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Miami Herald
Mostly silly and always frothy, as sugary at times as wedding-cake frosting but tempered with a welcome strain of sour grapes, mostly doled out by the peerless Judy Greer as Jane's cynical, slutty best friend.
27 Dresses is like one of the many bridesmaid dresses featured in the film: frothy, predictable and over the top.
A sporadically entertaining cupcake of a movie.
There's not a surprising moment in the movie yet it works in spite of the stale, insipid storyline. That has a lot to do with lead actress Katherine Heigl and a little to do with the glowing embers between her and her co-star, James Marsden.
27 Dresses is a movie geared to a pitch of high matrimonial-princess fever.
So flimsy it gives froth a bad name.
Much as I gnashed my teeth during 27 Dresses, I genuinely enjoyed the warmth of Heigl's and Marsden's confident ease. While both might be a few minutes past their star-is-born moment, these troupers with more than 30 years of professional work between them have never shone so brightly. It may sound contradictory, but loved them, hated IT.
Marsden's natural charisma is totally wasted in an unlikable role, while Burns doesn't even try to hide his boredom.
The Hollywood Reporter
While Heigl is terrific, this uninspired romantic comedy is considerably less so.
Katherine Heigl carries 27 Dresses when all else fails, which it does with great regularity.
It gets worse and worse as it goes along and finally ends just as it's becoming unbearable.

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