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Season 1 Finale... Not Up to My Expectation
robertomf17 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I guess I'm just like many Heroes fans out there that felt that there could have been more action during the Peter versus Sylar confrontation. After all the storyline of season 1 was hinged on the eventual nuclear explosion.

Unfortunately there wasn't much; i.e., since both have multiple capabilities then each could have been switching abilities to use against each other. Didn't Sylar even have a freezing (breaking Hiro's sword) as well as melting (after killing Zane Taylor) abilities? Instead he just focused on telekinetic powers. Peter himself did nothing much... no flying, no going invisible, not even using telekinetic powers himself. Instead he just used the old-style "beat the crap out of" Sylar after seemingly absorbing the strength of Jessica.

When sword-wielding Hiro teleported into the scene he was pretty far from Sylar and yet Hiro was able to do his "deed" even with Sylar seeing his approach. However, earlier Sylar was able to stop Parkman's bullets ala Neo of The Matrix. Remember, he also has melting abilities which he could've used with both incidences. I guess Sylar is more just a collector than a user of talents. Or maybe he just wanted to kill all competition? 8)

Hmmm... although when you think about it, Peter versus Sylar is not an even match with Peter having added abilities like flying, regeneration, and Jessica's strength... on top(?) of Sylar's abilities. The only thing is Sylar seem to have more confidence than Peter using his acquired abilities.

As to those complaining why Peter didn't do this and that like flying himself to explode somewhere... well... you folks might have missed what Peter told Nathan... "I cannot do anything..." ;i.e., he was like a Windows operating system that hang and cannot do anything else but go nuclear and explode (like Windows blue screen of death?) ;)
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After a large number of episodes,
frankie-dunn4 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
obviously with the normal ups and downs in a series, we are waiting for the final episode, the climax of twenty-two episodes, the time to open and close new arcs.

But after the end credits, the question is: "What? That's all? It's not possible, this is not Heroes". You feel like a kid whose new toys are not what he expected, toys very different from the fantastic TV advert.

Where is the epic, the action or the thrill that we saw during the previous episodes? You put all the characters in one place, together at least and this is the result? The fight between Sylar and Peter was the scene that all of us were expecting as the ultimate fight; in fact during the episodes is obvious that is one of the most important moments, with constant allusions in the script.

A final fight is everything except the "Heroes" final fight. I don't mind if they didn't have money or time to make the episode in a best way, I want an episode with the quality of the rest of the series.

This episode is the perfect example of how not to finish a season, "Heroes" deserved another final season.
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A let down.......
sin_shivam5 June 2007
Too much expectations from the last episode..... it seems the producers were in a hurry to finish the season.... the story in this episode could have been faster and a huge battle between sylar n peter was expected with a lot of special effects(like 5 yrs down the line!!)... the earlier episodes set the tempo but the last episode terribly failed at that....the makers of the show it seems ran short of money for the ending.... sylar was eliminated (not sure) tamely n there could have been several other ways to stop peter (throw him in the ocean..... or he could have flown himself.... hiro could have teleported him in the middle of a desert..... or simply outcold him by hitting at the back of the head!!!).. tooo many flaws n bad action in this episode...... all in all a poor ending to a brilliant TV series.....
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Solid, but Lacking
beemo3624 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
All in all a solid ending, and I'm looking forward to the next volume. A few things that didn't quite add up though. There's no reason for Nathan to fly away with Peter and ultimately kill himself, as Peter can obviously fly for himself. Also, DL and Parkman managed to both live an extremely long time after being shot (multiple times in Parkman's case) in the chest and/or stomach. There's no excuse for Hiro not finishing off Sylar, but now that he's left alive it leads us to think that Sylar will be a major factor in the future in addition to the new villain that Molly told us about earlier. My biggest problem with the final chapter was the anti-climatic fight between Peter and Sylar. This fight was built up so much in the Five Years Later episode, and it was way to quick and ended too suddenly. But something tells me we'll see the real fight in another four years since Sylar is still alive...
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Not Impressed
carts0056 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I live in England, and the last two episodes were shown as a double-bill on BBC2. Having seen all the trailers and having enjoyed the rest of the season immensely, I was anticipating a huge, action-packed finale. Boy, was I ever disappointed! Everyone kept changing their minds (Nathan, HRG to name but a few) and the 'killing' of Sylar was absolutely rubbish! After all that had happened, all Hiro had to do was run at him with a sword! Surely, having met Hiro previously and knowing of his intentions, Sylar would have moved out of the way! He just stood there and was like 'ow'. Pfft. The Nikki/Jessica character, whom I had previously liked, also failed to deliver (Ali Larter was great, her story wasn't) and I could not help but wonder why Nathan needed to fly Peter away - surely the bullet in the back of the head would have done it?! And WHAT was up with their mum? She was creepy, and seems to have some back-story we haven't yet encountered. Also, when Peter met Simone's father and he was banging on about Pete being able to love unconditionally, I was expecting Peter to have to do something. Instead, it was Nathan. Oh, and did anyone else raise their eyebrows when Peter asked Simone's father why he was there (a dream, going back in time etc.) and he answered 'Does it really matter' or something like that - I'm sorry, HOW lame? It's like the writers could not be bothered to think of a good reason for this. And there's a new villain in town? Fine. But kill off the original one first, please! A totally unimpressive ending to what started out as a very very promising series.
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It could have been badder but certainly also better!
Rasmus Christensen22 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Well who hadn't seen the ending coming?? Nathan grabs peter and flies away, finally he becomes aware of the true purpose with his powers and sacrifice his life, so peter can live on... Not that that plot is bad, no not at all, but it didn't surprise me as much as many other things in the series... The worst thing is that Sylar is allowed to live, I just don't understand why!! We just got the introduction to a new, and if I understood right, more evil villain than Sylar, the one Molly didn't dare to see. We got enough cliff-hangers to Season 2; Were's/how's Peter, did Nathan survive, what happens to Hiro back in the 17th century and who is the new villain! There's no need of letting Sylar live.. I think it's a great episode, but the ending just ruins it all, they just don't got the guts to kill Sylar, how many shoots (or impaling by ancient samurai sword) is he supposed to survive, remember he don't got any healing powers what so ever... Before the ending I would've given it 9 or 10, but letting Sylar live disappoint me so much that it's gonna be a 7.. My propose to a better ending: Sylar dies, and the "Heroes" get a brief sense of false safety. We got a lot of cliff-hangers as i said earlier, a cool thing could be, if they needed to add a cliff-hanger, that instead of letting Sylar live, could be to give a short introduction to the new villain, or not even a introduction, maybe just a picture or a vision from Molly, now imaging that ending, it would be a 10 of 10!! I like season 1 a lot, really much, and the last episode as well, the ending were's just a little disappointing. They come with so many flips in the story and introduce stuff i really didn't think about, in a cool way, but just ruins it in the end, just my opinion!
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All your questions answered, and more questions to be asked!!! A real heart-breaker
johnstoa21 May 2007
The last episode of Heroes truly delivered. It brings together all the heroes for the first time to make their stand. The humanity and super-humanity existing within all these heroes truly inspire us to live through inspiration that we have the choice to heal and save this world without having to make any devastating sacrifices; but what we choose to do is entirely up to us.

