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Exclusive interview with actor Eric Jacobus

david j. moore chats with actor Eric Jacobus

The world has yet to learn the name Eric Jacobus. Ladies and gentlemen, hear the name and speak it because he’s here, and he’s about to break through. Working way off the grid and completely off the radar, Jacobus, a practitioner of Hapkido, has been building himself up through impressive short films and totally independent feature films, namely with two feature films Contour (2006) and Death Grip (2012), both of which he wrote, directed, and starred in, and the outstanding short films Rope-a-Dope (2013), Rope-a-Dope 2 (2015), and this year’s martial arts comedy Blindsided (2017). He’s already appeared in the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy (2014) as Stryker and in Segment A of The ABCs of Death 2 (2014), and he’s on a clear and calculated path of action stardom.

It’s obvious you’re really into Hong Kong movies; your movies
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The Zen of Kung Fu Flicks

I love Martial Arts films, or better yet, Asian action cinema in general; Kung Fu, Ninjas, Samurai, Thai Boxing, Gun Fu, and my latest love: Silat. As escapist fun goes, nothing makes me happier than a good chop socky, hell, even a bad chop socky is not without its charm. A laughable plot, weird and esoteric fighting styles, and of course, terrible dubbing can be just as much fun as watching Shaolin Monks practice ancient techniques, that, if you were quick enough, and maybe had a knack, you could even learn a real move or two. “Old School” kung fu flicks always spoke to me because of the sense of respect and honor portrayed in the character of the hero, but more importantly, the idea that an individual could develop his body and mind and achieve feats of greatness.

Saturday afternoons in Philly only offered college sports, which I wasn’t into as a kid,
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Van Damme To Star In Pound Of Flesh

Action legend Jean Claude Van Damme has signed on to star as the lead role in director’s Ernie Barbarash latest movie “Pound Of Flesh”. They have worked together on two movies already, which are 6 Bullets and Assassination Games and the fight choreography will be done by John Salvitti (Flashpoint, Special ID).

Van Damme will portray a man who rescues a woman in distress one night, only to wake up the next morning in a blood-soaked hotel bathtub without a kidney.

“I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into Pound of Flesh because it’s exactly the kind of character-driven action thriller I and my fans love best — a movie that delivers nonstop hardcore action that’s fueled by a really surprising story and real people you care about from the moment you meet them on screen,” said Van Damme in a statement.

So i expect there to be
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New ‘Badges of Fury’ Trailer: Watch as One Master Legend Enforcer Is Unleashed for War

Like several of his contemporaries including Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen, Jet Li has been stuck in a rut of period pieces for the past few years. Sure he has glorified cameos in The Expendables films and he made a drama (the excellent Ocean Heaven) too, but for lead action roles? It’s been a string of historical epics since 2007. Happily, also like Chan (Police Story 2013) and Yen (Special ID), Li is finally returning with an action flick set in modern times. Badges of Fury teams him up with the equally awesome Collin Chou (Flashpoint) and Wu Jing (Spl) in a story about cops tasked with stopping a serial killer who’s been targeting a popular singer’s ex-boyfriends. The original Hong Kong trailer released over the summer and gave some of us reason to pause with its lack of action and focus on untranslatable humor. Now that the film is getting a release in the States
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Special ID Aka Dak Siu San Fan – Donnie Yen (2013) Review

Story30% Directing50% Acting56% Action Choreography75%Positives:Good fight scenes.Negatives:Really bad story and script. 53%Overall Score Reader Rating: (2 Votes)61%

‘Special ID’ has a very big problem: the story of its making (a boring ego-driven tour de force between movie makers and movie stars that crippled the final product) is better than the story within the movie itself. That’s tough, as Mr. Yen’s fans eagerly hoped ‘Special ID’ to be Donnie‘s triumphant return to contemporary rough and dirty Mma-style brawling films after his 6 years ‘classic-fu’ hiatus (that fortunately left gems like ‘Wu Xia’ for us to enjoy). Don’t get me wrong: the movie has good fighting scenes that, although not quite as good as the ones in ‘Flashpoint’, are far from disappointing. Oh, and a fairly impressive car chase. But that’s about it. Almost everything else looks like a sample book of patches covering up the holes
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Donnie Yen Reminds Us How Real Men Fight With Action-Filled Clip From ‘Special ID’

