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Season 18

21 Aug. 2014
Team 7 Assemble!
Team 7 is finally reunited when Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke join forces. Then the reanimated former Hokage arrive to add their strength to a counteroffensive. Ten Tails divides into countless parts, and Naruto and Sasuke charge at them. Refusing to be left behind, Sakura follows!
28 Aug. 2014
The New Three-Way Deadlock
Bearing a close resemblance to the Legendary Sannin, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke make a stunning arrival on the battlefield with each of their summonings.
4 Sep. 2014
Kakashi vs. Obito
Kakashi and Obito face again in an epic fight to give birth to a new evil.
11 Sep. 2014
The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!
The townspeople are going about their daily business on the streets of the Leaf Village when someone suddenly appears and starts sending them flying.
11 Sep. 2014
Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto
The townspeople are going about their daily business on the streets of the Leaf Village when someone suddenly appears and starts sending them flying.
18 Sep. 2014
The Ten Tails' Jinchuriki
Obito completely absorbs the giant Ten Tails, undergoes a transformation and becomes the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki. With immense power gained from taking in the Tailed Beast, Obito breaks through the barrier. Counterattacks by each of the Hokage have little effect. But they are able to analyze Obito's powers, gained by using their immortal bodies. Naruto and Sasuke come up with a fighting style, but can they succeed?
25 Sep. 2014
An Opening
Obito has gained complete control over his power as the Ten Tails Jinchuriki. His powerful, cold-blooded attacks force Naruto and his friends into a corner. Meanwhile, Hashirama and Madara continue their old grudge match and fiercely battle. The other shinobi are unable to do anything but watch helplessly from the sidelines. Shikamaru tells them that although they may not be as powerful, they have the power to decide the fate of the world. His words help restore their fighting spirit.
2 Oct. 2014
The Day Naruto Was Born
Minato is filled with regret during his confrontation with Obito. He thinks if only he had recognized Obito as the Masked Man during the assault on the Hidden Leaf Village, he could have stopped the attack, and maybe Kushina would not have died. The next day is the anniversary of Minato's and Kushina's deaths. Obito taunts Minato as a weak shinobi and seals every shinobi inside a barrier in order to destroy them all!
9 Oct. 2014
The Divine Tree
Madara Uchiha briefs about what is written on the Uchiha sacred wall to first Hokage and in the mean time Minato cries for not spending much time with Naruto and the actual form of ten tails is the divine tree and katsyuki (mother of sage of six paths) origin was also told by Madara Uchiha.
16 Oct. 2014
A Shinobi's Dream
The Ten Tails morphs into its final form, "The Divine Tree," and attacks the shinobi, absorbing their chakra one after another. Hashirama tries to instill hope, but their despair is too great. The Divine Tree is close to blossoming, and Madara declares that there is only 15 minutes left before everything comes to an end.
23 Oct. 2014
Pursuing Hope
Naruto's past, thoughts, and feelings flow into the consciousness of every shinobi, unifying their hearts. Meanwhile, Hashirama's dream is revealed to the Five Kage, and they gather on the battlefield, instilling everyone with renewed hope. While Sasuke and Naruto wage an intense combo assault against Obito, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, and the Five Kage, along with Orochimaru and every shinobi on the battlefield, join together to cut down the Divine Tree!
30 Oct. 2014
A Heart Filled with Comrades
Naruto and Sasuke fight together against Obitito, the ten tails jinchuriki. They join powers to deliver a final blow that will reveal an opportunity for Naruto to dissect the tailed beast chakaras from Obitito. But Naruto can't do this alone and so the Allied Shinobi Forces jump into to help. The picture of Naruto and his comrades throws Obitito into a conscious state of thought, in which he uncontrollably spills his deepest memories, thoughts, and past-future aspirations for Naruto to see.
6 Nov. 2014
Obito Uchiha
Obito's deepest thoughts and memories are exposed to Naruto during the extraction of the tailed beast chakaras. Obito sees precious memories of the missions and times spent with younger Kakashi, Rin, and Minato Sensei, but bad memories also leak out. In the midst of Obito's flashbacks, Naruto can relate to the past that Obito had and compares the different paths they have both chosen. Becuase Naruto feels Obito's pain and understands him like no one has before, he extends his hand to Obito. Will Obito change the path he has chosen or continue to cause mayhem for the ...
13 Nov. 2014
I'm Always Watching
In order to appeal to his better side and get him to stop the war, Naruto reminds him of Rin and how she is said to be 'always watching'. We get to see a flashback of Obito's past and how his relationship with Rin was. This - and Naruto's words - seem to make him falter, giving a glimmer of hope that the war will end.
20 Nov. 2014
The Promise That Was Kept
Naruto's power of persuasion moves Obito's heart. Due to the influence of the Ten Tails, visions of himself and Rin from the past appear in the inner realm and play havoc with Obito's emotions. Meanwhile in reality, all the shinobi pool their strength in a tug-of-war to extract the Tailed Beast chakra out of Obito. On Naruto's cue, their hearts synchronize and they pull one last time. As the war reaches its climax, will the Allied Shinobi Forces emerge victorious?