Peter, is impossible not to fall in love with, he is, to me, the truest hero of the show. Built upon love and compassion, which is how we should heal the world.

This whole show is truly amazing, addressing all forms of prejudice, spirituality, tolerance, compassion, healing...and above all love.
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Last episode comments *Big Spoilers*
Good-Will24 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Great, until the denouement....

*Do not read this unless you have seen part 23*

Last warning.

Why on earth not hack Skylar's body into pieces, then incinerate the pieces and post the ashes into the four corners of the globe. Or why didn't Nathan fly him up with Peter to be killed in the nuclear explosion? He can't regenerate at that time

Everyone was so emotionally involved in their own family reunions (violins at full tilt) that they forgot their own mission, and although this last episode was partially satisfying, it just ignores the fact that Skylar needed eliminating. Nobody ever kills James Bond, or Skylar, apparently.

It reminded me of all the Halloween/Freddie/insert the name of your evil guy here/ and other cheap endings to franchises that could possibly justify another series. Keep the very last scene for the baddie to escape.......

Very bad move on the writer's part, IMHO.

Cheers, Will

P.S. And why wouldn't "Future Hiro" just transport himself back in time to kill Skylar, Peter and Ted at birth. Major plot hole.
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Let's round up...
bellapeligrosa28 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Inconsistencies abounded in this last episode. I expected the final showdown between Peter and Sylar to be a sort of Harry Potter vs Voldemort extravaganza with the two heroes pitting all their superpowers at each other. Instead it goes Hollywood soppy, with Nathan making the ultimate sacrifice (yawn) after the words of his illegitimate daughter somehow convince him that blowing up half of New York City is not the right thing to do. I don't think he had to worry that much as apparently all the citizens of New York were sleeping or at home watching House, instead of gathering round and watching the showdown go down. Akira has a point there - if a bunch of people were running round with swords and lightshows the general populace would think it was street theatre and crowd around to watch! Sylar could have made a buck or two if he'd passed around a hat. Ah well... at least no-one was watching the really really bad baddie slide away into a drain. I mean puh-lease! The last few episodes of the show have been about killing Sylar. Admist the tears and cuddles and talk of home somehow he's forgotten???? As for the talk of a new ultra-baddie - that little nugget was so unsubtly dropped that the writers must have realised they didn't do a great job with episode 23 so they needed something to keep the general viewing public tuning into Season 2.

OK so the ending of season 1 sucked. I've had my rant! All in all this has been a great series, with some excellent acting from some gorgeous people. Hopefully Season 2 will be more of the same. Bets on Peter & Nathan's mother turning out to be the Wicked Witch of the West???
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Fantastic conclusion of first season
chrichtonsworld22 May 2007
The last episode ended with a bang! Not the bang you would expect,but on a emotional level! Most of the heroes come with terms of their unique abilities and power! Each hero play their part as foretold by Isaac Mendez! Of course we have been tricked a little with the ending! When Sylar is painting he is seeing several futures! This is somewhat new as we only have seen one alternative future (episode "Five years gone)!Who cares! This killer episode is moving and entertaining as the rest of the series! Most of all it is a satisfying conclusion! The tie in to the next series is beautifully done! I just can't wait how that will turn out! My hope is that the series will remain as good as it is now and that the heroes from the first season will return!
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