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9 Jan. 2014
Obito and Madara
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16 Jan. 2014
I'm in Hell
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23 Jan. 2014
World of Dreams
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23 Jan. 2014
Creeping Shadow
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30 Jan. 2014
The New Akatsuki
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6 Feb. 2014
A Mask That Hides the Heart
After the end of the Third Great Ninja War, the Leaf Village is divided over who should become the next Hokage. Minato Namikaze is soon appointed as the Fourth Hokage, much to the annoyance of Danzo and Orochimaru. Meanwhile, Kakashi is haunted by the deaths of Obito and Rin, causing him to lose focus on his missions.
13 Feb. 2014
Minato's Death
Kakashi becomes part of the ANBU Black Ops, an elite team of shinobi who are under the direct command of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Although he is highly regarded by his peers, Kakashi's ruthless way of killing the enemy has earned him the nickname "Cold-blooded Kakashi."
20 Feb. 2014
Hashirama's Cells
At the Foundation, Kakashi meets a boy who uses Wood Style, a jutsu that only First Hokage Hashirama was capable of using. Kakashi goes to Third Hokage Hiruzen's library to seek answers and discovers records regarding Hashirama's cells.
27 Feb. 2014
The Rogue Ninja Orochimaru
Orochimaru is forced to flee the Hidden Leaf after Third Hokage Hiruzen exposes his illegal experiments. Danzo, fearing that Orochimaru's capture would lead to the exposure of his own involvement in the experiments, sends out one of his men to help the rogue ninja.
6 Mar. 2014
Orochimaru's Test Subject
While pursuing Orochimaru, Kakashi wanders into a village inhabited by the Iburi Clan, a group of people with the unique ability to turn into smoke. Kakashi is soon captured and learns that the villagers all serve under Orochimaru.
6 Mar. 2014
Their Own Paths
Yukimi leaves the village to see the outside world, taking "Tenzo" with her. Kakashi tries to convince the two to return so that he can set a trap to capture Orochimaru, who is after Yukimi's blood. But Yamato, who has grown attached to Yukimi, abandons his original mission to protect his friend.
13 Mar. 2014
The Targeted Sharingan
Danzo orders Tenzo to kill Kakashi and take his Sharingan. Reluctant at first, Tenzo decides to carry out his orders after learning that the Leaf Shinobi has come to be known as "Kakashi the Friend Killer."
20 Mar. 2014
Shinobi of the Leaf
After being saved by the target he was ordered to kill, Tenzo realizes that the man known as "Kakashi the Friend Killer" is someone who values the lives of his comrades more than anyone. No longer wishing to kill Kakashi, Tenzo abandons the mission and returns to the Leaf Village, fully aware that his actions will stir up Danzo's anger.
3 Apr. 2014
An Uchiha ANBU
Itachi Uchiha is inducted into Kakashi's unit as the youngest member of the ANBU Black Ops. Itachi's father, Fugaku, is pleased, thinking this will grant the Uchiha access to exclusive, top-secret Leaf intel. But Danzo, who wants intel on the Uchiha, orders Itachi to betray his family and clan by acting as a double agent.
10 Apr. 2014
Coup d'État
Following the aftermath of the Nine-Tails incident, many on the Leaf Council voice suspicions that the Uchiha Clan were behind this tragedy. The Uchiha are then placed under 24-hour surveillance by the ANBU, which causes further tensions to arise.
17 Apr. 2014
The Tragic Night
Kakashi visits the Uchiha District and notices that the community seems more antisocial than the last time he visited. Meanwhile Itachi finds concrete evidence regarding the Uchiha Clan's coup against the Leaf. The fateful moment is fast approaching...
24 Apr. 2014
Supervising Jonin
Hiruzen relieves Kakashi of his ANBU duties and assigns him a new position as a Jonin Leader. Reflecting on his past mistakes, Kakashi decides to use the same test that Minato once used to measure one's teamwork.
8 May 2014
Team Seven
Hiruzen assigns Kakashi to be in charge of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, three genin that bear a striking resemblance to the former Team Minato.
15 May 2014
Kakashi's Resolve
Kakashi desperately tries to reach out to Obito, but his words fall on deaf ears. Obito instead accuses Kakashi of being trash, which angers Naruto, forcing him to step in and defend his Sensei.
22 May 2014
The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu
The barrier is shattered, and Ten Tails appears! With unfathomable power in its attack, it sends shock waves through the air! Kurama takes the lead and tries to go on the offensive, but is helpless against Ten Tails' immense strength. Soon both Kurama and Gyuki exhaust their chakra and fade away.
5 Jun. 2014
The Ties That Bind
The Allied Shinobi Forces begin their onslaught against Obito and Madara. But Ten Tails suddenly transforms and hurls powerful Tailed Beast Bombs toward distant towns. One after the other, the Tailed Beast Bombs find their targets. The shinobi wonder why Ten Tails is aiming so far away as one of the bombs heads toward HQ!.
