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Wolfgang Blitzkrieg: Wolfgang Blitzkrieg, with the best political news team in television...

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Alan Shore: I'm sorry, Denny.

Denny Crane: No you're not. You're relieved.

Alan Shore: Well, I'm that, too. But if you truly loved her then I am sorry.

Denny Crane: ...

Alan Shore: Denny?

Denny Crane: There's no need to be sorry, Alan. Love, even when it's fleeting, even if it's for a day or two...it's everything. Don't you agree?

Alan Shore: I do. I actually think it's why I'm still single. Every morning I get to wake up and I get to wonder: "Will this be the day?" Every night when I lay my head on my pillow I wonder: "Will I meet her tomorrow?" I imagine what she'll look like, her smile, the way she does her hair, how she laughs, the contour of her breasts, neck... The promise of love can be everything. It's a magic you really find in marriage if you luck out.

Denny Crane: Do you believe married people can stay in love?

Alan Shore: Oh, I believe thy can know even more profound joys be it with children, the depth of the relationship itself can evolve into something they can't possibly live without. And yet, it's something that doesn't quite so resemble love. It's not the romance of love.

Denny Crane: I never knew you to be such a romantic.

Alan Shore: My problem is I'm too romantic. No woman can possibly live up to the promise of tomorrow that love holds for me.

Denny Crane: What about me?

Alan Shore: That not the same. You know one thing I do love about you?

Denny Crane: Tell me!

Alan Shore: While many people embrace the promise of tomorrow, too few celebrate the joy of now. And nobody does that like Denny Crane.

Denny Crane: Let me tell you something. When you got polar ice caps melting and breaking off into big chunks and you got Osama still hiding in a cave, planning his next attack, when you got other rogue nations with nuclear arsenals, and not to mention some wack-job, home-grown that can cancel you at any second and when you got...mad cow, now gets high priority. And when you're still on the balcony on a clear night, sipping scotch with your best friend, now is everything.

Alan Shore: Here's to that.

Denny Crane: Here's to now.

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Wolfgang Blitzkrieg: [On TV] ... With the best political news team ever assembled in the hist -

[TV is switched off]

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