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"Battlestar Galactica" -"The Oath" - Jan. 30, 2009

An onscreen bumper tells us its 0620 Hours- Admiral's Quarters. Adama is pouring coffee as Tigh enters. Tigh reports three more captains are refusing Cylon technology and complaining about getting "illegally seized" by Marines. Adama says to tell Lee to tell the Quorum that the ship captains that don't fall in line can share a blanket in Zarek's cell. Roslin enters in her robe from the bedroom and startles Tigh. He smiles a funny little smile and eyeballs Adama. Tigh says given the Fleet's mood towards Cylons Adama might not want Tigh taking point on this. Adama says he'll be up in a minute. They discuss how lousy the coffee is on the ship.

0632 Hrs- Galactica Brig Gaeta enters Zarek's cell and lets Zarek out. Gaeta says rumors about Zarek are starting to spread, but Zarek says the Fleet is the least of his worries. Gaeta rubs his leg. With the help of several clearly sympathetic Marines Gaeta starts to spirit Zarek away to a safe space. Gaeta says the Quorum will be more of a problem. Zarek says reality will trump their sense of duty soon enough with one exception. (Lee of course). Gaeta says they've been through it and that Zarek should push his buttons since he's good at that.

Roslin tells Adama that Tigh is right, that the blanket Cylon amnesty won't work and siccing Lee on the Quorum will be seen for what it is, an order from Adama. Adama says Lee can handle it. Roslin agrees that both Adamas can and she's not getting involved. He looks at her plaintively. She ribs him that his silence is passive-aggressive as if he's trying to say that he's okay if she doesn't get involved but of course he's not. He laughs and tells her to get some rest and that he'll try to be home for supper. She says that Cantrell is the key, that if Lee can get to Cantrell, then stops herself, reminding them both she's not getting involved.

Down on the flight deck a couple of Marines create a diversion so Gaeta can move Zarek into a raptor. A tech tries to stop them. Gaeta bluffs his way through it saying that the order must not have come through and that given his controversial status Adama wanted Zarek off the ship onto Colonial One in case there was an attempt on his life. A civilian overhears this from the catwalk. The tech goes to get confirmation from CIC and Zarek punches him out, so hard with some kind of weapon that it appears to kill him. The civilian sees that too. Gaeta is upset. A marine drags the tech's body away. Zarek reminds him it won't be the last. Gaeta tells him to get on the ship. Zarek says he knows a little about revolution and that it can be lost with hesitation. Gaeta says he started this and he will finish it and orders Zarek on the ship. Zarek departs.

Survivor count: 39,643

0704 Hrs

In CIC Tigh is reporting the fleet is still jittery over Zarek's anti-Cylon talk and the Quorum is a quivering mess and that there is nothing on DRADIS. Hoshi calls Gaeta across the bridge and asks about an unknown launch. Gaeta again tries to cover. Tigh says he's got the Marines ready to go if Adama gets tired of diplomacy. Adama says if they try to shoot up every ship they can kiss the alliance goodbye. Hoshi raises the alarm. Gaeta tries to cover saying the unknown launch is a "DRADIS Ghost." Tigh calls for a diagnostic work up.

0741 Hrs -Colonial One - Emergency Session A noisy Quorum is called to order by Lee who points out that Zarek was taken into custody because he was agitating against a lawful order. He calls the Cylon FTL drives essential if the Fleet is going to move on. Zarek strolls in to Lee's surprise. Zarek claims that even Adama knows when he holds a losing hand.

Sam is throwing a pyramid ball as Seelix comes in to watch. He talks about how he used to be good at this and how he can't believe he used to care. (Looks like Seelix might want some hot skin job love.) She says life back in the colonies is like a dream to her now. She remembers the two of them slamming drinks and playing pyramid. He says those were good times. She says they were and she thought there was something between them but when nothing happened she thought it might be her. But now she thinks it might have been something to do with his Cylon programming and two men come up behind Sam and throw a bag over his head, throw him to the ground and beat him up as she looks on with disgust.

0809 Hrs - CIC Gaeta looks around suspiciously. They get a fire alarm on C deck near the antenna array. Adama orders a crew to check it out and reporter back. Gaeta manipulates the situation saying a fire could knock out communications for the Fleet and given their current situation the fire might not be an accident. Tigh points out that Zarek's followers would go ape if the communications went down. Adama orders an evacuation of C deck instead.