Spl aka Kill Zone. Flashpoint. Ip Man. Bodyguards & Assassins. Ip Man 2. Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. Wu Xia aka Dragon. I’m not shy about my love for Donnie Yen and the blistering brutality he’s capable of dealing out through his lightning-quick beat downs, an especially impressive feat seeing as he’s only four feet tall, but I’ve also been vocal in my wish to see him give the period films a rest. He’s made some great ones, obviously, but there’s something about seeing his Mma-infused martial arts in action in a contemporary setting. The alley brawl from Spl? The final fight from Flashpoint? Happily the six year drought is over as the next several months will see Yen kicking ass in two modern day settings. Iceman hits next year and starts in the Ming Dynasty where Yen’s character is frozen only to be thawed out in modern
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Watch Donnie Yen Direct The Action In Special ID

Action director Donnie Yen is taking the fierce "Ultimate fighting" style as previously shown in the Hong Kong contemporary crime thriller Spl and Flashpoint to the next level in Clarence Fok's Special ID.  For the action design, Yen continues to incorporate a variety of Mixed Martial Arts techniques, fusing not only stand-up striking but also Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling to choreograph the brutal street brawl while utilizing great fighting talents such as Ken Lo (Drunken Master II), Andy On (Unbeatable) and Collin Chou (Flashpoint).While the latest behind-the-scenes video feature an interview with the action hero himself without English subtitles, it does however showcase his action directing efforts and it looks pretty damn good. There is also an extended version of the Bts video from last...

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Donnie Yen Gets Battered And Bruised In First Special ID Trailer

Well, hello, stranger.It's nice to have you back.It was 2005 when Hong Kong actions tar Donnie Yen triggered a major career resurgence with Spl (released in the Us as Kill Zone), an exhilarating martial arts crime film starring Yen as a cop on the trail of a notorious gangster. It was dark, gritty, punishing stuff and when Yen followed it closely with the similarly minded Flashpoint it appeared he had fully embraced a life as a contemporary action star. And then he more or less stopped making those sorts of movies, moving instead into period pieces of various sorts and while there are certainly some dandies in the ensuing years that gritty, modern feel was very much missed and the hit:miss ratio started to skew...

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Hey, Australia, Win Tickets To See Jet Li's Badges Of Fury!

Thanks to our friends at Magnum Films, we have Five double passes for Jet Li's latest film Badges of Fury to give to our Australian readers! It's been a while since Jet Li has starred in a modern martial arts movie. Badges of Fury has Corey Yuen (Fong Sai Yuk / The Legend) as action choreographer, and Wen Zhang (Journey To The West), Michelle Chen (You Are The Apple Of My Eye), Liu Shi Shi (Sad Fairy Tale), Liu Yan (Painted Skin), Collin Chou (Flashpoint) and Wu Jing (Spl / Kill Zone) as co-stars. For a chance to win a double pass to see this film, all you have to do is to follow these two steps:1) Visit Magnum Films' Asian Cinema Facebook Page and Like it,...

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More Ass Kicking Action In International Badges Of Fury Trailer

Did you feel letdown with the martial arts taking a backseat to the goofy comedy in the last few trailers to the cop thriller Badges of Fury? Well, don't worry because an international trailer intended for the Singapore market (via Shaw Organisation/Scorpio East) has arrived and it showcases more of the fight choreography by action director Corey Yuen. With awesome onscreen fighters including the always amazing Jet Li, Wu Jing (Sha Po Lang) and Collin Chou (The Matrix Reloaded, Flashpoint), here's hoping they will deliver the goods. The cast also includes Wen Zhang, Michelle Chen, Liu Shi Shi, Liu Yan, Leung Siu Lung, Raymond Lam and Stephen Fung.When a spate of eerie murders erupts across Hong Kong, two troublemaking cops are assigned to the case. Young maverick...