12 Jun. 2014
Those Who Dance in the Shadows
Naruto is overcome with grief over Neji's death, but Hinata's words restore his fighting spirit. Shikaku outlines his final strategy before he dies, in which Nine Tails will send its chakra to increase everyone's strength. United in their cause, Naruto and the shinobi set out to take on Ten Tails, determined that Neji and their comrades will not have died in vain!
19 Jun. 2014
The All-Knowing
Sasuke returns to the Hidden Leaf Village seeking answers, and standing before him are First Hokage Hashirama, Second Hokage Tobirama, Third Hokage Hiruzen, and Fourth Hokage Minato, all reanimated. Sasuke asks Hiruzen for the truth about Itachi, and he questions Tobirama about the secret of the Uchiha Clan. Then Hashirama begins his story, which goes back to the feudal age, to a period before the village even existed.
3 Jul. 2014
Hashirama and Madara
Villages did not exist when Hashirama was a child. It was during this strife-filled time that he met Madara Uchiha. The two youths talk about their hopes for the future, without revealing their true identities, and find they share the same create a ninja world where children do not have to die.
10 Jul. 2014
The Era of Warring States
Madara and Hashirama eventually become the leaders of their respective clans. As the fighting rages on between the Senju and Uchiha, Hashirama approaches Madara about an alliance. But Madara refuses to listen and releases Susano'o instead!
24 Jul. 2014
My True Dream
The Senju and Uchiha clans join together to build a shinobi village and fulfill their dreams. Standing on the cliff where they confided their youthful aspirations to each other, Hashirama and Madara gaze over the forest at their burgeoning village. Hashirama decides that Madara should be the Hokage, but his younger brother Tobirama objects, warning that the Uchiha are dangerous.
31 Jul. 2014
Sasuke's Answer
After listening to what Hashirama and the rest of the former Hokage have to say, Sasuke finally understands how the Leaf Village and its shinobi came to be. He then decides on the path he will ultimately take!
7 Aug. 2014
The fighting rages between Naruto, who stands at the vanguard of the Allied Shinobi Forces, and the team of Madara and Obito. Ten Tails' relentless attack is wearing down Naruto, and his chakra begins to dissipate. Meanwhile, Kakashi and Obito face each other in a different Kamui dimension.
14 Aug. 2014
Something to Fill the Hole
Ten Tails is on the brink of its final transformation and begins to form a massive Tailed Beast Bomb. The shinobi no longer have the strength or energy left to stop it, but Sakura, Shikamaru and the others refuse to give up. Shikamaru formulates a plan to combine the strength of the shinobi to block the Tailed Beast Bomb, but it proves too powerful. Right at that moment, Minato, who was revived with the Reanimation Jutsu, comes to the rescue!
21 Aug. 2014
Team 7 Assemble!
Team 7 is finally reunited when Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke join forces. Then the reanimated former Hokage arrive to add their strength to a counteroffensive. Ten Tails divides into countless parts, and Naruto and Sasuke charge at them. Refusing to be left behind, Sakura follows!
28 Aug. 2014
The New Three-Way Deadlock
Bearing a close resemblance to the Legendary Sannin, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke make a stunning arrival on the battlefield with each of their summonings.
4 Sep. 2014
Kakashi vs. Obito
Kakashi and Obito face again in an epic fight to give birth to a new evil.
11 Sep. 2014
The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!
The townspeople are going about their daily business on the streets of the Leaf Village when someone suddenly appears and starts sending them flying.
11 Sep. 2014
Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto
The townspeople are going about their daily business on the streets of the Leaf Village when someone suddenly appears and starts sending them flying.
18 Sep. 2014
The Ten Tails' Jinchuriki
Obito completely absorbs the giant Ten Tails, undergoes a transformation and becomes the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki. With immense power gained from taking in the Tailed Beast, Obito breaks through the barrier. Counterattacks by each of the Hokage have little effect. But they are able to analyze Obito's powers, gained by using their immortal bodies. Naruto and Sasuke come up with a fighting style, but can they succeed?
25 Sep. 2014
An Opening
Obito has gained complete control over his power as the Ten Tails Jinchuriki. His powerful, cold-blooded attacks force Naruto and his friends into a corner. Meanwhile, Hashirama and Madara continue their old grudge match and fiercely battle. The other shinobi are unable to do anything but watch helplessly from the sidelines. Shikamaru tells them that although they may not be as powerful, they have the power to decide the fate of the world. His words help restore their fighting spirit.
2 Oct. 2014
The Day Naruto Was Born
Minato is filled with regret during his confrontation with Obito. He thinks if only he had recognized Obito as the Masked Man during the assault on the Hidden Leaf Village, he could have stopped the attack, and maybe Kushina would not have died. The next day is the anniversary of Minato's and Kushina's deaths. Obito taunts Minato as a weak shinobi and seals every shinobi inside a barrier in order to destroy them all!