27 Nov. 2014
My First Friend
Gaara tells the story of how Naruto and he became friends.
4 Dec. 2014
The Adored Elder Sister
The Hyuga Clan, in which the side branch family exists solely to protect the main family, has a legacy of hatred and division. Hanabi adores her sister Hinata, who struggles to become a worthy successor to the Hyuga Clan.
4 Dec. 2014
Hanabi's Decision
Hanabi begins training in order to be strong and kind like Hinata. But when Hinata is labeled unfit as a successor, Hanabi's heart becomes bound to her destiny.
11 Dec. 2014
Madara Uchiha Arises
Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces successfully extract the Tailed Beasts from Obito. Only Madara remains, and Naruto heads out to tackle this foe. Meanwhile, Obito, unable to move after having the Tailed Beasts taken out of him, sees a glimmer of hope as he watches Naruto. He acknowledges his sins and, in atonement, releases one more burst of power from himself to weave a certain jutsu. But at that moment, Black Zetsu appears and suppresses Obito!
18 Dec. 2014
The Hidden Heart
With his newly revived strength, Madara doesn't give in against the nine Tailed Beasts. With the return of his Rinnegan, Madara summons the Gedo Statue, ensnares all the beasts instantly and goes on a mad rampage. The Tailed Beasts try desperately to fight back, but Shukaku is close to being captured. Just then, Gaara heads towards Madara in order to protect his Tailed Beast!
25 Dec. 2014
A True Ending
The Tailed Beasts struggle to free them selves from the bindings of the Gedo Statue which is being controlled by Madara Uchiha. On the other front, Obito, who is being controlled by Zetsu, uses Hashiramas wood style to halt the remnants of the Allied Shinobi Forces and the Kage. Naruto is on the verge of death becuase of the Tailed Beast extraction and Sasuke has been fatally injured by Madara. Are Naruto and Sasuke going to die???
8 Jan. 2015
The New Chunin Exams
Tsunade has left Naruto's life in Sakura's hands. As she rides off with Naruto on Gara's sand to find Minato, the Fourth Hokage, the scene skips backwards to two years after Naruto left the Hidden Leaf Village to train with Master Jariaya. All of Naruto's comrades continue to be inspired by him even in his absence and train hard for his return. Amidst all of the training, the Fifth Hokage, Lady Tsunade, and the Fifth Kazekage, Gara, meet to discuss the return of the chunin exams.
15 Jan. 2015
The Chunin Exams Begin!
The Hidden Leaf begin preparing for the Chunin Exams. Tsunade orders Kakashi to personally deliver an invitation to the Hidden Rain Village and, at the same time, gather intel. The Mist, Cloud and Stone send their regrets, but the Hidden Waterfall and Hidden Grass accept. Ino and Choji ask Sakura to join their three-man team as a stand-in for Shikamaru, who is already a chunin. But Sakura is hesitant and turns them down.
22 Jan. 2015
The Three Questions
The Chunin Exams finally begin and the proctor for Round One is none other than Shikamaru! The first exam is a written test. The entrants are separated from their teams, and with little explanation from Shikamaru, the exam begins. The time limit is 30 minutes and there are only three questions. As the minutes tick away, Neji remembers the last Chunin Exams where Naruto turned in a blank sheet and still passed. He begins to realize that this exam is not about measuring one's problem-solving skills!
29 Jan. 2015
One Worthy as a Leader
The genin are unable to figure out the answer and start to panic. Neji announces to everyone in the room that he will tell them how to answer the question. Some of the genin don't agree with Neji's taking the lead and try to pick a fight, but fighting is prohibited. Those who fear elimination follow Neji's instructions, and soon the time limit is up. However, Shikamaru introduces another question to be answered within three minutes. Will Neji and his team be able to pass this round?
5 Feb. 2015
The Night Before the Second Exam
Kankuro tries in vain to stop Gaara from supervising the exams due to the lack of security and the threats against his life. Gaara vows to see the exams through to completion because of their significance to him as the place he first met Naruto. On the night before the Second Exam, the entrants gather in the cafeteria, and a brawl breaks out. While the Hidden Leaf stand by helpless, the only one who can calm everyone down is Fuu from the Hidden Waterfall Village.
12 Feb. 2015
Survival in the Desert of Evil
The Second Exam finally begins! To pass this stage, each team must take possession of both the Heaven and Earth scrolls and make it to the designated site in the center of the Demon Desert within 72 hours. Neji, Lee, and Tenten dash out at the starting signal. After observing Shira deflect Lee's kick and Fuu's enormous power, Neji decides they must avoid any encounter with their two teams. However, Lee is eager to challenge Shira!
19 Feb. 2015
As a Taijutsu User
Like Lee, Shira can only use taijutsu. In the Hidden Sand, those who can't use ninjutsu cannot become shinobi. However, Lord Gaara recognizes Shira's taijutsu abilities and appoints him as his own taijutsu coach. Envious of Shira's sudden rise to prominence, the other Sand shinobi criticize and attack him. Noting the similarities of their circumstances, Lee is outraged at the ones who hurt and belittled Shira and sets out in pursuit!