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Rurouni Kenshin (2012) Movie Review

Watsuki Nobuhiro’s “Rurouni Kenshin” has long been one of the most loved manga in Japan, telling the story of the wandering pacifist samurai of the title and his many adventures. Known as “Samurai X” in the West, the manga has already been adapted across multiple formats, including a hugely popular anime series, several OVAs and audio books. Finally, it arrives on the big screen courtesy of writer Fujii Kiyomi (“L Change the World”) and director Otomo Keishi (“Taiga drama Ryomaden”) as a big budget live action film, with young television actor Sato Takeru (“Rookies”) as Kenshin. Also bringing the well-known roles from the comic to life are Takei Emi (“For Love’s Sake”), Aoi Yu (“Patisserie Coin de rue”) and Kagawa Teruyuki (“Kaiji 2”), with action choreography by Tanigaki Kenji, who previously worked with the one and only Donnie Yen on the likes of “Spl”, “Flashpoint” and “Wu Xia”. As
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Xing Yu Battles Deadly Cult In The Wrath Of Vajra Promo

At the Hong Kong Filmart today, Golden Network Asia Limited held a press conference to unveil the promo for The Wrath Of Vajra, a martial arts film from the producers behind the Painted Skin series. This marks Xing Yu's (aka Shi Yanneng) lead debut, and is being called China's answer to Rambo. The former Shaolin monk-turned-actor previously had supporting roles showcasing his martial arts talents in Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin and Flash Point.According to director Law Wing Cheong, who is currently helming The Iceman Cometh with Donnie Yen, the film will explore themes of cultural pride and present a Chinese hero possessing a strong sense of justice and an indomitable spirit.  On the martial arts scenes, Cheong claims to revive a more realistic style than the recent...

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First Poster For Cop Thriller Badges Of Fury Has Jet Li Packing Heat

Hot on the heels of the European Film Market, the first promotional art for the cop actioner Badges of Fury (aka The One Detective) has debuted via Easternlight Films, featuring an explosive Jet Li standing tall and gun ready.  The cop standing beside Li is Wen Zhang who previously appeared with the action star in Ocean Heaven and The Sorcerer and the White Snake.The film is directed by Wang Zi Ming and produced by Po Chu Chui of Kung Fu Hustle and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame. With Wu Jing (Spl) and Collin Chou (The Matrix Reloaded, Flashpoint) also onboard in the cast line-up and Corey Yuen (Shaolin) serving as fight choreographer, martial arts fans will surely not be disappointed for the lack of quality...

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Jet Li, Collin Chou And Wu Jing Star In Cop Thriller Badges Of Fury

Someone's gonna get punched. Hard. More than once. And probably more than one person.Director Wang Zi Ming is now in post production on Badges Of Fury, a crime thriller featuring one hell of a martial arts trio with Jet Li (needs no introduction), Collin Chou (The Matrix Reloaded, Flashpoint) and Wu Jing (Spl / Kill Zone) in the lead roles.When a spate of eerie murders erupts across Hk two troublemaking cops are assigned to the case. Young maverick Wang and grizzled vet Huang who is fed up with his reckless younger partner always landing them in hot water. Reaching a dead end after discovering all the victims were former boyfriends of aspiring starlet Liu, the detectives must play a deadly game. One of them must...

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When Comedy meets Horror (part three)

After a break, we return right into our look at the varied world of comedy horror in cinema, with the occasional diversion into TV. So far we have had a variety of films from a variety of countries, from the obscure Hausu to the more immediately accessible in Beetlejuice & Drag me To Hell.