0812 - Jr. Officer's Quarters Hot Dog is grabbing toys and Starbuck is ribbing him about being a "proud papa" and a manwhore. He says she's frakked half the fleet and what does she have to show for it? She whips her bowl at him. He walks out. She grabs a book angrily as the fire alarm comes through. She gets up and runs to find out what's up and a fellow pilot tells her to evac and that he's in charge. She wonders how that happened. He says to get her frakking hands off him, since nobody even knows what she is anymore. She is not psyched by this turn of events.

A bunch of folks break in to the small arms locker and a leader tells them if anybody asks to tell them it's routine and it's the admiral's orders. Starbuck runs to her locker and gets weapons of her own. She calls the CIC and asks for Adama saying civilians are arming themselves. Gaeta hangs up on her.

Lee strides along Colonial One and picks up the phone and calls the CIC. Gaeta puts him off for an emergency. Lee asks if Gaeta knows why Zarek was given a pass by his dad. Gaeta feigns confusion and says as soon as Adama gets back he'll ask him. Adama is visible in the background. Lee hangs up and seems to realize something is up. Zarek walks in and wonders why Lee isn't happy to see him. Lee claims he's glad that Zarek is out and that his father overreached in arresting him. But he reiterates that they need the Cylon FTL drives. Zarek says the Admiral wants that and Lee is stuck between trying to honor his father and be true to his Caprican oath in the Quorum. At some point the two don't mix. Zarek says Adama released him because he's only a threat if Adama recognizes civilian authority and Zarek's afraid the experiment in democracy is about to end thanks to Laura Roslin's abdication. Lee doesn't believe his father would do that. Zarek says he did it before and wonders what excuse Adama gave when he didn't take Lee's call. Lee says he's going to Galactica to prove him wrong.

On CIC Gaeta says they've lost communications - main and back-up, which Tigh thinks is weird- and that the fire is spreading.

0902 Hrs -Flight Deck- Checkers Green A raptor lands and Lee gets off. He's sucker punched by a Marine, who says that after four years of fighting Cylons did he really think they could make a deal with them now? He asks Lee where his Cylons are now. Another Marine points a gun at Lee. Kara blows away that dude and then shoots another asking who wants more? (Among the mutineers is Race Track). They drop their guns, let Lee go and Lee says it's time for him and Kara to skedaddle.

Athena is feeding Hera as she and Helo hear noise outside their quarters. A guy runs with a gun and puts it to Helo's head. Helo says to leave his women out of it. A couple of guys take the girls away while another asks if Helo remembers him from Pegasus. Helo killed a friend of his in defense of a "toaster." And instead of being punished, Adama promoted him to CAG. Helo says "frak you." The guy says he's saving that for Helo's wife. Helo makes a move and the guy knocks him out. (Man things are officially on now!)

0902 Hrs - Dry Stowage - 5-3A-01 Lee and Kara shut a hatch behind them and are freaking over how people like Race Track and Skulls are involved, guys they flew with. "Semper frakkin' fi," says Kara. She tries the wall phone, it's out. Lee realizes the mutineers want the ship and that Zarek played them just right. He says they have all kinds of firepower and that they can't do this alone. Kara grabs Lee and kisses him. He extricates himself pointing out that now may not be the time. She says right now all they can count on is each other. She tells him to take a deep breath and says she feels right for the first time in weeks. He wonders where his dad is. She says he was in the the CIC. Lee knows CIC is protected and his dad won't give up without a fight. He wonders where Roslin is. Kara doesn't know. They prepare to hit the road.

0908 Hrs - CIC Tigh wants to know what the frak is going on. Hoshi says the sensors are saying fire but the trace gas readings are normal. Tigh is confused. Gaeta overhears this and says that the fire may have compromised all their readings. (Ooh he's good at subterfuge that Gaeta). Adama says he's tired of being blind and tells a private to double time it down to C Deck and get back with an eyewitness report.

Helo, Athena, and Hera are dumped in a room with Tigh's Six and Sam. Helo is unconscious and bleeding from the head. Six says they're going to kill them, that the thought of Cylon procreation scares them. Athena says for now they'll be kept alive to be used as bargaining chips with the rebel Cylons, especially Sam. Sam says as one of the final five he has no grand wisdom. Athena says he should keep that to himself.

0913 Hrs - Deck F- Corridor 6 Kara and Lee are moving through the halls, there is shouting in the distance, they see dead bodies and people running.

