's hearing -- Adama, the atheist, believing in miracles? She's got him there. But Adama points out that she shot at Kara at close range, and missed. Roslin blames her controversial cancer drugs, but also declares she's not willing to risk the lives of the fleet to believe Starbuck and her navigation by ''feeling.'''

    ''Here's the truth. This is what's going on,'' Roslin says. ''You want to believe Kara. You would rather be wrong about her and face your own demise than risk losing her again.''

    ''You can stay in the room,'' Adama growls. ''Get out of my head.''

    Adama leaves the room in a huff. Roslin starts pulling on her hair nervously...and chunks fall out in her hands.

    Lee visits Starbuck in the brig, and he informs her that he's been nominated for a government spot. He says he understands what Kara once said about having a destiny, and he feels like he really needs to do this. ''Good luck on your journey, Lee Adama,'' Starbuck says, and shakes his hand. But before he leaves, they share a deep, long kiss.

    ''I believe you,'' he whispers.

    Lee waits outside of the briefing room, and takes one last look at the ranks on the flight deck. They salute him in the presence of the President and the Admiral, then applaud and cheer. It's all very touching, what with the futuristic-sounding electronic bagpipes, drums and flutes in the background. He goes around and shakes everyone's hand, then walks up to Dualla (Kandyse McClure) -- and gives her a hug.

    ''Well, it looks like you got the house,'' he lamely jokes.

    ''Goodbye Lee,'' she says.

    ''Take care of yourself,'' he responds. Gee...guess they're finished.

    Back in Cylonville, Cavil and his allies are busily lobotomizing the Raiders. Six asks Cavil, for the last time, to stop. Cavil refuses. ''I was afraid you'd say that,'' she says, and calls for someone to come in. The clinking approach indicates it's two Centurions.

    ''The Centurions don't get a vote,'' Cavil says.

    ''They're not here to vote,'' says the Six. The toasters point their weapons at the leaders.

    Meanwhile, back on Galactica: Gaius Baltar and Tory are getting busy, and Tory starts crying. She tries to diminish it as something that happens during sex, and she apologizes. He tells her she shouldn't be sorry, that she has an abundance of feeling. Maybe I could be a Cylon, she casually says, but he refutes that, saying he's lived among them, and that they are capable of feeling, and starts spouting off about the One True God. Presumably to shut him up, she resumes the rutting; some of us watching at home silently thank her for taking one for the team.

    The Base Ship: Cavil orders the Centurions to leave. They don't obey. Six reveals the Sixes, the Leobens, the Sharons removed the inhibitors that restricted higher functioning in the Centurions, giving them the gift of reason. And they were very upset that the Cavils ordered the Raiders to be lobotomized. The Centurions open fire on the other models. A coup has begun.

    Back with the humans, Galactica jumps again, and Adama watches as Kara writhes in the brig. Soon after a few soldiers come in and escort her to a bay. She thinks Adama is cutting her loose in deep space, but in reality, he's secretly giving her a sewage recycling ship, the Demetrius, to go find Earth. Adama says he's tired of losing out to Roslin, tired of turning away from the things he believes in. And he believes Kara when she says she'll die before she stops trying.

    ''Now, go,'' he says. ''Find a way to Earth.''

    Previous Synopsis by Kevlar01:

    Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) and Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) face off with a gun between them, Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) says goodbye to the Galactica, violent conflict breaks out between the seven models aboard Cylon Basestars, and Gaius Baltar (James Callis) is directly pulled into the "Final Five" situation.

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