Before we go any further, horror has a habit of coming across in such an earnest light that it threatens to make its audience laugh. Take 2011’s The Rite as an example. The Rite starred Anthony Hopkins as an unorthodox priest outside the system who specialises in exorcisms in Rome, (spoiler) as luck would have it he becomes possessed and he over-acts like only Hopkins can. There is also the copious employment of cats jumping at the camera, even a horse with red eyes appears at one point. It was one of the best comedy films of
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Spl (2005) Aka Kill Zone (Simon Yam, Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, Sammo Hung) – Movie Review

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When Spl came out in 2005, it was like a breath of fresh air in a decade full of derivative, rehashed Hong Kong movies. (I am looking at you Ronald Cheng) Save for the Infernal Affairs Trilogy, there were not many Hong Kong movies of note that weren’t over-the-top slapsticks or action movie that looked cut from the same cookie cutter. It was a far cry from the Tsui Hark, John Woo glory years of Hong Kong movies. In the Asian movie scene, Japanese and Korean movies began creeping up on the Hong Kong market share, even among the Chinese speaking audiences.

Spl changed all that. Not singlehandedly, in-a-blink-of-the-eye type of miracle. But it reminded movie goers of the best in Hong Kong movies, tension between triads and police, balls-to-the-wall action sequences, brilliant fight choreography and a charismatic action hero (Donnie Yen) that you want to cheer on.
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Blu-ray Review: Blade Of Kings (Twins Effect 2)

Us distributor Well Go USA has recently introduced a line of second tier acquisitions for release on home video in the Us. The first of this new wave of releases was Donnie Yen's Flashpoint, which eluded me, but this second release marks the international Blu-ray debut of Twins Effect II, here retitled Blade of Kings for the North American market. Surprisingly, this film doesn't have a Hk Blu-ray, which means that Well Go is beginning to branch out into older titles, which could potentially be pretty awesome, considering the typical high standards of their discs. Blade of Kings is a very solid disc, however, I'm not entirely certain that the film holds up.Twins Effect II was a period action piece that was filmed largely as...
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Magic to Win (2011) Movie Review #2

“Magic to Win” revisits the popular Hong Kong 1980s “Happy Ghost” films (the first of which arrived back in 1984, inspiring no less than 4 sequels), following the same formula of cute female students getting involved in magical and supernatural shenanigans and learning lessons about life and growing up. Somewhat surprisingly, the film was helmed by Wilson Yip, who since the critical and commercial success of the Donnie Yen starring “Spl” and “Flashpoint” has been hailed as one of Hong Kong’s top action directors, also having been responsible for the hugely popular “Ip Man” and sequel. The film certainly represents another high profile popcorn outing for the director following his “Chinese Ghost Story” remake last year, and again sees him working with a cast of bankable talent including Louis Koo (“Overheard 2”), Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun (“My Kingdom”), martial arts favourite Wu Jing (“Spl”), real life magician Tonny Jan, and Mainland actress
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First trailer for Wilson Yip's Magic To Win

It looks like martial arts fans' love affair with Wilson Yip is going to continue through its rocky period for the foreseeable future. After delighting fans around the world, and picking up thousands of new ones, with Spl, Flashpoint and two fantastically entertaining IP Man biopics, Yip then decided to indulge his CGI sweet tooth with an ill-advised remake of A Chinese Ghost Story, which - as was the case with Dragon Tiger Gate back in 2006 - all but buried some good fighting under a mountain of computer generated smoke and mist. Yip, however, clearly wants to spread his wings and in an industry packed to the gills with suffocating, jingoistic political epics, I'm not going to hold it against him that he's not racing...
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A Chinese Ghost Story (2011) Review

Fantasy, it can now be claimed with some confidence, just isn't Wilson Yip's bag. The past five or six years have seen an impressive run of form from the director, and not solely because of his alliance with Donnie Yen. 2006's Dragon Tiger Gate is a film I struggle to glean much enjoyment from, but S.P.L. (Kill Zone), Flash Point, IP Man and IP Man 2 have clearly charted the evolution of a director finding his feet and rightly taking his place among Hong Kong's very best filmmakers. While personally I prefer S.P.L. over Flashpoint and the first IP Man over the second, there is no denying that purely from a technical standpoint, each new film outdoes its predecessors. The acclaim and financial success...
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