0922 Hrs - CIC They wait. The private returns and is breathlessly reporting that the problems have been jury-rigged but before he can finish Gaeta yells for the sergeant of the guards to get in here and that no one gets in or out. A group of armed Marines, guns raised flank the entrances. Adama asks what the hell he's doing. Gaeta approaches and suddenly the Marines open fire on Adama, the private goes to protect him and gets shot. Others in the CIC shoot back. Gaeta calls for a cease fire. Gaeta tells Adama to tell his men to stand down. Adama tells everyone to stand down. Gaeta tells Adama he is removing him from command and taking him into custody on treason charges. Adama says Gaeta swore an oath when he put his uniform on, to defend the ship. Gaeta says Adama swore the same oath and for seven years he's done his frakking job and for what? To hook up with Cylons? He says Adama is not the leader he once was, but a sad man who has let his heart and his affection for a Cylon cloud his judgement. Adama yells to them all that if they do this there will be no forgiveness, no amnesty. He says this boy -meaning the young private- died honoring his uniform and that Gaeta will die with nothing. Gaeta tells the guards to place Adama and Tigh under arrest.

0925 Hrs Lee and Kara have worked their way to Adama's quarters where they find Roslin, who's fine. Lee explains about the uprising and that they're in danger of losing the ship and the whole Fleet. Zarek is already back on Colonial One ready to go and that she needs to address the Fleet and calm them down. Roslin, putting on her jacket says she will and that she won't allow Zarek to assume the presidency under any circumstances. She says she has an idea about the wireless "let's go."

0934 Hrs - CIC An officer reports to Gaeta that the communications are up and that there are multiple reports of gunfire near the engine room. Gaeta calls for the area to be secured.

0942 Hrs - Baltar's Compartment They are fortifying the compound under Tyrol's direction. Baltar is hugging his ladies and saying he doesn't want to leave them but that if they're coming for anyone they're coming for him. (Of course, they're probably coming for Tyrol.) The ladies tearfully apologize for not being able to protect him. They promise to pray for him. Baltar asks Tyrol if they really need to leave. He says yes. Baltar wonders about weapons as Tyrol walks away.

Kara, Lee, and Roslin make their way through the ship to Baltar's compartment. Tyrol tells them that he's getting info from all over the ship and that Adama was led away from the CIC to parts unknown, the hangar deck is lost to them and to not trust the COM, he's been using a walkie-talkie. He says that if Lee can get Adama to the secondary storage facility within an hour he can get him off the ship. Roslin tells them to go and that she'll address the Fleet from Baltar's house. Lee asks Tyrol why he's doing this. Tyrol says the old man deserves a better fate then what he's getting and for Lee to go find his father. He and Kara set off.

0947 Two Marines lead Tigh and Adama through the ship and Adama shows off his memory skills by recalling both of their names and their war stories. One engages the other doesn't. Adama says when this is over there's going to be a reckoning. He turns to the one who engaged and dares him to shoot, the Marine doesn't want to. Tigh over powers the other one. The two men gain the upper hand, the young Marine apologizes, and they take him hostage instead.

Roslin confronts Baltar about his departure. He says it's a pre-cautionary measure. He wants to know if she's come to pray. She says she wants to address the Fleet and reassure them the Cylons mean them no harm. He says her faith in her oratorical skills is dandy but that communication down here is just as dodgy as everywhere else. She says she knows he has a wireless. One of his bimbos says it's a trick to silence him. He silences her. The bimbo walks away. Baltar says she has a point though, if Roslin can't convince one of Baltar's flock how will she convince the Fleet? Roslin says since she never bought his conversion she's been counting on his well-honed sense of self-preservation. He says he's sick of her insinuations and that her own experience talking up the scrolls of Pythia when her political fortunes were low haven't worked out so hot either. She says if it makes him happy than maybe they're both frauds and this may be their last chance to atone.

0956 Hrs In a hallway one of the mutiny leaders giving out orders as Tigh and Adama eavesdrop from a nook. The Marine says he was taking them to the Brig. They decide to go see the friendly faces there.

1012 Hrs In the CIC ship captains are wondering why Galactica isn't responding to their hails. Gaeta says to put it up on speaker and to get him a scrambled line to Tom Zarek. Gaeta informs Zarek that he's taken control of Galactica. Zarek sounds disappointed Adama is still alive, calling it a "loose end" thing but congratulates Gaeta. Gaeta says they can fine tune their rationalizations later as he has his hands full bringing COM back on line and the Fleet's in an uproar. Zarek says they'll fall in line but there's trouble on the line as Roslin's voice starts cutting through via Baltar's wireless. Gaeta tells Zarek to turn on his wireless and asks a crew member where it's coming from as we hear Roslin saying they've come to a crossroads.

