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Gorgeous characters!!

Author: Riho from Japan
9 June 2009

My favorite movie is "Meitantei Konan" series!! One of the best is "The Phantom of Baker Street" . It is a story of a detective boy. His name is Konan who is . He challenges to play a invented game which Children can only play. It is a sensory simulation game. Konan and 49 children play the game and go to stage of London in 100 years back. They meet Sherlock Holmes and fight with Jack the lipper who is a murderer. And in a real world, case of murder happens and is related to the truth of the game. Konan and other children try to solve a mystery in London.

It is a suspense and heart- stopping story. I love the story because I like Sherlock Holmes too. In this story, Konan co-stars with Holmes. So you can enjoy the movie more, if you read "Sherlock Holmes" . And London in 19 century is described very close. They are very cool. But the mystery of an incident in this movie is the easiest of the all series. So we can notice who is the murderer!! It is only unlucky things. But this movie is very exciting!! It is the original, also you can be exciting the ending!! So I want you to watch the movie.

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Another Case Solved...

Author: alphonse_sawada from Philippines
30 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is one of the rarest and most surprising Detective Conan titles. It combined the interesting elements such as history and surprises that everyone will find out awesome.

The Phantom of Baker st. Develops around the solution of the most famous serial-rape killer, jack the ripper. The name Jack the Ripper alone is interesting plus combined with the all-time favorite Conan = One Heck Of An Entertaining Anime...

Over-all, The scene sequences will surprise you to the end, you should watch it from the first to the end because if you don't and maybe consider the film boring in the first half, you will miss the twist and find yourself wasted.

I would definitely recommend this to anime fans out there...definitely 7/10...

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Author: china-tr from Japan
27 July 2016

The film is the 6th Case Closed feature film, released in Japan on April 20, 2002. Phantom of Baker Street is the first film in the series written by Hisashi Nozawa. This was the last of the Detective Conan films done in traditional animation. It was released on February 16, 2010 in America on DVD. This movie brought 3.4 billion yen in the box office. The story features several characters from and references to the Sherlock Holmes series, which Detective Conan is heavily inspired by, and Jack the Ripper.

In the film, cases happen in the world of a game and real. The characters and audiences should solve two cases. When I watch the film, I am excited because I don't expect what happen next and what Conan does to solve cases. One of the highlight of the film is the ties that bind Conan's father and Conan together. I also want you to pay attention to the bonds of friendship.

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"The Phantom of Baker Street" may have a somewhat dopey premise, but it actually works.

Author: (macabre-6) from Norway
13 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, this was certainly different. Okay, the premise is basically "the characters are trapped in a video game, if they die in the game, they die for real". Sound familiar? It's a plot that's been used countless times in various animated shows. But to be fair, this is probably the best way for Conan to sort of interact with Sherlock Holmes and face off against Jack the Ripper in London, I mean, it's a heck of a lot better than "it was all a dream" scenario", I hate those. But regardless, the premise is pretty "out there", it's the most sci-fi movie in this regard, the other movies played it fairly straight, but then again, the show is about a character that shrinks back into a kid again. So I'm not opposed to the more zany ideas, but some may find the stuff in this one a bit silly. I actually love the idea, and Jack the Ripper in film has always fascinated me, you know, it's like Satan or Hitler, whenever something that infamously evil is depicted on screen, it grabs my attention. I love his character design, though it's a bit confusing, why is he dressed up like a woman? To hide from the crowd, I suppose.

There's no mystery in the movie, at least it's not set up, yes there are unexpected surprises along the way and revelations you most likely won't see coming, but the killer in the real world is shown when the murder is committed, no silhouettes here where the killer looks like he's wearing black spandex. The killer in the game is flat out said, I mean, they don't try to hide that it's Jack the Ripper or anything. The setting is great and gloomy, I especially loved the Big Ben which counts down one minute for every kid that's killed in the game. Oh, yeah, I guess I should mention that plenty of kids, almost all die in the game, only kids participate, no adults, well, Ran is there. But, hey, when they die in the game, don't they die for real? Yeah, I know I said that, but they're only killed when all the players are defeated, so obviously everybody's going to make it out alive in the end, so it's kind of okay to show kids getting shot and hit, it's not graphic or anything, but this part of the plot, with killing children in front of their parents watching the game is a bit gruesome. I think they kind of chicken out in the end, where the real "villain" is redeemed in a way, and I'm not quite sure, but it seemed like there wasn't any real peril after all.

I really liked the movie, a few things kept me from absolutely loving it and calling it the best in the series. Those rich brats tag along, they're annoying and two of them even get the Detective Boys "killed". This happens earlier than I would've liked, I mean, I knew they were going to have Conan save the day in the end, but I would've rather seen the Detective Boys stick around longer than 3 of the brats. Another thing that irked me was that every time someone "died" in the London game, we would see the parents scream, almost every single time and it just isn't necessary, we know they're worried already. The climax with Jack the Ripper on the train could've been a bit better, though how he dies is pretty dramatic and handled really well. Also, I hate in movies where a character puts others through a horrific ordeal, and then he kind of apologizes in the end,and everything's just fine and dandy. Well, OK, not completely buying it, but whatever. Haibara gets the best scene in the movie where she tries to act like a kid, which is very funny. If you're interested in watching this movie because of Sherlock Holmes is in it, in a way, beware, he's only in it for a few seconds. I guess in conclusion, all I can say is that "The Phantom of Baker Street" is a great Detective Conan movie.

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