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18 Jan. 1953
Whistling in the Dark (I)
Radio crime show host 'The Fox' along with his fiancée and ex-girlfriend are kidnapped by a larcenous cult who demand that he help them plan a perfect murder.
1 Feb. 1953
Number Three
A group of nuclear scientists face a moral dilemma when they discover that as well as making electricity, their government also wants to make nuclear bombs with their products.
15 Feb. 1953
The Hero
22 Feb. 1953
It Is Midnight, Dr. Schweitzer
Dr Schweitzer, a former internationally-famous organist and theologian, is working in a small hospital in French colonial Africa. He founded the institute at his own expense, leaving his wife and child behind in Europe. The outbreak of the First World War sparks unrest amongst the natives. It also brings the local French officials to the hospital. They intern him as an enemy alien due to his German birth, despite the fact that this will mean the closure of the only medical facility anywhere in the area.
12 Jul. 1953
An opportunistic Russian businessman tries to pass a mysterious impostor as the Grand Duchess Anastasia. But she is so convincing in her performance that even the biggest skeptics believe her.
6 Sep. 1953
8 Nov. 1953
Golden Boy
Despite his musical talent, Joe Bonaparte wants to be a boxer.
22 Nov. 1953
The Shop at Sly Corner
Descius Heiss is a French expatriate, and former Devil's Island prisoner, with two passions; driving shrewd bargains in antiques at his Sly Corner Shop, and the care of his motherless, violin-playing daughter, Margaret. But, his comfortable wealth comes more from being a fence for stolen goods than it does buying-and-selling antiques. His secret is discovered by his shop assistant Archie Fellowes, a nasty, sniveling young rat, and he begins blackmailing Heiss. Heiss employs the usual solution to blackmailers, and the film ends in a London concert-hall where Margaret ...
29 Nov. 1953
Crime and Punishment
A man is haunted by a murder that he's committed.
6 Dec. 1953
Wuthering Heights
Mistreated foundling Heathcliff and his step sister Catherine fall in love, but when she marries a wealthy man, he becomes obsessed with getting revenge, even well into the next generation.
13 Dec. 1953
Once in a Lifetime
Story of a Hollywood studio during the transition from silents to talkies.
20 Dec. 1953
Amahl and the Night Visitors
One night in Judea, a disabled shepherd boy-turned-beggar and his mother are visited by three strangers. They are the Three Kings, and they are on their way to Bethlehem to visit the Christ Child, who has just been born.

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