We cut to Roslin in Baltar's compartment talking about how difficult it was coming to an agreement on the Cylon alliance. She says they have come to a crossroads. After generations of conflict and losses on both sides and with supplies running low and limited options their former enemies may represent their last and only hope.

We see shots of the Quorum listening in.

Gaeta scrambles to find out what frequency she's on.

She says to those who would reject this alliance, she begs them to reconsider those who have brought them this far and to reject those traitors who would use your fear of the Cylons to destroy Colonial civilization. She's finally cut off by Gaeta. A crew member tells him that Zarek's on the phone.

1017 Hrs - Aux Machinery Access Lee comes to Kara and says he couldn't get near the brig. They ease around a corner and hear footsteps. They advance, it's Adama and Tigh and the Marine. She levels her weapon at the Marine. Tigh tells her to stand down and that this is their prisoner. Kara says they've taken over the ship and if they want it back this is the only way and they don't have time to take prisoners. Adama gets between them and tells the Marine to run. Kara shoots after him saying they are not Adama's men anymore, they are the enemy.

1021 Hrs - Secondary Storage Facility Roslin and Baltar await the good guys. "Felix Gaeta? Who would've thought?" muses Roslin. She says Baltar probably knew him better than anyone back on New Caprica. Baltar says obviously he even had divided loyalties back then and notes they both made poor choices in terms of aides-de-camp. She gives him a nod of "touche."

1023 Hrs- Waste Water Stowage Adama wonders how many men Gaeta has. Lee says enough. Tigh wonders if Tyrol has really found a way off the ship. Lee asks Tigh to tell him since Tyrol is "one of yours." Tigh asks if Lee has a problem. Lee says yes, "your people annihilated the human race." He says that Zarek has so much clout with the Fleet because when you get past the arrogance he's right: it's nutty that after years of fighting they're just hooking up with Cylons now. Adama says it's all they've got. Lee says it's all they've left them. Starbuck returns with directions to the Secondary Storage airlock.

Tyrol has joined Roslin and Baltar. And in classic Baltar fashion...

1027 Hrs ...he calls the CIC. Gaeta looks confused but picks up the phone asking what he wants. Baltar says he wants this to stop right now and that treason doesn't become Gaeta. He says he knows he's a good, honorable man and that his failings have been understandable. Gaeta wonders if one of those failings was serving in his corrupt administration. Baltar says he knows what he's talking about, our little secret sealed with a very special pen but that Baltar forgives him. He says if Gaeta is hungry for redemption this is not the way. Gaeta hangs up on him. Baltar drops the phone with tears in his eyes.

Gaeta looks up and asks what a raptor on the DRADIS' mission is. He's told it's ferrying a human crew a from a Cylon baseship. Gaeta wonders why they haven't called in yet. He notices it's not headed for the hangar deck.

1032 Hours - Secondary Storage Airlock The renegade raptor docks, piloted by an Eight. Roslin and Baltar board as Adama, Tigh, Lee, and Kara come through. Adama tells Tyrol it's good to see him. Lee says he forgot about this spot. Tyrol says everyone did since it got trashed in the raid on New Caprica but he brought it back online for this. Adama spies Roslin and they make out much to everyone's amusement and discomfort. Roslin says she came here because she doesn't want him to worry about her and she knows what he has to do. Tyrol gets word on his walkie that Marines are headed their way. Adama tells everyone to split and that he and Tigh will fend off the Marines so the president's raptor can depart safely.

The Marines advance as Tigh shuts hatches and the others depart the way they came in. The Eight begins to initiate the launch sequence. The Marines start cutting through the door, Baltar gets antsy and asks Roslin to get on board. They shut the airlock door and Adama turns to face the advancing Marines. The raptor departs towards the Cylon base ship.

1041 Hrs A crew member tells Gaeta the raptor's away. Gaeta says to get "Narcho"(?) on the wireless. The orders: Arm all weapons, engage the target, and destroy.

In the airlock Tigh is saying Adama could've gone with her. Adama says he couldn't have lived with it. The Marines get the door open and Adama opens fire. He and Tigh drop down and Adama says "it's been an honor to have served with you my friend." The Marines roll in a grenade, it explodes...

To Be Continued


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