9 Oct. 2014
The Divine Tree
Madara Uchiha briefs about what is written on the Uchiha sacred wall to first Hokage and in the mean time Minato cries for not spending much time with Naruto and the actual form of ten tails is the divine tree and katsyuki (mother of sage of six paths) origin was also told by Madara Uchiha.
16 Oct. 2014
A Shinobi's Dream
The Ten Tails morphs into its final form, "The Divine Tree," and attacks the shinobi, absorbing their chakra one after another. Hashirama tries to instill hope, but their despair is too great. The Divine Tree is close to blossoming, and Madara declares that there is only 15 minutes left before everything comes to an end.
23 Oct. 2014
Pursuing Hope
Naruto's past, thoughts, and feelings flow into the consciousness of every shinobi, unifying their hearts. Meanwhile, Hashirama's dream is revealed to the Five Kage, and they gather on the battlefield, instilling everyone with renewed hope. While Sasuke and Naruto wage an intense combo assault against Obito, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, and the Five Kage, along with Orochimaru and every shinobi on the battlefield, join together to cut down the Divine Tree!
30 Oct. 2014
A Heart Filled with Comrades
Naruto and Sasuke fight together against Obitito, the ten tails jinchuriki. They join powers to deliver a final blow that will reveal an opportunity for Naruto to dissect the tailed beast chakaras from Obitito. But Naruto can't do this alone and so the Allied Shinobi Forces jump into to help. The picture of Naruto and his comrades throws Obitito into a conscious state of thought, in which he uncontrollably spills his deepest memories, thoughts, and past-future aspirations for Naruto to see.
6 Nov. 2014
Obito Uchiha
Obito's deepest thoughts and memories are exposed to Naruto during the extraction of the tailed beast chakaras. Obito sees precious memories of the missions and times spent with younger Kakashi, Rin, and Minato Sensei, but bad memories also leak out. In the midst of Obito's flashbacks, Naruto can relate to the past that Obito had and compares the different paths they have both chosen. Becuase Naruto feels Obito's pain and understands him like no one has before, he extends his hand to Obito. Will Obito change the path he has chosen or continue to cause mayhem for the ...
13 Nov. 2014
I'm Always Watching
In order to appeal to his better side and get him to stop the war, Naruto reminds him of Rin and how she is said to be 'always watching'. We get to see a flashback of Obito's past and how his relationship with Rin was. This - and Naruto's words - seem to make him falter, giving a glimmer of hope that the war will end.
20 Nov. 2014
The Promise That Was Kept
Naruto's power of persuasion moves Obito's heart. Due to the influence of the Ten Tails, visions of himself and Rin from the past appear in the inner realm and play havoc with Obito's emotions. Meanwhile in reality, all the shinobi pool their strength in a tug-of-war to extract the Tailed Beast chakra out of Obito. On Naruto's cue, their hearts synchronize and they pull one last time. As the war reaches its climax, will the Allied Shinobi Forces emerge victorious?
27 Nov. 2014
My First Friend
Gaara tells the story of how Naruto and he became friends.
4 Dec. 2014
The Adored Elder Sister
The Hyuga Clan, in which the side branch family exists solely to protect the main family, has a legacy of hatred and division. Hanabi adores her sister Hinata, who struggles to become a worthy successor to the Hyuga Clan.
4 Dec. 2014
Hanabi's Decision
Hanabi begins training in order to be strong and kind like Hinata. But when Hinata is labeled unfit as a successor, Hanabi's heart becomes bound to her destiny.
11 Dec. 2014
Madara Uchiha Arises
Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces successfully extract the Tailed Beasts from Obito. Only Madara remains, and Naruto heads out to tackle this foe. Meanwhile, Obito, unable to move after having the Tailed Beasts taken out of him, sees a glimmer of hope as he watches Naruto. He acknowledges his sins and, in atonement, releases one more burst of power from himself to weave a certain jutsu. But at that moment, Black Zetsu appears and suppresses Obito!
18 Dec. 2014
The Hidden Heart
With his newly revived strength, Madara doesn't give in against the nine Tailed Beasts. With the return of his Rinnegan, Madara summons the Gedo Statue, ensnares all the beasts instantly and goes on a mad rampage. The Tailed Beasts try desperately to fight back, but Shukaku is close to being captured. Just then, Gaara heads towards Madara in order to protect his Tailed Beast!
25 Dec. 2014
A True Ending
The Tailed Beasts struggle to free them selves from the bindings of the Gedo Statue which is being controlled by Madara Uchiha. On the other front, Obito, who is being controlled by Zetsu, uses Hashiramas wood style to halt the remnants of the Allied Shinobi Forces and the Kage. Naruto is on the verge of death becuase of the Tailed Beast extraction and Sasuke has been fatally injured by Madara. Are Naruto and Sasuke going to die???
11 Sep. 2014
Sunny Side Battle!
Sunny Side Battle! (Sani Saido Batoru!) is an OVA that was released with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. It features Itachi making breakfast for Sasuke in their old home.

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