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John Wesley Shipp, John Venable and Tiffany Jones in Karma Police (2008)Grover Coulson, Chamblee Ferguson and Jenny Shakeshaft in Karma Police (2008)Julius Washington, Red Sanders, Jay Gormley, John Venable, Brandon Jones, Nicole Leigh, Greg Beauchamp, Brandon Knieper, Morgan Bennett and Chance Watts in Karma Police (2008)Chamblee Ferguson, Emily Gray, Bob Hess, Julius Washington, Red Sanders, Nicole Leigh, Ted Wold, Brandon Knieper, Chance Watts and Leanne Mertz in Karma Police (2008)Karma Police (2008)Karma Police (2008)
6 photos


What if a worldwide secret organization existed and you were recruited to join? That's what happens to Charles West when he's recruited to join the Karma Police. He loves it...but is making sure that good people are rewarded and bad people punished all that it seems to be?

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