26 Feb. 2015
The Resolved One
Lee challenges Shira to a battle between taijutsu users! Although it first appears the two are evenly matched in speed and attacks, Lee's smaller physique begins to sustain damage. In order to counter this, Lee resorts to using his Eight Inner Gates, but he is unable to release the First Gate!
5 Mar. 2015
Escape vs. Pursuit
Kiba and his team are in pursuit of Hidden Grass Ninja who have stolen their scroll! Their foes are experts of escape and prove elusive even for Kiba and his team of expert sensory ninja. Their goal is just before them, but unless they find the enemy, the Hidden Grass will get there first!
12 Mar. 2015
Unwavering Gutsiness
Kiba and his team are in pursuit of Hidden Grass Ninja who have stolen their scroll! Their foes are masters of escape and prove elusive even for Kiba and his team of expert sensory ninja. Their goal is just ahead of them, but unless they find the enemy, the Hidden Grass will get there first!
19 Mar. 2015
Tenten's Troubles
As the team prepares for dinner, Tenten pulls out a scroll that contains all the ingredients for okonomiyaki. Lee is amazed at her ability to conjure up anything and mentions that she is "convenient" to have around. Tenten takes offense and storms off. The following day, they run into Ajisai of the Hidden Rain and her team. As fighting breaks out for the scrolls, Tenten feels an intense rivalry with Ajisai, who also specializes in Transportation Ninjutsu.
26 Mar. 2015
The Trapped Two
An ancient ruin in Demon Desert comes crumbling down during the battle for the scrolls. Tenten and Ajisai fall deep below the rubble. When they realize they're trapped, they call a truce in order to find a way out. While searching for an exit, they are attacked by a swarm of giant ants. Witnessing Ajisai's proficiency with the Summoning Jutsu, Tenten recalls her training with Guy.
2 Apr. 2015
My Own Place
Ino, Sakura and Choji trudge across a desert under the blazing sun without any provisions. Ino and Sakura are arguing when a giant scorpion attacks and injures Sakura. While Ino tends to Sakura's wound with Medical Ninjutsu, she remembers back to when she ducked out of her Ino-Shika-Cho training and how her intense rivalry with Sakura drove her to ask Lady Tsunade if she could become her apprentice.
9 Apr. 2015
The Yamanaka Clan's Secret Ninjutsu
As Ino and her team head toward an oasis, they are attacked by a team of Sand Shinobi comprised of Ameno, Shishio, and Kouji. Ameno is a Medical Ninja whose skills rival Sakura's. She also has a jutsu that proves difficult to counter. Kouji is a ninja who specializes in power-based attacks, like Choji. Shishio has a jutsu that enables him to disappear and stalk Team 10. Just as Ino and her teammates are pushed to the limit, Ino remembers her Yamanaka Clan training, which she once tried hard to avoid, and unleashes her Sensory Perception Jutsu!
16 Apr. 2015
The Cursed Puppet
Sakura and her team continue their trek across the desert towards the goal. Their continuous battles have depleted Sakura's chakra, so they stop to rest. Just then, they encounter a puppet manipulated by a rival team from the Sand and end up being discovered. Sakura is helpless since her chakra is not restored yet. Ino and Choji resolve to fight, but the three shinobi from the Sand prove to be too strong!
23 Apr. 2015
The Backs of Two People
Ino and Choji fight to protect an immobilized Sakura although they have depleted most of their chakra due to the relentless fighting. Feeling helpless, Sakura recalls how Naruto and Sasuke always protected her. Sakura realizes that she has trained with Lady Tsunade and regains her confidence that she can protect Ino and Choji. Then the team from the Hidden Sand begins their final attack against the trio. Will Sakura be able to dig deep and stand up to them?!
30 Apr. 2015
The Conspiracy Movement Begins
Sand Jonin Fugi sneaks into the Demon Desert and creates a massive sandstorm in order to assassinate Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage. Due to the magnitude of the storm, the Second Exam is postponed for the sake of safety. Then Matsuri and the Hidden Sand team fall into quicksand! Unaware of the sinister trap, Gaara ignores everyone's warnings and sets out to rescue Matsuri's team.
7 May 2015
The Targeted Tailed Beast
Gaara heads out to rescue Matsuri and the others but is attacked by a mysterious priest who binds him with a Chakra Chain to capture his Tailed Beast. The massive sandstorm subsides, but panic breaks out in Hidden Sand Village over Gaara's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Foo, who is also a Jinchuriki, senses that Gaara is in danger and abandons the Chunin Exams to help save him!
14 May 2015
Neji's Judgment
Neji and the team come across Matsuri collapsed in the desert and find out Garra is in trouble.
21 May 2015
Hopes Entrusted to the Future
Gaara meets with Fugi, the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on his life. He confides that perhaps, after all the fear and pain he has wrought upon the Sand, he has no right to be their leader. But there are those who accept him without prejudice--the next generation. Gaara, who has never felt this more deeply than during the Chunin Exams, tells Fugi to take his life, and his life alone, without involving the young shinobi. Meanwhile, Fuu, who has learned that there is someone very much like her by the name of Naruto, sets out to meet him.

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