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Sex & Nudity

  • Occasional fan-service, some sexual implications and seducing, brief nudity.
  • In one point, Kyubei kiss Otae. Though it was stopped by Shinpachi.

Violence & Gore

  • While Gintama being a comedy, the violence can get rather graphic, bloody, gory and very intense as the show progress, especially the fight scene in a serious arcs.
  • There are many references and themes of Japanese historical's violence such as sepuukku, domestic, abuse, beheaded, suicide attempt etc. but all these are played for laugh but may upset some.
  • Almost the entire episodes has samurai violence as well as many characters are injured or killed such as stab, punching, kicking, slashing, decapitating, shot etc.
  • Episode 3:
  • Gintoki kills three Amanto with wooden sword. Nothing is graphic but we see the sword covered in blood later on.
  • Shinpachi get his crotch hit with the back of the scooter. He is later beaten up by his sister.
  • Gintoki gets beaten up twice. We see his face swollen.
  • Episode 4:
  • A group of Yakuza were beaten badly, off-screen and nothing is graphic.
  • Kagura get hit with a scooter (off-screen) driven by Gintoki and Shinpachi. This is played for laughed.
  • Episode 13:
  • Gintoki having a nightmare related to his past. While carrying a wounded comrades on a mountain of corpses, the corpses speak to him that he can't protect anyone. The nightmare ends with the one he was carrying turning out to be a skeleton and also screaming that he can't protect anyone. This scene can be frightening for younger viewers.
  • Episode 79:
  • Kondo knocks a man, while he is forced to use a sandpaper to wipe his anus (off-screen), we see a lot of blood splatters. This scene is somewhat painful but funny.


  • Strong profanity for a TV-14 show such as bitch, assholes, idiot, stupid etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Despite Gintama being a comedy manga and anime series, the genre doesn't stop it to have some nightmarish moments, especially in serious arcs.
  • Some of the Amanto, Yakuza or villains are violent and terrifying.
  • Many episode involving violences and sometimes very intense and can be a bit too much for some.
  • Many characters have a very upsetting and sometimes violent past.
  • In Episode 50, Sacchan's horror trailer is very violent and can be disturbing to some showing several characters getting killed and tortured in brutal ways. Such as, Shinpachi, Kagura, Otose and Catherine were murdered, Otae get shot in the head, Katsura get stabbed, Hasegawa get crucified and Gintoki getting whipped graphically. Many of these are hid in the dark shadows but shown in a close-up.

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